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Is it possible you've blown a breaker? Probably a double-breaker, 220V.

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Hello Susan Bailey,
Typically "THEY" do...
It would be really great to know if we are talking about a USA domestic product...
or another NATIONALITY.
Other countries normally have FUSES in the
appliance cords.

Find your MODEL NUMBER and go to a PART/SPARES
supplier ( I like )
If this is a "MICROWAVE" the FUSE will start popping because the MAGNETRON has deteriorated
and is CONSUMING it's own energy.

I can be a LOT MORE specific if you provide a
model number (pretty please).
Read minds... Cannot rally do...!!

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Possible Solutions

Reset power to the product:

There may be a problem with the Oven Appliance Manger Control or the associated wiring.
  • Power unit down by turning off the circuit breaker(s) for one (1) minute.
  • Power unit up by turning on the circuit breaker(s).
  • Monitor the oven for one (1) minute to ensure the error code does not display again.
  • Verify oven operation.

Still need help? Call or schedule service.

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In our case, the error code was displayed on a KitchenAid microwave/oven combo. It turned out to be a $4 fuse called the "Main Cavity Fuse". Good luck.

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You need to pull the oven out and see if you are getting 240 volts to the bake element (take the back panel off, press bake and start and put your meter lids on each prone of the bake element).
If you do get 240 volts to the bake element then the element is defective. If you don't get 240 volts then you may be looking at a faulty relay board.

Appliance Repair Brooklyn

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KitchenAid KODE507ESS

(this MAY be your model??)... you did not specify?...

This link MAY have your DISPLAY PARTS:

KitchenAid Range Stove Oven Display Board


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you have a bad computer board or clock assy. same thing the most common thing that cooks the board is heat and usually from self cleaning the oven,next time send the model number,if this is a slide in stove under the oven door is a drawer,open it and look at the frame,you'll see a tag with model and serial numbers,if that functions by itself you have a bad board.

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From the Site:

"F2-E6 - Cancel Key Line Open - Check the connection between the touch pad (keypad) and control board (clock) to make sure it is secure. Select the 'cancel' function and wait 60 seconds. If error code reappears then replace the touch pad, or touch pad and control board (clock) if all one assembly. All F3-E Codes - Oven Temperature Sensor (RTD) or Warming Drawer Defect - Replace oven temperature sensor (RTD)."

Kitchen Aid Appliance Fault Codes

Hope this helps!

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the latch the hooks into the door is caught inside the slot where it locks into when in self clean,you have to move the latch,unplug it,look through the air vents or slots up above the door if you can get a screw driver in there try to move the latch or if you can get something down inside to move the latch,i used a plastic long wire tie to do this before,i slid the tie down around the metal hook part of the latch that locks into the door,and pulled it to the left and got the door to open,it got hung up in the hole and the door wouldn't open but what ever works you have to move the hook part of the latch to get the door open,you can try picking up on the door to see if you can get it open or you'll have to pull the oven out and take the top off to get at the latch,hope this helps

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Good morning, the fan noise is probably the cooling fan in the control compartment. With an electric oven, it could be a resettable thermostat that tripped and needs to be reset. Or it could be a bad heating element. Display will display lot if it can't bring the oven temp up. Hope that helps.

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That is where the vent is. You should feel some hot air there. If you do not feel the air that is the time to worry. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

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when you put it into self clean the oven gets up to 1000 degrees and it will damage the electronics in the oven and it sounds like this happened to you,i've been telling everyone i know not to do this until after the holidays in case something like this happens you won't have a stove for the holidays and also i tell them to never use the self clean use easy off works just as good,sorry to hear about you stove,if this is an older stove most likely you won't be able to even get a new clock assy. but you can send your old clock assy. out to get rebuilt to
you either do this yourself or get someone to remove the old clock assy. make a wire diagram,send the clock assy. out to have it rebuilt they send it back to you and you reinstall it and don't use the self clean more thing i think there's a thermal fuse in the ka and that could have popped,you have to check it with a meter hope this helps and good luck.

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have looked at the schematics can't find a fuse anywhere
see all parts here...
Kitchen aid made by whirlpool..
bad temp sensor maybe?

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Try setting the temp 25 degrees lower than what is called for. This is a common issue with convection ovens.

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Any gas cooker has a thermocouple that keeps the gas valve open; if the thermocouple no longer generates current (which feeds the coil of an electromagnet) then the gas valve closes and the flame will go out. So check thermocouple. In normal conditions the voltage generate by the thermocouple is low but the current is high.

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Contact the landlord and have him repair or replace the oven.

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