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Maxtor 3200 manual for Mac

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1/10/2023 4:33:14 PM • Maxtor Computers... • Answered on Jan 10, 2023

I have a 1000GB Maxtor Basics external drive. In

Power Supply: 12V 2Amps, + inside.
STM310005EHD301-RK external hard drive power supply

Here is a picture as well.

Hope this helps!
10/26/2021 10:57:31 PM • Maxtor Hard... • Answered on Oct 26, 2021

Maxtor External Hard Drive No Power

I assume it is a USB connection? Does it also have a power adaptor or a USB dongle that has 2 USB connectors? If you cannot get it to power up, the only other option to retrieve your data is to take the HD out of the case and connect it to a PC or laptop using a SSD or SATA to USB adapter and see if you can get the PC to recognize it.
10/26/2021 10:57:06 PM • Maxtor Computers... • Answered on Oct 26, 2021

Maxtor personal storage 3200 - flashing green light.

First, disconnect the power cable from the back of the external hard drive:
If the power supply LED continues to blink:
  1. Connect the power supply to a different outlet (or instead of connecting to a power strip, connect directly to an outlet in the wall).

  2. If the power supply continues to blink after changing outlets, this indicates that the power supply is defective and needs to be replaced.

  3. If the power supply stays solid, then reconnect to the external hard drive and see if the drive spins.
8/28/2021 2:23:21 AM • Maxtor Personal... • Answered on Aug 28, 2021

Where can I download the drivers for Maxtor Diamond max plus 9 120gb ata/133 HDD

I doubt they are still available but usually one can be found on the maxtor web site, (many years ago).
6/26/2021 3:51:04 AM • Maxtor Computers... • Answered on Jun 26, 2021

Maxtor One Touch 4 is beeping when I connect it by usb

Is this a new drive or have you been using it for some time and it just started doing this? What make/model computer do you have?

Usually when they start beeping like that, it's an indication that the drive is not getting enough power. It's possible that you are plugging into unpowered USB ports. Try using the USB ports that are directly connected to the motherboard (the ones in the back.)
Use USB 2.x ports if they are available. Try connecting the drive to another computer.
1/6/2021 1:04:28 PM • Maxtor OneTouch... • Answered on Jan 06, 2021

Maxtor one touch 4 mini 250GB hard drive beeping

I had the same problem and the Maxtor/Seagate website did not have any solutions. I finally got in touch with Tech Support and got a fix. I was using it with a Dell tower and plugging into a USB port in the front. I also was using an after market cable.

I learned the Maxtor is a power hog and beeps and shuts down when it is not getting enough power. I did not know but the USB ports on the front of a desktop/tower computer do not provide as much power as a port on the back (the back ports are sometimes directly connected to the motherboard). I got a USB extension cable and connected it to a USB port in the back and it solved the problem.

I also learned that most laptop USB ports are not powerful enough to run the Maxtor. Mine would also not work if you attempt to share it by using an unpowered USB hub. I have gotten it to work with a powered desktop USB hub (Belkin).

I believe that this may explain why you get a "Y" cable with the drive. I could not find an explaination for the cable or how to use. There may be an accessory to purchase that attached to the cable and powers it.
1/6/2021 12:21:06 PM • Maxtor OneTouch... • Answered on Jan 06, 2021

Where do i take my hard drive to be repaired

I'd recommend that you use this hard drive data recovery program, you can download the program from
3/2/2020 10:27:26 AM • Maxtor Personal... • Answered on Mar 02, 2020

Error code 0X80070571 with the external HDD

The Seatools test has verified that the "physical" hardware is working fine, which is good news.

However, the error-message "disk structure is corrupted" means that there is a "logical" problem. Compare it to a book with a Table of Contents that has been overwritten by a two-year-old with crayons;
the pages are not physically torn nor missing, but you cannot "read" the original Table of Contents information.

Connect the drive, and note which drive-letter that Windows assigns, e.g., 'E:'.

Click Start
Click Run
Type CMD and press ENTER
Type CHKDSK E: /F and press ENTER,
and let Windows try to reconstruct the Table of Contents on the disk.

11/8/2019 4:52:47 PM • Maxtor Personal... • Answered on Nov 08, 2019

Windows7 does have set program

If you have the Key the Windows seven product key on the sticker, on the computer, you can lagally DOWNLOAD windows. I think it started just THIS year. Windows XP and older versions don\'t work the same way so you couldn\'t do it before and still can\'t for XP, Win98, Windows ME etc. But Win7 and Win8 are different, if you try to let some one use your license numeber they will hunt you down and find you, and make your life a living hell. Your online experience will never be the same, video\'s won\'t play, facebook won\'t load and you computer will run slower and slower and slower until it is dead. But if you have your own legal Product Registration Key (to a windows of hell, identity theft, piracy, virus\'s and worms, junk mail, credit card fraud, online scams, pornography, and that\'s just to name a few) you can down load a perfect copy of windows all legal from Softpedia, safe and legal. You will need someone to help unless you have another computer at home. You also need a blank recordable DVD-R, and some one with Nero, or another good DVD burning software that will burn the ISO image exactly onto the DVD the way it should copied. An IOS is the same as it WOULD look on a DVD, but when it\'s on your hard drive you Cannot read it. Then put the disc in your computer and re-install Windows. Some guys won a lawsuit or something, about this very thing, that\'s why you can now get the disc you need without a lot of trouble.
1/24/2019 2:44:19 PM • Maxtor BASICS ... • Answered on Jan 24, 2019

I can't transfer anything and I get error 0x80070571

Get all your data off of the drive and then try to format it. If you still have errors, the drive is more than likely failing
11/3/2018 12:44:51 AM • Maxtor Basics... • Answered on Nov 03, 2018

Hi i have a maxtor one touch III mini ,but when i

If you right, you could use external powered USB hub. I suspect that problem is hard drive. Maybe not drive itself but controller insid? enclosure. If you feel comfortable to remove just hard drive and check it using another enclosure or hard drive dock station, you will narrow what causes the problem
3/3/2018 12:32:08 AM • Maxtor OneTouch... • Answered on Mar 03, 2018

Vista not working

The operating system has failed, but the good thing is its still formatted with the data in files, not necessarily in any special order. Don't mess with the hard drive, like do not continue to force the operating system to start up. At one point, the Vista may click in if the original disk were to be used. The problem, it erases all data, and poof goes the pictures. The best advice is to do the following. Purchase a $30 hard drive and replace the defective drive with the new one. Purchase or borrow Windows 10. Install Win 10 (you need that for stability and security). Purchase an inexpensive EXTERNAL hard drive You will be glad you did...forget VISTA
2/18/2018 11:10:17 PM • Maxtor OneTouch... • Answered on Feb 18, 2018

I've been backing up critical files to a Maxtor click on the above link to down load the driver you need
2/14/2018 6:49:39 PM • Maxtor Personal... • Answered on Feb 14, 2018
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