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Error 950.10 NVRAM mismatch. how do I fix or

The way that I have found to fix this problem is to replace the logic board but when you do that, this is where the NVRAM mismatch comes in. Once you change the logic you also have to change the display op panel. That is what is giving you this error. You must change logic and op panel at same time and it will not give that error.
3/18/2024 6:24:35 PM • Lexmark E450dn... • Answered on Mar 18, 2024

Lexmark e260d all lights flashing

remove power and repower
12/11/2022 5:29:48 PM • Lexmark E260D -... • Answered on Dec 11, 2022

Lights constantly flashing on Lexmark E260dn

http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=content&locale=en&productCode=&segment=SUPPORT&clearQuestion=Y&userlocale=EN_US&id=HO3026 That is a general printer error Check for jams or blocks. you might have to delete the driver and clean the registry I use revo uninstall. then install the latest firmware Sir Dana
2/5/2022 3:19:29 AM • Lexmark E260dn... • Answered on Feb 05, 2022

Toner light flashing in printer 330

please you chack your printer fuser unite thermostater is over toner dust clean it i wish you are success
2/2/2022 4:15:24 AM • Lexmark E330... • Answered on Feb 02, 2022

Yellow toner light is blinking

Here is the manual; led status diagosing starts on page 13:

Click on this link or copy and paste the complete link into your browser.
If I could be of further assistance, let me know. If this helps or solves the issue, please rate it.
Thanks, Joe

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/joe_8b8c2cd6ce148309
2/2/2022 4:14:34 AM • Lexmark E250dn... • Answered on Feb 02, 2022

Lexmark e250dn printer, toner light is flashing, new cartridge

Could be photoconductor at end of life.

You shoul still be able to do a printer test print (press the arrow button).

Look on the printed pagesfor Toner AND Photoconductor.

These show as OK when new or very low count, and 100% when fully used.

If the toner is showing as 100% when you've just replaced it, either the chip is faulty, the wrong one, or if the cartridge is a remanufactured one possibly nor been replaced.
2/2/2022 4:13:57 AM • Lexmark E250dn... • Answered on Feb 02, 2022

I need to reset the NVRAM

Resetting or reinitializing the network card's NVRAM will clear all TCP/IP configuration information. To have a record of this information, it is recommended that you print a network settings page prior to performing the reset procedure. Press pattlnk_8302006_1627-e120con.jpg to print both printer and network settings pages.
  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Press the left front cover release button and pull the front door down.
  3. Press and hold pattlnk_8302006_1721-e120can.jpg while powering the printer On.
  4. Release pattlnk_8302006_1722-e120can.jpg when the pattlnk_8302006_1723-exclam.jpg LED is illuminated. NOTE: Be patient as the LEDs will light up in multiple patterns before finally stopping at pattlnk_8302006_181-exclam.jpg
  5. Close the front cover. NOTE: Observe that the pattlnk_8302006_1735-e120con.jpg, pattlnk_8302006_1735-rdydta.jpg, pattlnk_8302006_1736-tonrlow.jpg and pattlnk_8302006_1739-rmvpr.jpg LEDs will be illuminated at the same time. This is known as the Home position.
    OPTION: Have the customer hold down pattlnk_8302006_1735-e120con.jpg to print a "Printer Diagnostics" menu page.
  6. Slowly press the pattlnk_8302006_1743-e120can.jpg button until the pattlnk_8302006_1750-rmvpr.jpg, pattlnk_8302006_1847-tonrlow.jpg, and pattlnk_8302006_1748-rdydta.jpg LEDs are illuminated. NOTE: Normally, this will require you to press the pattlnk_8302006_1743-e120can.jpg button 11 to 13 times, depending on the options and features installed.
  7. Press and hold pattlnk_8302006_1754-e120con.jpg until all LEDs flash or strobe from left to right, then release the button. Wait until this process stops with a pattern of three LEDs that should resemble the Step 6 pattern.
  8. Press and hold pattlnk_8302006_1844-e120can.jpg until the light pattern returns to the pattern of four LEDs in Step 5 or theHome position.
  9. Turn the printer Off.
  10. Turn the printer On.
    NOTE: If on a DHCP network, wait 30 seconds to see if the DHCP server/router sends out an IP address to the device. A settings page will automatically print if this is successful. A longer wait may be required on other networks.
  11. Press pattlnk_8302006_1814-e120con.jpg to print the settings pages and observe that all the TCP/IP settings have been reset.
  12. Reconfigure the device using DHCP, Auto IP (zero configuration) or the IP Setup Utility.

Hope this helps.
2/2/2022 3:23:03 AM • Lexmark E260... • Answered on Feb 02, 2022

Hi, my lexmark e260dn "load paper" light stays on even though paper is loaded. please help

Please check if the paper guides on the paper tray are correctly positioned. For example, if you are using a letter sized paper, make sure the guides are set to 8"x11".
2/2/2022 3:16:40 AM • Lexmark E260dn... • Answered on Feb 02, 2022

The printer toner light is

After installing a new cartridge and the blinking light is on Toner Low, it means that the photoconductor is almost full and should be replaced soon. Press and release the Continue button (green button) to clear the light sequence and continue processing the print job. If the light is still blinking, replace the photoconductor kit.

