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FH flashing on Maytag

What does f1 mean
5/23/2024 2:16:35 AM • Maytag EPIC... • Answered 3 days ago

Emergency unlock for Maytag mvw7232hw0?

Unplugging the machine should unlock the lid. Leave it unplugged and try it.
5/11/2024 3:51:47 PM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on May 11, 2024

Maytag 2000 series clothes washer. Showing LF code (Long Fill).. lines are clear, good pressure. Assuming it's a water sensor. I don't know how to test to find the fault.

Not the water sensor, that only comes into play once the machine is a fill level. Your water inlet valve is either blocked internally, or it isn't opening fully, so the water is dribbling into the machine rather than gushing. They are cheap enough, just replace it. ..
5/9/2024 3:20:23 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on May 09, 2024

How many cubic feet is this model

The Maytag MAV6000AWW washer has a cubic foot capacity of approximately 3.1 cu.ft., but the usable size is slightly smaller at 2.9 cu.ft.1. If you're looking for a front-load washer, the Maytag MHW6000AW offers a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity.
5/5/2024 8:38:58 PM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on May 05, 2024

Maytag Washer LAT9356AAE won't spin.

If the washer doesn't operate or make any noise when set on any cycle, or if it stops suddenly when it should continue onto the next cycle, it may not be receiving electrical power or, if the motor stopped mid-cycle, the machine's overload protector may have tripped. In this case, take out some of the articles to reduce the load and let the protector reset itself, then restart. Otherwise:

1) Be sure it is plugged in and turned on. If necessary, check the receptacle it's plugged into for power, using a working lamp, appliance, or voltage tester. Be sure the washer lid is closed completely.

2) If the receptacle seems dead, check the circuit breaker or fuse that serves that circuit.
3) Unplug the washer and check the power cord. If necessary, replace the cord.

4) Open the lid and check the lid switch and the tab on the lid that it pushes against. Press and release the switch: if it doesn't click when you do this, it's probably broken. If you're experienced at home repair, you can remove the switch, test it, and replace it if needed; otherwise, call an appliance repair service person.

5) If the washer still doesn't work, the controls may be faulty. Call a service person.

Good Luck
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4/30/2024 1:34:00 AM • Maytag... • Answered on Apr 30, 2024

Why would my Maytag Neptune front load washer stop draining water

Troubleshooting chart-
4/4/2024 4:19:35 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Apr 04, 2024

Need to ID Maytag dryer with no label?

The label should be at the back where the power goes in. The label is supposed to be not able to be removed (strong adhesive or metal and riveted. There may also be a service manual and wiring diagram in the top console. Pictures and mentions here, but no model details. You could also try emailing Maytag. You can upload pictures, but we know what the machine is because of your excellent description. After more searching it may be MDE4806AYW although it says 12 cycles? ..
3/28/2024 12:22:21 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Mar 28, 2024

Fix for error code E02F06 on Maytag mhw7000xw front load washer

I found this reference on the web ... from a repair technician on a Maytag Maxima>>> So I'm really sorry to bring you this bad news, but let me explain your error codes. F06 E02 is a communication error between your MCU (motor control unit) and your CCU (central control unit). You'll want to remove the top panel, the control panel, and then the front panel of the washer and make sure the wire connections to the motor control unit below the tub are all secure. If everything checks good, you'd need to have the MCU replaced. From a different reference on a similar Maytag MHW6000XW2 ... also indicating communication issue capture-o5w4phgx25od3lsv3yfk4e0a-4-0.png Usually ... hidden somewhere on the inside of the washer you will find the service technician paperwork which has all sorts of additional detail. Helpful? Good luck on your troubleshooting!
3/27/2024 11:50:27 PM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Mar 27, 2024

Maytag top loading washer with UL code

Leveling: Ensure the washer is properly leveled. An unbalanced load can trigger the UL (unbalanced load) code. Use a level to check if the machine is sitting evenly on the floor.

Load Distribution: Make sure the clothes are evenly distributed in the drum. An imbalanced load can cause the UL code to appear.

Calibration: Some models have a calibration mode that can be accessed through the control panel. Running a calibration cycle might help the washer to detect load balance more accurately.

Electronics: There could be an issue with the control board or wiring harness. Inspect these components for any visible damage or loose connections.

Professional Service: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it may be time to consult with a professional appliance repair technician who can diagnose and fix the problem more accurately. They may have specialized tools and knowledge to pinpoint the exact cause of the UL code.
2/19/2024 1:57:34 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Feb 19, 2024

What would be causing my commercial Maytag triple load washer to blow the fuse just before the load of wash is finished it started doing it about 3 days ago

Could be as the spin starts it overloads the fuse ..... not sure without more information though.
2/10/2024 8:23:45 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Feb 10, 2024

Maytag Bravos XL quiet series 300 keeps giving Ld codes. It is not the pump. How can I determine what the issue is?

