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How to recover a dbx file?

Hi, If your AV program has a restore function you might be able to restore it and exclude it from further scans. If not then try some of the .dbx repair tools online.
11/27/2021 7:18:05 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 27, 2021 • 130 views

HOw to reset pc mouse and keyboard not working

Great advice from our Computer Guru as always, which should be down here, as basically, it solves the post, despite lack of information. Feel free to add further details and Larry will guide you further. We will both get a notification.
  • Anonymous Nov 26, 2021
  • no pc told make or model
  • 100,000 exist.
  • USB mouse , direct wired, and keyboard or both wireless. keyboard and mouse if yes, the battery is dead.
  • in the mouse keyboard.
  • some keyboards talk to the mouse directly and if keyboard dies, so does the mouse so we fix the keyboard first.
  • the battery can in fact fail easy in 6 months.
  • no PC told no keyboard model told off bottom label, (maker and model)
  • I call bad batteries if only they are dead. not PC dead , not screen dead, just those 2 dead.
  • does a wired USB mouse work direct to PC, if yes, now you know with 1min. labor yes PC works
  • we can not guess what is in your hands blind, tell it or photo of it posted.
  • Anonymous Nov 26, 2021
  • some wireless keyboards have uSB wireless radio dongle device if the kids lost that,boom mouse and keyboard are dead. Some keyboard new have bluetooth and if PC has no BT , the usb dongle adds that, so it works. same with mouse
  • I can not guess what is there in your hands ever.
  • If not wireless, try all USB ports on secret PC before condemning anything first.
11/28/2021 3:29:52 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 28, 2021 • 29 views

How to edit the photo|

You can edit photos using a free program called Just type it into google and the and you should be able to easily download it. Otherwise if you right click on a photo there should be an option saying "Edit" which takes you into Microsoft Windows Paint to edit the photo
11/27/2021 2:06:12 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 27, 2021 • 91 views

Es posible ver una dvr swann Sw242-sr4 por pc? No tengo el disco de software
11/27/2021 7:19:20 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 27, 2021 • 23 views

Convert mp4 to mov?

Try this mp4 converter, it free to download
11/25/2021 2:25:34 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 25, 2021 • 381 views

Faulty Radio CD Player PS-2685 in Suzuki Jimny

hi find video link for ps-2685
11/24/2021 6:19:00 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 24, 2021 • 35 views

Alguien tiene el numero de serie par cubase le

We only speak English on Fixya. Does anyone have the serial number for cubase le Cubase LE serial number Direct from Steinberg. Anything else is theft of copyright software. How do I get activation code for Cubase LE? Log in or create your Steinberg account here. Once logged in, click the Enter Download Access Code button, enter the Download Access Code, and then click Continue. Check your email inbox for a message from Steinberg. Included in the message will be your Cubase activation code. May 26, 2021 En Espagnol 412 / 5000 Translation results Directo de Steinberg. Cualquier otra cosa es robo de software con derechos de autor.¿C?mo obtengo el c?digo de activaci?n para Cubase LE? Inicie sesi?n o cree su cuenta Steinberg aqu?. Una vez que haya iniciado sesi?n, haga clic en el bot?n Ingresar c?digo de acceso a la descarga, ingrese el C?digo de acceso a la descarga y luego haga clic en Continuar. Revise su bandeja de entrada de correo electr?nico para ver si hay un mensaje de Steinberg. Incluido en el mensaje estar? su c?digo de activaci?n de Cubase. 26 de mayo de 2021
11/23/2021 10:31:31 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 17 views

I did not get a CD software with it?

Question edited to tidy up the English a bit :>) Hi Peter, give us a bit of a clue to what 'it' is and we might be able to find the software for you. Click COMMENT under my post.
11/23/2021 7:35:19 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 47 views

How can i create my own web page ?

Try ( is an easy yet powerful platform to create portfolio websites and comes with all the features that photographers, artists and designers need - beautiful, customizable themes, drag-and-drop site builder tools that need no coding knowledge, domain name, hosting and email addresses. Pixpa com Smart Portfolio Websites
11/23/2021 4:05:59 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 527 views

My name is solomon, i want to start small businesses so i dont have money and place to start my businesses. can someone please give information where to go?

