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and what did LG tell you might be the problem ? learn to use google here is a link for you to check out things https://www.google.com/search?q=What+does+p5+error+mean+on+my+electric+LG+dryer&oq=What+does+p5+error+mean+on+my+electric+LG+dryer&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

LG Dryers • Answered on Apr 17, 2021

look for a restricted vent . and a cold floor or room . this would cause condensation and would leak from inside / causing leakage on floor in or around the dryer .. hope this helps . pls leave feed back .. mm

LG DLE3777... • Answered on Mar 30, 2021

Back flush the Drain hose off the machine using a hose attached to a tap and taped up or you will get soaked. The inside coats with fluff and may be partially blocked.

LG Dryers • Answered on Mar 24, 2021

I had exactly the same problem with my newish LG dryer. I deduced that the dryer's computer essentially needed to be rebooted. I pulled the plug for a minute or so, then plugged it back in. It works perfectly now.

LG DLE2514... • Answered on Mar 18, 2021

Not one of the easier ones to get at the baffles. In the back remove the two hinge screws holding the plastic top down. Take your hands and push back on the top panel about center and it will slide back. Sometimes it takes some force. Remove that top panel and set it aside. Remove the two screws on the left and right of the control board and the screw holding the control board down. Move the control board and harness off to the right. Now lift up on the back a little and push the whole top forward as it is has locking tabs in the front. Don't break them. Now you can hang the top over the side with the control and harness off to the left of the dryer. If looking from the back it would be the right side. The heat shield is now exposed. It has two plastic strips each with one screw securing it. Remove those screws and push each strip back to release them. They are tabbed and lock into the frame. Sometimes you have to pop them back to release them. Now you can remove the heat shield and the baffles are exposed.

LG Dryers • Answered on Mar 11, 2021

Make sure that the TV's power cord is fully connected to the back of the TV.If the TV turns on and off while using the POWER button on the TV if the TV is not responding at all to the POWER button on the remote control then troubleshoot the remote control. Unplug the TV power cord mains lead from the electrical outlet for about 30 seconds.It could be also that the power supply has gone bad and needs to be replaced or the fuses is bad or your TV has died on you.

LG Dryers • Answered on Feb 19, 2021

Is it a mechanical timer you turn (the "clickety-clank"-kind) to set the time? Sounds like something in it has been worn out. Shouldn't be too hart to get a replacement for it,t and you should also probably be able to replace it yourself unless you're very "un-handy", or want to play it safe.

LG DLE2514... • Answered on Feb 17, 2021

You can find information on that error code here https://appliancerepairinfo.com/lg-dryer-error-codes/

LG Dryers • Answered on Jan 10, 2021


There can be many reasons why your dryer will not start or turn...

The most common causes are the belt breaking or jumping off, or the motor goingbad...

Here are a couple of tips that I wrote will help you to figure out why yourdryer will not run...

Dryer Repair - The Dryer is not Turning

Dryer Repair - The dryer will not start


LG DLE2050 Dryer • Answered on Dec 22, 2020

What's the model number. I think you gave serial number

LG Dryers • Answered on Sep 11, 2020

in order: 1. Plugged vent system 2. Clothing(ie. sock)stuck between lint filter And fan. 3. Lint in heating element(electric dryer) I would start by Comparing air flow from vent exit to air flow from back of dryer after pulling dryer forward, removing vent hose and see if you have strong air flow from back of dryer. If air flow is different, then blocked vent system.

LG Dryers • Answered on Jul 06, 2020

there are 3 things i find on lg dryers that can cause that. one, main control board would be worse case relay on ctrl board may be stuck causing clicking noise. 2nd, you could have a broken/slipped off belt. test for that would be turning the drum by the fins inside drum without any clothes. It should have a little bit of force to turn. if it spins rather easy. you probably have a broken belt. 3rd lastly, there is a re settable thermostat inside dryer if it pops is cause the dryer not to run.

LG Dryers • Answered on Mar 24, 2020

SOUNDS LIKE A BAD MOTOR CENTRIFUGAL SWITCH. USUALLY WILL RUN ONE LOAD AND THEN TURN OFF AND A HOUR HOUR LATER IT WILL WORK AGAIN UNTIL IT OVER HEATS AGAI.N ALSO CHECK FOR BROKEN OR SHORTED HEATING ELEMENT DRYER OVERHEATING: Heating Element A defective heating element can make a dryer too hot or not heat at all. . If the element partially shorts out, it can produce heat all the time, regardless of whether the dryer is calling for heat. Remove the heating element to inspect it. The coils should not be touching each other or anything else. Other Causes and Conditions Air Flow Problem Dryers need good ventilation to work properly. If the vent is clogged it can make the dryer too hot. Clean all of the vent tubing thoroughly. Cycling Thermostat Although not common, a defective cycling thermostat can make the dryer too hot. The cycling thermostat is supposed to turn on and off the heat to maintain the proper temperature. If the thermostat is defective it may keep the heat on too long. The thermostat is not adjustable or repairable, it must be replaced. HI LIMIT THERMOSTAT DEFECTIVE? SHOULD SHOW OHMS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE Felt Seal Most dryers have a felt seal at the front and rear of the drum to keep the heat inside the drum. If the felt seal is worn away or missing, the dryer may keep heating and make the dryer too hot. This is not common. Blower Wheel A defective blower wheel will not spin properly and will not vent the hot air, making the dryer too hot. Check to see if there is adequate airflow out of the dryer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m5NZvY9V5Q GOD IS still GOOD !!!! SO MY ADIVE IS FREE heating element -broken-heatingelement-undefined-undefined-0.jpg heating-element-bad coil-with-housing-240v-undefined-undefined-2.jpg test 4 bad motorwindings4-undefined-undefined-5.jpg

LG Dryers • Answered on Mar 20, 2020

Disconnect from power source by turning off breaker or disconnect plug.

Press START/STOP button several times. Reconnect power.

Check power at dryer electrical outlet with DMM if possible.

LG Dryers • Answered on Feb 20, 2020

if you can get access to your main control board be hind panel. unplug dryer then tap the control board a few times. you could have a stuck relay. plug back in and try it. may fix you problem short term.

LG DLEX5101V... • Answered on Nov 01, 2019

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