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Model MAH5500BWW Why after I am all done with the

This is not water that you hear. It is a form of liquid ballast that stabilizes the drum and counterbalances the weight of the clothes when the machine spins the clothes dry.
6/25/2022 10:22:06 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Jun 25, 2022

Maytag Neptune m/n MAH3000AWW burnt R11 resistor

There is a short in the door lock (very, very common problem )
Go to ebay and search neptune washers and im sure youll find a site i was selling a kit to repair this. If you cant find it let me know ill look .
6/14/2022 6:56:37 AM • Maytag MAH6500... • Answered on Jun 14, 2022

Maytag Neptune washing machine. After power outage my machine shows no power but outlet is ok?

Question edited for clarity. When the power came back on, or when it went out, there was probably a brown out or voltage surge. You need a service visit. You can try and claim against the utility company for not regulating their power supply to you. Are you certain you have power at the outlets? It is odd that both would succumb to it, unless you were hit by lightning?
4/23/2022 9:24:03 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Apr 23, 2022

How do I get the top to open up on a Maytag Neptune Clothes washer?

Question moved from Cars and Trucks. You normally start at the back of the machine. See if the second video helps. ..
1/24/2022 6:28:29 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Jan 24, 2022

What does the F30 code

The F30 error code indicates an issue/error with the Dispenser System. It occurs when the dispenser motor cannot be driven to its proper position.
1/21/2022 12:35:45 PM • Maytag... • Answered on Jan 21, 2022

Maytag Neptune front load washer ??? Is there a filter ???

I have a Maytag front loader MAH6700AWW. I just pulled the pump lastnight because it had a quarter stuck in it and was making a terrible grinding noise. I was shocked to discover that there is absolutely no filter trap on this machine. If anything gets past the rubber boot, and coins can and do... you need to wish for luck in that you do not wipe out your pump. I was shocked that this machine had not filter trap between the pump impeller and the tub drain. All newer machines have these. The LG and most have a trap door on the front you open to access the trap. Some of the earlier front loaders required that the bottom front panel be removed. No such animal on this Maytag. Probably yours as well.
11/17/2021 4:38:54 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Nov 17, 2021

Keypad not responsive; lights blink- no joy!

First things first... please follow this link to see if your machine is part of Maytag's recall... or this site for details on the recall...
8/25/2021 2:42:46 AM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Aug 25, 2021

Maytag Neptune door unlocks after I start it. Then it won't fill

Damaged or defective door latch
7/27/2021 7:41:50 AM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Jul 27, 2021

Maytag Neptune MAH7500AWW Speed Indication Error - Won't spin up...

Sorry, I cannot solve this. I just wanted to post a couple of useful tips for anyone else out there who happens to be diagnosing their MAH7500AWW.

1. You can put the washing machine into service mode by pressing the <back> and <help> buttons for 5 seconds and then releasing.
2. There is a large folded troubleshooting schematic located under the top console. You have to remove a few screws and lift it up to pull it out.
6/24/2021 3:27:34 AM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Jun 24, 2021

Maytag Neptune Front Load Washers Machine Control Board Repair

Component failures on Maytag Neptune Font Load Washers such as the pressure switch, wax motor, hot and cold water valve solenoids, timer motor, 24 VDC circuit, and the overall electrical buffer circuit have significant effect on the machine control board. Failed resistors on the machine control board can be used to determine failed washer components. Resistor R9 is associated with the pressure switch, R11 is for the wax motor, R51 for the hot water valve solenoid, R52 for the timer motor, R53 for the cold water valve solenoid, R143 for the 24 VDC circuit, and R162 for the overall electrical buffer circuit. The TRIAC Q6 is also associated with the wax motor while TRIACS Q3, Q9, and Q17 are for the timer motor, cold water valve solenoid, and hot water valve solenoid respectively. These TRIACS must also be replaced should the corresponding resistors fail or burn out especially when there's no power going to the associated component.

The most common problem experienced is the failure of the wax motor as indicated by the inability of the washer to advance to the high speed spin cycle with the "door locked" light not lit. Replace the TRIAC Q6 and the resistor R11 on the machine control board to get the machine back into operation. Use MAC97A6 or NTE5656 for Q6 and a 3.9 kilo-ohms carbon or carbon film resistor for R11. It is recommended to install a 1/2-ampere pico fuse in series with the wax motor to prevent damage to Q6 and R11 should the wax motor shorts out and fails again.

Replacement of the wax motor is a must before installing the repaired or new machine control board to prevent damage to the repaired or new part. Make sure the wiring harness connections of washer components are good and snug fit. Reseat the connectors several times to clean off corrosion build up both on the connectors and terminals.

Maytag front loading washing machine

This worked for me for the E3 error code: Turn the machine off and then on. Enter the Service Mode by pressing the Chime and Exrta Rinse keys for 3 sec. Display the Diagnostic Codes by pressing the Rinse and Spin key. Clear the codes by pressing the Delay and Chime keys for 3 sec. Turn the machine off, unplug and plug in the power cord. This dumps the memory. Evidently, if it gets full, it causes problems with the programming and messes up the cycles.
5/14/2021 1:07:43 AM • Maytag MAH6500... • Answered on May 14, 2021

How do i get the machine to drain the water out.

you will need to run it through its cycles to get it to drain.
5/8/2021 1:58:56 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on May 08, 2021

"od" alarm on neptune tl

Hey geonkarla637,

Good job on troubleshooting, let’s focus on the Left Hand Lid Lock. It has the dual signaling functions to allow the Machine to operate as designed. The first signaling function is “Lid is Open/Lid Closed” signaling the “OP” error code for lid is OPEN if you press the Start button at the Start of a cycle or during a pause and resume portion of a cycle and “OD” error code if the machine has not seen the lid open for three completed machine cycles your issue. The second signaling function is “Failed to Lock” the “FL” error code.

