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For the KitchenAid microwave, model: KHMS2050SSS2 I found that i did not have to remove the screw. what i did was loosen the screw as much as it would go before getting tight again.(hard to screw) then on the bottom end of the door hinge (lying on its side) i pryed the bottom hinge off its mount. (with flat head screwdriver) from there i was able to get at the screws to separate the black surrounding stuff from the outside door... then finally i could get inside to get at the door panel controls. I noticed a whole bunch of condensation and on the back of the touch panel (electrical board).. i will replace that part as I think that is the culprit as to why the keys get pressed randomly, beeping randomly and wonkiness :)

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I have a Kitchenaid microwave KCMS145JSS0 that had a loud buzzing sound, stopped heating and there was a smell of burning electronics. It is about 19 years old, but can not be replaced because it is built in and you can not find a microwave anywhere that will fit in the opening of the 24 inch cabinet. So I had to fix it. Turns out the problem was the Magnetron. This is what I did to prove the problem. First open the unit, discharged the high voltage capacitor with a short across the terminals using a test lead from my VOM analog meter. Next disconnected the connector to the Magnetron and started the microwave. The buzzing sound was gone. Powered off the microwave and again discharged the capacitor. Using my VOM on the highest ohm value tested between the terminals on the Magnetron to ground and had a reading, it should not read anything, it should read open or infinity - Magnetron Bad. Just to make sure the other high voltage components were good I performed the following tests. Checked for continuity of the 3 different circuits on the high voltage transformer, all were good. Tested the capacitor by removing all the leads connected to it and discharged it once more. With the analog VOM set to the highest value, touched the two terminals on the capacitor. The meter should swing to the right and move back to the left as the capacitor takes on a charge. Did that just fine. There is a high voltage diode connected to one of the capacitor terminals and the other end to ground. With the analog VOM set to the highest ohm setting touched the meter to the disconnected end and ground and got a reading. Reversed the meter test leads and didn't get a reading, infinity. I was very confident the Magnetron was my only issue but decided to replace the diode along with the Magnetron because it was $20 compared to the $160 Magnetron and I had that smell of burning electronics. With the new parts the microwave now works great and no need to reconfigure the cabinet installation.4ae0592f-2f48-49d0-887b-5e06be0f2b42.jpgimg_20201115_120324276-gbuu514lwj4gf3zniqowptdg-6-2.jpg

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Yes, unless a technician may have removed it during a previous service. It should be located behind the controller assembly, sometimes in a small envelope.

At my Web site, I have a video showing you how to remove a typical microwave controller in about 5 minutes.

if you have other questions, please feel free to contact me directly by email through the Web site or at [email protected]

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Yes, it is probably a bad relay. Usually appliance techs just replace the whole control board, because those relays can be hard to find and buy.

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Yes, it is most likely a bad relay on the control board.

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Hi Jill, what the screen indicates is that the door is not closed There are a number of internal contacts that have to be closed for the microwave to work If any of them are wrong, they can give you that information. Depending on the brand there may be between 2 or 3 contacts in the door area that generate that warning Indicate brand, model and type of equipment you are commenting on, in order to find the best possible solution I wait your answer Regards Franco Dosil Hola Jill, lo que te indica la pantalla es que la puerta no esta cerrada Hay una serie de contactos internos que tienen que estar cerrados para que el microondas funcione Si alguno de ellos esta mal puede darte esa informacion Derpendiendo de la marca pueda haber entre 2 o 3 contactos en la zona de la puerta que generan ese aviso Indica marca, modelo y tipo de equipo del que estas comentando, para poder encontrar la mejor soluci?n posible Espero tu respuesta Saludos Franco Dosil

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common problem with lots of MWs - the door switches are not set and secured properly. Now they are totally off. Need to pull apart and reset. Not a task for an average homeowner. Mine (Whirlpool) did that 1 week after I got it - exchanged for a new one.

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Hi. this code represents a key pad or control board malfunction. you will have to make sure the key pad or control panel connectors are connected tightly and securely. If the wires and connectors are secure, the actual control board may be faulty and you will need to replace it at this point.

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I started having the same problem with my KBMC140HSSO. You cannot see the error codes without disassembling the control panel (the codes are on another display that covered by the front panel). After doing so I found the error code to be F2, E3 which is "Key held down too long, or key shorted". I am ordering a replacement keypad and will report back if this fixes the problem.

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You can find helpful Kitchenaid parts diagrams and get parts at affordable prices for most models from The Pros by entering your model number here:

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Chances are the door panels separate as shown in the photo I have attached below. Panel replacement can usually be done without removing the door from the microwave. In cases where it is felt that door removal is necessary, I recommend detaching the door from the hinges. I generally do not advise removing the hinges from the microwave. Whenever the hinges are removed, great care must be taken to put them back in the very same position they were in. Failure to do so can cause microwave leakage, which can cause risk of skin burns, fire, and disruption of nearby electronic devices. You can find exploded view diagrams and order parts here: We have critical safety and disassembly info at our site, which is linked at our listing here on FixYa:

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Adjust the door switch mounting strip as adjustment is provided if not o.k check door switch connector on the PCB assembly for loose contact or soldering.

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To fix this issue you really need to hire a professional for safety purposes. You are looking around $500 + or - $50 for this repair.

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