If you live in the United States, there are several sources of assistance for those wanting to start small business. You have not provided enough information for an answer, and have placed your question in the Computers & Internet category which is not related.In the United States, this is one of the organizations that provides workshops, library, and counseling for individuals to start small business.
11/23/2021 7:33:04 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 112 views

My computer dont want to

Dvd movies required codecs according to different format so try to download divx codec which is very good and commonly used from and its free or click here
run it and enjoy
11/23/2021 2:06:12 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 86 views

Windows media player doesnt play dvd movies

Simply install a DVD player separately or DVD Codec for Window's Media Player. The reason why Window's Media Player can not play the DVD movies is that it does not has a DVD codec to play it. The simplest solution to do it is to install a DVD Player program and Window's Media Player will start playing DVD movies.
11/23/2021 2:02:40 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 243 views

Windows Media Player cannot play

Download and install this.. Klite Mega Codec packs.
Restart your computer and play the movie with Windows Media Player or with the player that's included with Klite Mega codec packs.. They will play smoothly without any further codec problem.

Good luck.

Thanks for using FixYa.
11/23/2021 1:58:19 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 351 views

How can I see if my device support POE?

In Huawei switch, the display poe device command displays information about the device supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE). Before using the PoE function, run the display poe device command to check whether the device supports the PoE function. If the command output is displayed, the device supports the PoE function.
11/23/2021 1:47:56 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 28 views

Get WhatsApp to start when Windows 11 starts

11/23/2021 3:28:01 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 23, 2021 • 33 views

Samsung television. Replacement LED for tv un65f6400af

Question edited for clarity.

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11/22/2021 8:06:31 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 22, 2021 • 17 views

Why do social media likes and comments make us feel so popular?

According to an article by Trevor Haynes (a research technician in the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School), when you get a social media notification that you received likes or comments, your brain sends a chemical messenger called dopamine along a reward pathway, which makes you feel good. But in my opinion, you can go out of the competition and receive likes and comments you need using tools similar to
11/22/2021 8:26:22 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 22, 2021 • 50 views

Download cannon pictures

John When you view the pictures you should have an option to choose or check off which photos you want to download. Try opening your disc where the photos are from your File Manager on your computer. Go to your lower left corner and right click your mouse on Start and open Windows Explorer. then look at your drives of your computer on the left side of the screen You should see C drive and search for the photos or open the folder with the photos and whichever drive you have your photo disc in. When you click on this drive your computer may ask "would you like to view the photos with MS photo viewer or something similar. View the photos first, they will open all at once. You should have a spot to click in and put a check mark to download ONLY those photos from the disc to the laptop. Give that a try. Of course if it states "would you like to download all the pictures, click NO if available.
11/22/2021 3:09:22 AM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 22, 2021 • 78 views

How to remove a inside plug to a pocket pc 30w

hi find link for pocket pc
11/21/2021 4:45:57 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 21, 2021 • 21 views

How can you Boost Your Business by Digital Marketing?

digital marketing stand out from other offline marketing strategies is that it shows you accurate results in real-time. For example, you never know how many people have seen your newspaper ad while in digital marketing, each ad view is recorded. This means you can better track your progress with digital marketing and see how your ad is performing. You can pretty much measure the ROI of each aspect of your marketing efforts such as:
  • Website traffic - With digital marketing, you'll know how many people are visiting your website by using digital analytics software. These softwares go in-depth about how many pages the user visited, what device they used to visit your website and their location. This allows you prioritize marketing channels that deliver increased traffic to your website, helping you preserve your time, effort, and marketing dollars. Depending on the platform you are using, even metrics like age and gender can be leveraged assuming someone has put in their real details.
  • Lead generation and content performance - Imagine creating a brochure on your website. You can measure the number of people who viewed the page where it's hosted and enables you to collect their details when they choose to download it. Not only will it give you a good idea of how many people engage with your content, but also the quality of it so you can make further improvements to increase website traffic. While making direct sales is not always the goal of a marketing campaign, this can also be a great way to introduce extra revenue streams.
  • Attribution modeling - Attribution modeling is identifying trends about the way people engage with your products/services before they buy something. When combined with the right tools and technology, digital marketing allows you to trace your sales back to the customer's first engagement with your brand. If you can improve the experience of the customers throughout the entire buying process, you'll benefit from increased sales and profit.
  • In the modern digital marketing landscape, social media should be an ally to your business. It is without question the easiest way to garner visibility for your business. However, don't just sign up for Instagram and call it a day. Instead, register your brand for paid promotions through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and even LinkedIn Ads. There are some 2.6 billion users on Facebook alone, let those users drive your businesses via paid promotions. The linkedin outreach is very crucial for a business to grow. Both Facebook and Instagram offer various types of paid promotions. Some will garner more "likes" while others can be used as a conversion driver on a certain product or service. On Instagram, reach 700 million monthly users through filtered photo advertisements. Instagram is a natural and effortless way to share your brand's content without having to dole out for a big advertising budget.
11/21/2021 2:55:51 PM • Computers &... • Answered on Nov 21, 2021 • 36 views
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