Because the Control Board programming is looking for the contact open/closure transitions at appropriate times of the wash cycle from the Magnetic Reed Relay in the left lid lock. I see no way to fool it by bypassing the magnetic reed relay in the Left Hand Lid lock assembly and have the machine work as designed.

What I would do next is remove the Left Lid Lock and very carefully open it up. I found it is very easy to break off the enclosure locking tabs. I use a fine flat jewelers screw driver and X-acto blade and work around the locking tabs to open the case halves. I wedge small paper clip ends in the case halves as I work around the tabs. Again I stress they break off in a heartbeat take it slow and no coffee for 24hrs before you begin this operation …. (:

How do the black and red wire on the reed relay look? If they look like this I would take a low wattage soldering iron fine pencile tip 25W no more than 60W iron and solder back on the broken end if that has happened. If you don’t want to deal with that you need to replace the Left Hand Lid Lock .


I would also use a drop or two of WD-40 on the slide switch in that signals “Lid Is Locked”. I’m going to include a pic of my attempt to document the Left Hand Lid Lock Control Board inputs and signaling outputs. I have labeled the Pins on that lock assembly for my reference, I cannot correlate them one for one to the schematic packed in the machine console. I have measured and watched the +12VDC input and output transitions with my DVM for the Lid Is Closed and Lid is Locked on the Control Board at connector P3. If your Left Hand Lid Lock is signaling correctly out of the assembly then I would trace the +12VDC signaling back to the control board. From your previous troubleshooting you have insured there is no corrosion on the male Left Hand Lid Lock assembly and the mating plug end.

Please let me know what you find, I hope this helps; I’m a rookie owner still learning how to troubleshoot/repair the machine.

As a side note I unplugged the Right Hand Lid Lock and taped up the plug end. I would never replace that lid lock if it failed my choice; I find it helps to simplify troubleshooting.
Good Luck …………..Rich
2/15/2021 5:13:21 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Feb 15, 2021

Door opened while running. my fault. it's stopped, unlocked now, but full of water. How do I empty it.

Use a Wet and Dry vacuum and vacuum the water out, or use a Siphon hose.
10/15/2020 8:13:20 AM • Maytag... • Answered on Oct 15, 2020

Bearing noise

rear bearing is pressed into outer drum never changed bearing only usually requires entire drum replacement instead..also shaft on rear of inner basket is probably scored bad and needs replacement too
10/14/2020 11:28:10 AM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Oct 14, 2020

Maytag Epic-Z F-28 error code

F28 is a misc error,
most of the time it is because the washer is NOT LEVEL.
1. Unplug waher,
2. Relevel washer. (make sure all legs are equally distributing weight, so as to ensure no shaking). See owner's manual.
3. Plug in, and use.
Hope this helps.
9/11/2020 7:22:33 PM • Maytag MAH6500... • Answered on Sep 11, 2020


When door locks like that next time. If you remove the top of the machine. Reach down inside on left side. There is a small wire cable that you pull up on. Will manually unlock the door. Then plug power cord in to wall. Power it on let it go through reset cycle and it will work properly again. However if you can't reach the latch through the top. Tilt washer forward and reach up from the bottom. If you get an F1 code it's low water pressure.
12/31/2019 10:49:27 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Dec 31, 2019

Model MAH4000, will not spin out, door lock will

Check if the "locked"or "door locked" light comes on. If it does not, you need to replace the wax motor in the door lock assembly and the machine control board, which is inside the control panel. The control board is expensive, so instead of buying the whole control board, if you're good in electronic repair and soldering, try checking ebay for the control board repair kit. Search for "MAYTAG NEPTUNE WASHER R11 Q6 REPAIR KIT". It has all instructions how to do the repair. Good luck!
10/9/2019 1:18:47 PM • Maytag... • Answered on Oct 09, 2019

Incorrect times on wash cycles

you dont need to reset the times, all that has changed is the soil type. in example, light, regular or heavy. that is what causes the times to change.
you just need to push the options button until it shows the type of cycle you want.
also make sure you have the proper cycle selected and then look to see what other options are selected. you just have too many options turned on, so look at the controls to see what is different then you remember.
1/20/2019 9:30:09 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Jan 20, 2019

Water remains in the chamber, after finishing. Washer Maytag neptune WAH5500 BWW

I assume the model starts with a M, not a W? Anyway, you did not indicate if the washer does not do any draining ... or it just leaves a bit of water in the chamber? No draining issue (no pumping sound): Your washer could have a faulty drain pump and motor assembly, loose wire connection in the drain pump circuit or it could have a faulty machine control board. Some draining issue: It did not look like your washer model has a built in pump suction filter/strainer that is cleanable ... but there could be some obstruction in the pump suction or in the hoses after the pump. Straighten drain hoses and eliminate kinked hoses. Watch video if you want to inspect the pump and hoses
1/10/2019 10:23:06 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Jan 10, 2019
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