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We're not the psychic hotline! Model number?

Click on the link, it's La Crosse Tech weather stations. Find your model or one similar to yours. Mouse over and click "more info". Select the "support" tab and then product manual. How to set date and time will be in the manual.

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La Crosse... | Answered on Jun 29, 2018

Mine stopped working about 2 weeks ago (May 2018) after about 8 years of service. I had tried the recommended procedure to depress the reset button on the sensor, but it still would not reset / reboot the temperature sensor. I suspect the non removable batteries to be the issue failure so I am about to crack the case open to try to troubleshoot the issue for confirmation.

La Crosse... | Answered on Jun 02, 2018

La Crosse is very specific about what you should do and how you should do it for a battery replacement.
Begin by removing all batteries, both outdoor and indoor. Install new batteries in the outdoor unit. Allow the time it takes to get from the outside to the inside for the outside unit to initialize and begin sending data. Install batteries in the indoor unit and observe outdoor temperature. You should see indoor temperature as well. Finally, set the time. This last can be tricky as it seems difficult to set an exact time. I have two different La Crosse receivers connected to one transmitter and the one in front of me now is indicating 70 deg F indoors and 80 deg F outdoors.

La Crosse... | Answered on Sep 12, 2016

I have a La Crosse unit right in front of me and it is showing +18 F tonight. Saturday, we are supposedly going to sub-zero.
With regard to your problem, La Crosse instructions are very specific about the battery replacement procedure. Remove all batteries from both units, then install new batteries in the outdoor unit. Allow time for the outdoor unit to "initialize" and begin sending temperature data. Install new batteries in the indoor unit and you should see the outdoor temperature displayed.

La Crosse... | Answered on Feb 13, 2016

Aloha. Try asking your question here: Clocks Watches Questions . They helped me before with an antique clock problem. Good Luck.

La Crosse... | Answered on Jan 20, 2016

Here is the link to the manual. There is, on page 3, instructions on how to rotate the projected display. A button will move it 90 degrees at at time. Twice should do the trick.....

La Crosse... | Answered on Dec 10, 2015

  • First see if changing the time with the battery out changes the time without changing the cycle on the chime - I could just imagine somebody adjusting the clock for daylight savings and the clock doesn't change it's chime cycle correctly with the battery a certain way - in or out - maybe it's the opposite and you have to take the battery out and somebody didn't now you have to leave it in.
  • Check the internet for the original manual if you know the model.
  • Look for clues to setting the chime on the back? is there a separate knob - are the batteries both good?
Still not working after playing with it? Here is the mechanical way to fix it:
Sounds great, but it still is chiming the wrong time after playing with it? This will fix it:
  • Set the clock for exactly at the chime - I suggest 3 o'clock chime - the hands will be wrong (2 or 4 or whatever)
  • Remove the battery(s) - I do custom imprinted clock faces and it seems to me that 3 o'clock is the easy place for me to put the hands back.
  • Take the clock apart - usually it is tiny screws on the back, or you will see 3 or 4 v shaped wires. push the v wire out of one side - they are springs that some clocks use to hold the rim instead of the screws - they are easier than they look - just pull one side and remove.
  • Gently pull up each hand off the shaft. I hope you have fingernails.
  • Replace the hands back at exactly the time that they are supposed to be (3 o'clock in my example) - you start with the hour hand and gently push on the spindle make it look level and all the way on - then the minute hand at 12 also level
    • Remember to play with the time first so you'll be happy that you put the hands exactly where the chime should start.
    • Remember to make that time be exactly on the hour with the small hand and exactly on the 12 with the big hand so the hands line up correctly.

La Crosse... | Answered on Nov 09, 2015

We are having the same issue. How did you get this resolved?

La Crosse... | Answered on Jul 06, 2015

download the manual from here:

La Crosse... | Answered on May 10, 2015

Your clock may have failed in a way that new batteries won't help.

La Crosse... | Answered on May 10, 2015

You may have to order a replacement sensor directly from La Crosse.

La Crosse... | Answered on Apr 29, 2015

La Crosse... | Answered on Mar 16, 2015

Press and hold Set (the top button on the right hand side of the clock) for 2+ seconds to enter the Programming mode. If the unit hasn't been set before "-5EST" should start flashing. Press + (the second button from the top) until the correct time zone is displayed. Press Set to save the setting and advance to the next program option. Again use the + button to set DST on or off. Press Set again to save and advance to the language choice (for the displayed day of the week). Press + to go through the choices and then press Set. Repeat the above steps to set the hour (if the clock didn't get the correct time from the WWVB radio). Note: PM will be displayed for the afternoon hours. There is no indicator for AM hours. Press Set again to save and advance to the Minute setting. Pressing Set again will bring the unit to set the Year, then advance to Month, then Date. The next press of the Set button will advance to setting the day of the week. The next items to set are the 12/24 hour time display and the units for the temperature.

If you press Snooze, on the top of the clock, or do not press a button within 15 seconds, the clock will exit the Programming Mode. LaCrosse has the manual for the WS-8055U on the product page: . The direct link to the manual is . Make sure to replace the 2 AA batteries and position the clock where the radio signal is strong if the clock doesn't maintain the correct time.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

La Crosse... | Answered on Mar 16, 2015

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