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There is an under hood and under dash fuse box on your 1997 MPV. What are you trying to fix?

Mazda Cars &... | Answered 9 hours ago

Your car is probably less of a car than you imagine and more of a wheeled computer.
It isn't wise to make electrical equipment changes and best practice regarding accessories is to wire independently from the battery and protect each circuit with an additional fuse, leaving the vehicle wiring intact and completely standard.

You will need a circuit diagram of the car as an essential aid to troubleshooting which will tell you how many individual circuits are fed by the fuse and you can isolate each circuit in turn - not a task for the faint-hearted.

As a matter of interest, how big is the parasitic drain and how are you measuring it and how long does it take for your battery to discharge? Modern vehicles do have circuits that need to be kept alive and they consume current constantly. When first connecting the battery there is quite a current surge but it soon settles at a few milliamps, about the same as the battery self-discharge.

If you can't accurately measure the size of the drain (always the best starting point) you can calculate the approximate drain using the battery capacity and how much a fully charged battery discharges in any time period, say, 24 hours.

Finally, are you certain the alternator is charging sufficiently to keep a fully charged battery fully charged? The car alternator isn't designed to recharge a battery and mostly isn't capable of it unless you are driving almost constantly for days...

Mazda Cars &... | Answered 3 days ago

Check the relay box under the hood on driver side, open the cover to see the all relays map to locate starter relay

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 27, 2020

Hey. If you have the immobiliser light on then the car will not start. Have you dropped your key recently? The tiny chip inside may be broken or missing. Can you try your spare key?
If not you should get a local mechanic who has a diagnostic scanner to check your ignition / immobiliser systems and give you accurate advise.
Do not guess or listen to people who don't know, it will cost so much more time / money

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 27, 2020

Due to heavy fuel smell it would point towards a leak!

check the tank in the boot area and around the filler tube from the outside access!

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 25, 2020

Many possibilities. See this post and go down the checklist

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 24, 2020

The firing order for your car is 1-4-2-5-3-6. If your car is misfiring, please follow this link to learn about the necessary repairs:

2007 Mazda CX-9 | Answered on May 20, 2020

Thanks Joel

Here is a quick procedure on to solve your concern
Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Drain and recycle the engine coolant.
Raise and support the vehicle.
Remove the lower splash shields.
Disconnect the lower radiator hose and the degas return hose.
Remove the lower center support bolt.
Lower the vehicle.
Disconnect the remaining coolant hose connections.
Position the hood latch assembly out of the way.
Remove the two bolts and the center support.
Remove the two top bolts retaining the cooling fan to the radiator.
Remove the upper radiator support brackets, and remove the radiator from the vehicle.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten all fasteners to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm).
Start the engine and check for leaks, repair if necessary.
Hope that helps

2004 Mazda... | Answered on May 19, 2020

Since the car is automatic, it becomes quite difficult to shift gears with a dead battery. Plus, if parked in a garage, there is no room to jump start the car by using another vehicle. If you face such a dilemma, do the following:
1. The gear or shifter has a cap on its bottom - you have to wedge it open (it can possibly break)
2. Now you will see a small hole, put a screwdriver or any slim object in it, and press and hold the button within
3. You will hear a click-now the gearbox has been unlocked
4. Shift to neutral
5. If the shifter cap has broken, get a new one from the aftermarket.

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 19, 2020

No! You will have to do a lot of rewiring probably removing the wiring loom and rewiring the whole car and still no guarantee of it working! Anti theft for a reason, not possible!

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 18, 2020

No! Manufacturers have made it difficult to do this to stop vehicle theft!

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 18, 2020

chances are you so called mechanic forgot to plug something back in.. let him fix it for you

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 18, 2020

You'll find the sensor behind the firewall on the axle. To replace it, use a jack to raise the car and reach the sensor (on the driver's side). Remember to drain out the transmission fluid before you begin.

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 17, 2020

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Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 13, 2020

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Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 07, 2020

You should keep this for 1 or 2 years more because earlier the product made was more reliable than now,so if its not facing any issue then keep this and also as per you said the vehicle is in good condition so

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 05, 2020

Mazda Cars &... | Answered on May 05, 2020

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