Ld is long drain, so either the pump is blocked, the pump impeller is worn or the drain hose is blocked. I had a drain blockage on a Miele and it was cause by an apple stalk lodging itself across the ridges of the drain hose and had collected enough lint to block it, This was a machine that was washing towels commercially for 16 hours a day. Unhook the drain and watch it pumping either into a bucket or into a laundry sink. It should fly out in a jet! ..
1/30/2024 4:39:51 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Jan 30, 2024

Where is the counterweight in my Maytag washer model MVWC565FW2

If yours is a top loader it will mounted near the drum inside the machine. It will be a shaped block of concrete curved to sit close the actual drum. The most like places will be at the front, nearest you when your putting clothes in it, at about 3/4 of the way off the floor. It could also be in a similar place at the back of the machine.
1/2/2024 12:12:14 PM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Jan 02, 2024

Maytag dishwasher leaks mdb4100aww

Unfortunately, if you can't get to it, you need a new machine. Normally you would seal with silicone or epoxy putty. The only thing I can can think of is injecting polyurethane expanding foam into the area, but go easy it expands for 10 minutes and you would have to shield any moving parts. Most parts are obsolete.

MDB4100AWW Maytag Dishwasher - Overview - PartSelect

PartSelect > Models > MDB4100AWW A complete guide to your MDB4100AWW Maytag Dishwasher at PartSelect. We have model diagrams, OEM parts, symptom-based repair help, instructional videos, ... ..
12/31/2023 5:22:46 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Dec 31, 2023

Maytag MVWB300WQ1 hums when power pressed. Continues after powering off. Only stops when unplugged.

Humming is indicative of the start/run capacitor on the motor failing. I am puzzled though why it carries on humming until you unplug it? Having said that, a capacitor is an electronic store of power. ..
12/30/2023 12:01:45 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Dec 30, 2023

Maytag LSE1000 Got the top off the machine but can't move top off because of all the attached wires. Is the only way to remove wires?

es, in order to remove the top of a Maytag LSE1000 washing machine, you'll need to first disconnect any attached wires. This is because the wires are connecting important components like the control panel and the sensors to the rest of the machine. Here are the steps you can follow to safely disconnect the wires:
  1. Unplug the washing machine: Before you begin, make sure to unplug the machine from the power source to prevent any electrical shock.
  2. Locate the wires: Look for the wires that are connecting the top of the machine to the rest of the machine. They should be near the back of the machine where the top and bottom halves of the machine meet.
  3. Label the wires: Label the wires so you know which wire goes where when you're ready to put the machine back together. You can use masking tape and a marker to label each wire.
  4. Disconnect the wires: Gently pull the wires from their connectors, making sure to keep them separated so they don't get tangled. Be careful not to pull too hard, as this could damage the wires or the connectors.
  5. Repeat the process for all the wires: Repeat the process for each wire until they're all disconnected.
Once you've disconnected all the wires, you should be able to remove the top of the machine. Make sure to keep the wires organized and in a safe place while you're working on the machine. When you're ready to reassemble the machine, simply reconnect the wires in the reverse order you disconnected them.
12/19/2023 4:00:11 PM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Dec 19, 2023

My friend has a Maytag maxima washer. It has water under the spinner . It won't spin out and reads codes e02 f06?

Found this...check it out... Part here.... or here too and less money. They both have videos on how to replace it and 800# tech help. Call them before ordering to confirm this is the fix. Best to you.
12/2/2023 6:15:38 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Dec 02, 2023

Mi lavadora maytag neptune tl no lava y marca codigo od

El c?digo de error "od" en una lavadora Maytag Neptune TL generalmente indica un problema relacionado con la apertura de la puerta. "od" es una abreviatura de "Open Door" (Puerta Abierta en ingl?s). Aqu? hay algunas acciones que puedes tomar para solucionar este problema:
  1. Verifica la Puerta: Aseg?rate de que la puerta de la lavadora est? completamente cerrada y que no haya obstrucciones que impidan que se cierre correctamente.
  2. Reinicia la Lavadora: Intenta reiniciar la lavadora. Descon?ctala de la corriente el?ctrica durante unos minutos y luego vuelve a enchufarla. Esto puede restablecer la electr?nica interna y eliminar el c?digo de error.
  3. Inspecciona el Pestillo de la Puerta: Verifica el pestillo de la puerta para asegurarte de que est? funcionando correctamente. Si el pestillo est? da?ado o desgastado, podr?a necesitar ser reemplazado.
  4. Comprueba el Cableado: Examina el cableado que conecta el interruptor de la puerta y el panel de control. Aseg?rate de que no haya cables sueltos o da?ados.
  5. Sensor de la Puerta: Algunas lavadoras tienen un sensor de la puerta que puede fallar. Consulta el manual del usuario de tu lavadora para obtener informaci?n espec?fica sobre la ubicaci?n del sensor de la puerta y c?mo comprobar su funcionamiento.
  6. Llama al Servicio T?cnico: Si despu?s de intentar estas soluciones el problema persiste, es posible que necesites la asistencia de un t?cnico de servicio. Puede haber un problema m?s complejo con el sistema de la lavadora que requiera atenci?n profesional.
Recuerda que estas son sugerencias generales y pueden variar seg?n el modelo espec?fico de tu lavadora. Siempre es recomendable consultar el manual del usuario de tu electrodom?stico para obtener informaci?n espec?fica sobre los c?digos de error y las soluciones recomendadas. Si no tienes el manual, puedes buscarlo en l?nea o contactar al servicio de atenci?n al cliente de Maytag para obtener asistencia.
11/19/2023 8:56:37 PM • Maytag Neptune... • Answered on Nov 19, 2023

Looking for a Maytag seal upper pump part W912529. Again, can you help?

Yes, it is replaced by a part with a different part number.
11/10/2023 6:03:22 AM • Maytag Washing... • Answered on Nov 10, 2023
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