For further assistance, please call Lexmark Technical Support.

1/31/2022 7:25:37 PM • Lexmark E260D -... • Answered on Jan 31, 2022

31 missing or defective cart.

Try changing the photoconductor kit
12/2/2021 7:22:32 PM • Lexmark E342n... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

935 Service Printhead Error

This means that the printhead is defective. The printhead is the actual laser scanner unit which is under the top cover. It will need to be replaced.
12/2/2021 6:26:07 PM • Lexmark E352dn... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

935 service printhead error

Hello. Unfortunately, if that's the case, there's not much you can do about it but have it serviced. Hope I can assist you more with it.
12/2/2021 6:23:47 PM • Lexmark Lemark... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

935 Service Printhead error

Error 935
Printhead Error - Mirror motor unable to reach operation speed Check cables, look for chafing or damage to ribbon cable at sharp bends around rear cover. Replace printhead or ribbon cable.
12/2/2021 5:57:44 PM • Lexmark E350d... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

Pc life warning on Lexmark

PC life warning indicates that the photoconductor has nearly reached its expected life rating. You can still continue printing but will be at risk for developing print quality issues. It is advisable that pc unit be replaced. Now, when you replace the pc unit you will also need to manually reset the pc page counter as well. Thank you for choosing Lexmark.
12/2/2021 5:54:06 PM • Lexmark E360d... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

Message on screen replace pc kit but everything

If you have just replaced the pc (photoconductor) kit, you also need to reset the pc (photoconductor) counter. Here's the link for instructions on how to reset the page count: http://bit.ly/agYtVo . Or simply press and hold the CANCEL button while the printer is on and the front cover open until all lights are flashing. Hope this helps. If you need more assistance, leave a comment and I'll get back to it. Thanks.
12/2/2021 5:53:18 PM • Lexmark E330... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

I would like to know how to reset the Lexmark

Restoring the factory default settings

Do one of the following:
• If your printer is on a network, access the Embedded Web Server:

1 Type the printer IP address into the address field of your Web browser.
Note: If you do not know the IP address of the printer, print a network setup page and locate the IP address in the TCP/IP section.
2 From the Settings screen, click General Settings.
3 Under Factory Defaults, select Restore Now, and then click Submit.

• If your printer is connected to a computer by a USB or parallel cable, use the Local Printer Settings Utility for Windows or Printer Settings for Macintosh.
1 Open the utility.
2 Do one of the following:
– From the Local Printer Settings Utility menu bar, click Actions Restore Factory Defaults.
– From Printer Settings, click Factory Defaults.

Warning—Potential Damage: Restore Factory Defaults returns all printer settings to the factory default settings except Network/Port menu settings. All downloads stored in RAM are deleted. Downloads stored in flash memory or on a printer hard disk are not affected.

Or please download the user guide from this link and follow the instructions

Hope this will help you
12/2/2021 5:52:23 PM • Lexmark E260dn... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

How can i solve this problem? 935.10 service

This is a service error, which will need a technician to diagnose and repair.

Probably a faulty laser scanner assembly.
11/27/2021 7:25:06 PM • Lexmark E460DW... • Answered on Nov 27, 2021

It keeps reading 935.10 service

Turn off printer and turn back on after 30 seconds to give it a chance to reset. Make sure the printer is plugged in straight to the power outlet in the wall. Bypass any surge devices or power strips, even if the printer previously worked correctly with these, as they can cause low amperage problem which can trigger a false printhead error. You can also try to plug the printer to another known working power outlet just to eliminate the power source as a possible cause of the issue. If error continues, printer may require service. Contact Lexmark technical support or an authorized service provider for further assistance.
11/27/2021 7:25:01 PM • Lexmark E450dn... • Answered on Nov 27, 2021

Installing Lexmark E232 in Window 10 connect via USB Printer not found.

Windows 10 is Plug and Play so connecting the printer by USB cable, Win 10 should auto-discover it once it is powered up.

If the printer not found message happens after connecting the cable and then auto-discover faults, might try a different USB port on the PC or a different USB cable.

If the error occurs when scanning for new devices, pretty much the same thing goes.

Or the printer has an issue and will not communicate over USB for some reason. Perhaps a factory reset of the printer settings, to clear some erroneous setting, would help.

Last suggestion: make sure your Windows 10 Update is run to take all the latest patches (may take several Update/Reboot cycles to get them all), and that the OS is properly licensed and activated with a valid license key. Some features are disabled when the OS is not activated. Anti-virus software might be blocking the software install needed. If the printer came with a disc, connect the printer, power it on, insert the disc and see if it will install a driver.

The web site shows this printer is discontinued so maybe it is old enough that they didn't produce a Win 10 driver. Windows Update should pick one up if it is available as most HW manufacturers publish their drivers through the Windows Update process.

11/27/2021 7:24:48 PM • Lexmark E232... • Answered on Nov 27, 2021

Error 935,10 service printhead error.

The printhead is the laser, tou have an error in the laser assembly (replace the laser assy).
11/27/2021 4:48:06 PM • Lexmark E450dn... • Answered on Nov 27, 2021
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