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The control panel lock has been engaged. This keeps the range from being used during cleaning; it also keeps young children or adults with dementia from turning on and ignoring the oven. For many Maytag double ovens, to engage or disengage the control panel lock, press and hold the upper oven Cancel keypad and then press and hold the Cook & Hold keypad button for 3+ seconds. The Lock message should be replaced by Off. Note: on some models, if the oven is in use, the control panel lock can't be disengaged. In that case, you need to shut off the power (at the circuit breaker) to the oven for at least one minute before restoring power. Then wait for the oven to cool (or at least one minute if the oven was cool to begin with) before attempting to disengage the control panel lock. Please add a comment with the model number of your double oven if these directions do not work for you. I hope this helps. Cindy Wells

Maytag Ovens • Answered on Mar 30, 2021

As usual which circuit breaker is an important indication of the type of fault. RCD - residual current device compares the current in the positive line and compares it with the current in the neutral line and trips if it is different - it means current has become lost, most likely leaked to ground because of an insulation or similar fault. ELCB - earth leakage circuit breaker trips if current is detected in the ground line. MCB - micro circuit breaker; the modern version of the consumer unit fuse and is resettable. This trips in response to a short circuit or overload.

Maytag Ovens • Answered on Dec 19, 2020

You either have a bad control board or the touch pad has a button sticking and it needs the touch pad. The temperature sensor would not be a problem for this concern. I hope this helps.

Maytag Ovens • Answered on Feb 19, 2019

Hi Janine. F3 means "Shorted oven temperature sensor" and it is returned when the oven electronic control detects a wrong impedance value from the oven temperature sensor circuit. The oven temperature sensor is a probe located inside the oven cavity. The sensor can be removed from the oven and tested using a multimeter set on impedance. The impedance reading across the two sensor's contacts at room temperature must be about 1100 Ohms. Impedance increment rate is 100 Ohms more for every 50 degrees temperature increase. If the reading is sensibly different from this value the sensor must be replaced. Here the replacement part: Long Oven Sensor Kit The sensor is indicated as part number 11 in the exploded view available here. The sensor is held by two screws. In order to replace the sensor disconnect power, disconnect the connector attached to the sensor, undo the two screws and remove the sensor. Perform operations in reverse order to install the new sensor. Regards. Ginko

Maytag Ovens • Answered on Dec 27, 2018

The F7 error code indicates that there is a problem with the buttons of the control panel. The code comes on when two or more buttons are stuck at the same time. The oven cannot operate when this condition exists. The oven is repaired by replacing the control panel with a functioning one. You may try to tap on the control panel lightly to see if one of the ttons is stuck down.

Maytag Ovens • Answered on Dec 19, 2018

The F5 E2 alert indicates the washer can't engage the lid lock because there may be an obstruction in the lid lock area.

Please check the lid lock area and remove any objects in that area. Also verify there are no clothing items in the way.

Maytag Ovens • Answered on Oct 19, 2018

have a technician check for failed elements or faulty oven switch

Maytag Ovens • Answered on Oct 06, 2018

The oven control board is defective--most likely the electronic control chips have been damaged and are causing a crossing of the functions.

Maytag 30"... • Answered on Oct 04, 2018

no,but if you google who rebuilds oven clock assy. and i did it and found one for you you call them and give them your model number,they'll tell you if they can rebuild your clock draw out a schematic of where the wires go,remove the clock assy. and mail it to the company,they fix your clock and mail it back to you and you reinstall it,i've done this with older thermador ovens,the clock goes blank and you can't get them anymore,it's great because it was under 100.00 bucks and you have a rebuilt clock assy. the way i did it was mark down on paper the color wire and where it went and then i would start from the left top corner and i would get a marker and put a line on the first wire,then 2 marks on the second wire and so forth,but when i got to like the sixth wire i would tape them together just like they were still connected in the same order and then start with the marks again and when you go to put the clock back in the wires would almost line right up from being in that position for so long so it isn't that hard to do,you can take pictures to whatever works for you but this way is cheaper than buying a new clock assy. if you can still get it depending on how old the stove is.hope this helps you out and happy holidays.

Maytag... • Answered on Sep 01, 2018

without knowing the model I'm going to give you the most probable issue. The wires that connect to the element plug in have become brittle and bad there's no more connection.. they need to be repaired. I'm sure you know this but....shut off power to the unit while working on it. best to you.

Maytag 30"... • Answered on Sep 01, 2018

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