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if this is installed in a small rv , wow I know all about the problem with these , seems this type of pump allows one to draw water from a storage tank on board and the user provides the "power" via moving the handle up/down to draw up the water , but then when in the park you can connect fresh park water to faucet and using the same handle in opposite direction pressurized water flows out of it , first thing , its in a rv !! if inside air temp is not maintained 24/7 365 between 35F and 210F it plastic its gonna crack (mine did) and I don't know about you but my rv is outta my mind in the off season so no temp is being maintained inside it , if this is what happened then just replace it , no glue will hold up to its use ! second parks water pressures vary so carry your own water pressure regulator and use it between park and your rv ! these things only handle about 40 psi and then they crack open , and last but not least invest in some food grade rv antifreeze this is great stuff to "put up" the rv for the off season run it thru everything that gets water into it saves you tons on replacing things in the spring time

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Garden | Answered just now

I would use a vacuum pump to pull the fuel through.

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Being not very familiar with this mower but am a small engine repairman i would suggest you look for an in line fuse located between the ignition and the solenoid. Because u say u dont even have a dash light. However alot of older mowers can build up corrosion on the ignition switch you may wanna wiggle the wires plugged on to switch as well. You can always use a screwdriver to bump the posts on the solenoid to see if it will crank over that way. If all checks out good and ur able to get the engine to turn over by jumping the solenoid with a screwdriver then that is ur issue. When I say all checked out good that is meaning ur seat safety switch, brake switch and even making sure the blades aren't engaged. Any and all could create the issue u are having. If possible upload a pic if ur machine. There are two bolts on your solenoid. Lay a screwdriver on one and while maintaining contact with the one position ur screwdriver to touch both posts at same time. Caution though. That screwdriver will get hot. If this doesn't crank the engine then it is starter problems. However, non of that has to do with dash lights. That leaves me inclined to think that it is a fuse or a safety switch if the blades are not engaged. The handle that lowers the deck.. Try pulling it back as far as possible while turning key as well. Hope I have been of some help. Good luck!

Garden | Answered Yesterday

If it is burning the oil, new rings and piston plus hone the barrel.

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Hi try a new plug you're old one could b breaking down under load also give the carby a clean:::::: blow out the Jets inside Especially THE MAIN JET ::::; IF A MOTOR STARTS & WONT KEEP RUNNING ITS A GOOD SIGN THE MAIN JET IS BLOCKED.,,,.. Cheers

Garden | Answered 2 days ago

Few 2-stroke engines produced in these modern times aren't exhaust tuned which means it is difficult to test the compression pressure with any accuracy at cranking or starting speed - most are exhaust tuned so a much greater power output can be produced from a small and lightweight engine. Peak compression happens at the engine speed when the reflected exhaust pressure wave effectively blocks the exhaust port. At this point the engine capacity grows, the compression ratio increases and the power output increases.

I don't know what the compression pressure should be but I would be slightly worried if it was less than about 90 psi and expect to find a reading of 100/120 psi. As it is a twin, the real test will be the difference between the cylinder pressures which theoretically should be identical though for practical purposes a variation of about 10/20 psi would be acceptable.

The best test of engine condition is how it starts, runs and sounds. When considering a 2-stroke engine it is important not to forget there is also compression under the piston. Sometimes after wintering unused a previously good machine will be down on power and difficult to start. It should not be ignored how if the crankshaft oil seals have lost flexibility, air could be drawn past them into the crankcase reducing the quality of the induction through the carb.

Garden | Answered 2 days ago

See the videos. No one knows who makes a 'T 1200' except you.


The correct search queries would be

make model drive belt diagram

then look at the images tab.


make model replace drive belt

and look at the Video tab.

Garden | Answered 3 days ago

Make sure that the deck parts move freely. That the blades and/or bearings or pulleys anr not siezed or blocked. Also you might adjust your carb just a little in air/fuel mixture and idle rpm.

Garden | Answered on May 28, 2020

Not sure about the fuel/oil ratio. Modern 2-stroke engines are designed to run with less oil due to concerns about pollution and 50:1 isn't unusual. That was the recommendation for my strimmer but I added a little extra oil to maybe 30 or 40:1 and it gave good service for 30 seasons.

The fashion for anti-pollution measures also spread to the fuelling of small engines especially in some areas. In this case the fuel/air adjustments are either hidden behind plastic or metal plugs or deleted from the carb altogether.
If there are no screws it is a preset type and if dismantling and a thorough clean doesn't restore performance it is reasonable to make one of two assumptions (or maybe both) - either the carb is faulty in some way (diaphragm perhaps) or the crankshaft seals are failing and allowing air into the crankcase preventing a good induction.
It isn't unknown for a small 2-strokes to perform well all season and then be next to useless after standing idle all winter. If this is the case it is worth suspecting those seals have lost flexibility...

Garden | Answered on May 27, 2020

I don't think so. Adjusting the high and low on carburetor is a thing in the past.

Garden | Answered on May 26, 2020

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