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How do i get to windows boot manager

Step 1 Turn on your computer. Step 2 Press the space bar on the keyboard immediately after the BIOS screen appears and before the Windows logo screen appears. Press "F8" to access the boot options. Step 3 Select an operating system to boot and press "Enter."
2/4/2018 10:05:49 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Feb 04, 2018

Levono X41 tablet screen stopped working - OK with ext. monitor

Then the screen has failed, though that would be obvious.
8/25/2017 12:03:55 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Aug 25, 2017

Problem .......x61 tablet help !!!!!!!

Hello snapshots,
I have an x61, and you may want to check that all of the keys on your keyboard are not damaged, and that none of them are stuck in the pressed position. That is what the "stuck key" message typically means. If you check out the keyboard, and all the keys are fine, and if you are still receiving this message, try calling Lenovo support. There is an off chance that your keyboard (or other components) may be slightly defective.
Here is the link to the Lenovo site: http://lenovo.com/planetwide/select/selector.html
Hope this helps!

1/5/2017 8:42:43 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Jan 05, 2017

How to reinstall windows xp thinkpad x41

How to Reload Windows XP Without Removing Files Deleting system files, modifying the registry and installing incompatible drivers to Windows XP can damage the integrity of the operating system, rendering it inoperable. Virus infections are often responsible for making the aforementioned changes to a system, but employees who have administrative access to the workstation can make deleterious modifications to the OS as well. Reinstalling Windows XP can repair the OS, but if work-related files are stored to the system partition, all of the data will be erased during the installation process. To reload Windows XP without losing files, you can perform an in-place upgrade, also known as a repair installation. Step 1 Insert the Windows XP CD into the optical drive and then press "Ctrl-Alt-Del" to restart the computer. Step 2Press any key when prompted to load the contents of the disc. Press "Enter" on the Welcome to Setup screen. Step 3 Read the license agreement, pressing "PgDn" to scroll down the page. Press "F8" to agree to the terms. The CD will search for previous installations of Windows XP. Step 4 Press "R" to repair the selected operating system. The disc will begin reinstalling the operating system to the hard drive without affecting personal files. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the repair installation. Step 5 Log in to Windows XP and sign on to the Internet when installation completes. Click "Start," "All Programs" and then "Windows Update." Step 6 Click "Scan for Updates" to search for applicable service packs and hotfixes to reinstall to the OS. Step 7 Click "Install Now" to bring the in-place upgrade up-to-date. Things Needed
  • Windows XP CD
  • Make sure you have your Windows XP product key (found on the CD cover or on the computer case) available prior to reinstallation.
  • If possible, back up your files previous to the installation in case something goes awry during the process.
  • You will need to reinstall all non-native programs and removable devices after performing an in-place upgrade.
1/13/2016 2:29:29 PM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Jan 13, 2016

Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet security chip. lost

I have had to retrieve the BIOS password from one of these before. It is not an easy thing to get to. You have to first
  • Build a special 9-pin Serial cable using parts you can find at Radio Shack
  • Dismantle the laptop
  • find the correct BIOS chip,
  • Solder a couple wires to the correct pins of the BIOS chip (without getting solder on the other pins, or damaging something)
  • Hook it up to another computer via serial port
  • Do a dump of the information stored on the BIOS chip
  • Use a hex-reader to decipher the information and display the password within.
Here is a link to a site that shows you in detail how to accomplish this. It does work, and I've successfully used the linked method to unlock a X41 of my own.

12/11/2015 1:31:27 PM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Dec 11, 2015

What is my lenovo thinkpad serial number

go to Lenovo website auto detect and serial number will come up
6/16/2015 1:44:24 PM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Jun 16, 2015

Windows xp x41 migration vto x61

Have you tried just swapping the HDD into the new computer? The hardware might be similar enough for that to work. Personally I would collect my files onto a flash drive, and start with a fresh install of the operating system on the x61. It will run much faster with a fresh install.
6/11/2015 3:30:48 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Jun 11, 2015

Lenova x230 tablet swivel hinge repair

It is possible to replace the hinge, but it is a couple hours of tricky work. If you are not comfortable completely dismantling your computer, I would take it to a repair shop. You can usually find the hinge on ebay. Just search for "thinkpad x230 tablet swivel hinge part".I replaced the hinge on my x61 tablet without any trouble, but I am very comfortable with repairing computers. Take lots of pictures to make sure you get it back together correctly, and keep track of where the screws go, there are a lot of them. Good luck!Here is the repair manual for the x230:https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/x230t_x230it_hmm_en_0b48730_02.pdf
6/11/2015 3:26:52 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Jun 11, 2015

Unable to move cursor on lenovo x61

Are you trying to move the cursor with the trackpoint, a usb mouse, or the pen? Have you tried restarting your computer? Restarting would likely solve the problem. If you can't move the cursor to the start menu, you can open the start menu with the windows key, use the arrow keys to navigate to the power options. Use enter to select the power options and shut down or restart the computer. If this does not work, press and hold the power button for 5 or 10 seconds to force the computer to shut down. What happened before this occurred? Did you install any programs or updates recently, or change any settings on your computer?
6/11/2015 3:20:47 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Jun 11, 2015

Lenovo Thinkpad x60 automatic curor open

When your cursor is moving, while you don't touch your mose, check if the underside is completely clean. And with a wireless mouse, please put your phone somewhere else, not to close to the computer. Then let us know if it helps.
2/6/2015 8:46:29 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Feb 06, 2015

Lenovo x60 wireless problem

Verify that the radio is enabled.
It is possible to disable the transmitter of the wireless card without Device Manager showing any problems.
Note: Follow the instructions provided to enable wireless card.
  • Most wireless cards will put an icon in the system tray (the line of icons in the lower right corner of your screen). Right click this icon and it may have a menu option to enable/turn on the wireless radio.
  • Some systems come with a Wireless Radio switch to disable the wireless radios. The wireless radio switch is usually located on the front side of the machine. If you are having difficulties with wireless connections, make sure the Wireless Radio switch is set in the On position.
  • Check for association to an Access Point.
    If you double-click the previously mentioned system tray icon, the configuration utility of the wireless card will appear. This utility will be able to show the status of the wireless card, showing what channel the card is using and what signal strength is being received. It may be difficult to maintain a connection if signal strength is low due to either interference or distance. For example, interference can be caused by 2.4GHz cordless phones, other Access Points in the area, and physical structures such as load bearing walls or metal partitions.
    The utility can be used to configure the wireless card settings, but if using Windows XP Zero Configuration or Access Connections, you will need to use those programs to actually configure the wireless card as they will overwrite the setting of the utility.
10/14/2014 6:05:22 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Oct 14, 2014

Look up serial number

This is usually located on the underside of the tablet and is almost microscopic in size. Once you find and can actually read it be sure to write it down.
7/22/2014 4:16:07 AM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Jul 22, 2014

I turn on my laptop ad what i get is a fan error

I turn on my laptop notebook lenovo s10-2 ad what i get is a fan error message after which it turns off but thiers still power what could be the issue and how to solve it. i can not use now my laptop
3/8/2014 5:05:06 PM • Lenovo ThinkPad... • Answered on Mar 08, 2014
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