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Can't answer this for you until you tell us what make and model of device, and what specifically you are trying.
Is your WiFi router on?
Has the router been updated or changed recently?
Do you know the name of your network?
Do you know the WiFi password?

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The only way is via the software developed for this reader to reset it
This you can get here
And carefully follow the instructions it provides for doing this.

Back up the data to another location first. Reset the code and then use the reader to access the data you have saved.

Or pay $50 here

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If you have a specific problem, Comment or Add Information to this to tell us what your question is.

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Create your new account first and then log into your old account and under settings, close it. If you install 'adblock' then you will no longer receive rubbish.

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How to Fix the Socket Error 10060 Home > Outlook > How to Fix the Socket Error 10060
PC Support Hotline: 1-844-377-4107 DOWNLOAD
Certified safe, virus free download. Error Tools Editor's Choice. Error Causes
The cause of this error code is hard to narrow down typically because there are many causes that can trigger the socket error code 10060. Some of the most common causes of this error code are:
  • Issues in email settings
  • Authentication settings
  • Firewall settings
  • Malware
Though this is not a critical error code but it is advisable to fix it immediately without any delays.
This error can hamper your communication via email and slow down your work productivity especially if you use Outlook for communication across the organization. Further Information and Manual Repair
Here are some of the many methods to fix and resolve this error code. To help you resolve this issue, we have selected and listed down the best, quick and easy do it yourself methods. Try them and repair Socket error code 10060 all by yourself without any professional assistance.

Method 1 - Check the Names of POP3 and SMTP Servers

To begin with, first check the names of the POP3 and SMTP servers to ensure that they are correct. Then check the outgoing SMTP port. Contact your email provider to determine the correct settings.
Sometimes email providers change this value more than any other in their individual settings. Get it verified. Change the settings if needed.

Method 2 - Outgoing SMTP Server Requires Authentication

Sometimes the error code may occur due to authentication issues. If this is the reason then, don't worry it is easy to fix. Simply go to the settings options and check the box 'My server requires authentication'.
Once you check the box, try sending the email again. This is most likely to resolve the socket error 10060 on your PC.

Method 3 - Disable Firewall

Your Firewall security may sometimes be the reason for socket error 10060 too. Therefore if after trying method 1 and 2, the error still persists, then it is advisable to disable firewall.
Once you disable it, try sending an email using your Outlook account. If it works, the error is resolved.

Method 4 - Scan for Malware

There is a possibility that the Socket error 10060 is popping on your PC due to malware infection. If so, then it is advisable to download Total System Care.
This is a highly functional and a user-friendly PC fixer deployed with a powerful antivirus and several other scanners. Run it on your PC to scan for malware. It detects and removes all types of malware including Trojans, viruses, adware, spyware and more in seconds.

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Itchy Palms: What's the Cause? - Healthline
Apr 12, 2017 - Eczema. Atopic dermatitis, or eczema as it's sometimes called, is a condition that makes your skin itch. It may cause colored patches of skin in the affected area. ... The skin may also be dry. ‎Causes · ‎Additional symptoms · ‎Treatment

Hand dermatitis ' DermNet New Zealand ... the palms or both. It can be very itchy, often burns, and is sometimes painful. It has acute, relapsing and chronic phases. Acute hand dermatitis presents with: Red macules, papules and plaques; Swelling; Blistering and weeping; Fissuring. Features of chronic hand dermatitis include: Dryness and scale; Lichenification. ‎Emollients and moisturisers · ‎Allergic contact dermatitis · ‎Irritant contact dermatitis

Hand Eczema ' Treatment ' Triggers ' Causes ' Dyshidrotic All types of eczema cause itching and redness of the skin. But some, like hand eczema, look and act slightly different than others. There is another specific type of hand eczema called pompholyx or dyshidrotic eczema, which causes small, itchy blisters to appear on the palms of the hands.

What's Causing My Itchy Hands and Feet? - WebMD > Skin Problems and Treatments > Reference Jan 11, 2017 - Dry skin can make your hands and feet itchy. ... There are a few different types, and itchiness of the palms and soles is a common symptom. ... Patches of red skin, bumps filled with gunk, or silver scales; Painful, swollen, or stiff joints; Soreness of the affected area; Itchiness in other places like your elbows, ...

The palm of the hand ' GPonline May 29, 2009 - The patient notices a gradual area of dry, itchy, peeling skin on the palm and a 'powdery filling' in the skin creases. Sometimes blisters form. Skin scrapings for microscopy and culture should confirm the diagnosis of the fungal infection. Patients may have other affected areas. A topical antifungal preparation ...

Dry, scaly, and painful hands could be hand eczema ' American ... You may have more than dry skin. Hand eczema could be the culprit. Hand eczema can cause the following: Dry, chapped skin (often the first sign); Patches of red (or dark brown) irritated skin; Scaly and inflamed skin that may itch; Burning sensation; Itchy blisters; Deep, painful cracks; Bleeding or weeping skin; Crusts, ...

Itching and dry patches on palms of hands Google Search

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use the export - and select csv as the output format

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Getting Back Google Account in Simple Ways!
  • Open an internet browser and go to
  • Enter your username in the sign-in page and tap "Next".
  • Tap on "Overlooked Password?" alternative from the base so a client is diverted to its recovery page.
  • Select any one choice from the three. On the off chance that you picked recovery utilizing content, at that point check the number connected to account and tap "Send Code".
  • Check the confirmation code got to you and enter the equivalent in the recovery page and tap "Next".
  • Google will check the code and enable you to make another secret phrase. You are mentioned to make an exception however solid secret phrase and tap "Affirm".
Google Support Along these lines, with the assistance of the above Google account recovery process, you can get back your account. Furthermore, for any further issue, you are allowed to contact Google support.

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If your phone and/or gmail is updated, it should automatically delete trash after 30 days or so. If not, there should be an option to empty trash in the trash category after you click on the “menu” button (3 lines).

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Please understand that you are talking on a public forum to regular people who offer advice, not to the company that you have your account with. Contact the company directly for service

Please do NOT post your private contact information here

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