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Your Kenmore microwave may not be working is because the thermal fuse has been cut off. This occurs when your microwave overheats and then the thermal fuse blows. Thermal fuses can't be reset if they're blown, so you have to replace them. Or Another cause of the microwave to stop or no longer working, Or having no power might be the ceramic fuse. If the microwave is not starting and display and is also blank then ceramic fuse could be defected.or the switch or the electrical components might be having issues Unplug the microwave and then access the fuse from inside the cabinet which is near the power cord. You could take it to a repair place that fixes and repairs microwaves or have someone come to your house that fixes microwaves to take a look at it.

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The F-9 error code indicates a defective control board, inverter or line voltage too high.
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Hope that answers your question and it won't be too expensive.
Check on ebay for prices.

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get your model number and check sears website

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The drive belt has broken or has come off its pulleys. Remove the turntable, tip it on its back and remove the base.

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If there is one it will be at the rear by the cable inlet. Either a pull out or screw in depending one where you live. Anything inside is protected by security screws because there is so much inside that wants to kill you!

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  • Oven not connected to dedicated circuit
  • Receptacle polarity reversed

Kenmore... | Answered on Dec 28, 2019

Although theoretically possible, this is not recommended maintenance.

Kenmore... | Answered on Dec 01, 2019

sorry but most diyers do not want combo units never saw one personally

Kenmore... | Answered on Nov 27, 2019

It's not a door switch the door switches will keep the oven from even turning on when they aren't closed that's why they use switches, it's most likely the magnetron, it's probably made by Toshiba or deawoo, they're both junk parts made from unpurre elements and made to die and early ***** at your cost. You can thank those manufacturers for planning this into your appliances.

Kenmore 63792... | Answered on Oct 05, 2019

I have this same problem with a similar Kenmore elite, it tested good when I bought last week, heated a cup of water to boiling in 70 seconds or so. I used to help rive around my next door neighbor who was a microwave repairman, I learned what went wrong with them and typical fixes. Back then there was only 1 brand being sold the Amana Radar range which sold for well over $1000 for the cheapest models. They had no sensors like they do now. Only a few things could go wrong with them making them simple to make money off repairs. So I do know my way around a microwave, I sell 4 or more a month and repair maybe 1 or 2 a month. But this one has me stumped. I took a look inside and cleaned the grease off the cover right away as I always do. I also had to repair a few tabs that hold the panel and top cover piece. .after the cleaning I reassembled it and tested it again. It worked fine. Then 2 days later I found the missing platter for it and went ahead and cooked a frozen macaroni and cheese family sized dinner to give it an official test to see if I should just keep it and sell my current oven. After 5 minutes it seemed like it was cooking kind of slow. It was in my garage during this so I didn't notice any smells till I checked on it. It should have been completely thawed but not hot yet (if it was in my 17 year old GE) so I turned the dial to cook a frozen dinner and not just times cook. I watched it and that's when I smelled the burnt plastic smell, strong on the right side. But that's also where the light bulb is, that bulb only comes on when the oven is cooking?
I put may face closer to see inside and only saw the bulb, I took it apart and tested everything and the only issue I found was the humidity senor is reading low resistance by about ? of what it should be. This would not account for any burning smells since it's on the left and only tells the oven how the food is cooking. It would either keep cooking longer or say it's done before it really is depending on how the resistance is read by the cpu connected to that sensor.
the diode checked fine, the hf cap is fine, the transformer was good, the magnitron was not shorted and tested within the speced ohms range. Ok controls work and I can set it to run at different heat settings without any problems. I can hear it kick in a run for 50% when I set it to that setting, but it still isn't even getting a cup of water hot now. All wires are connected good, the entire board works properly, the readout and button select and work. I haven't tried the fan yet. I'm going to check it out but I did doin it by hand when the forget was off and it spins freely. I don't have an extra humidity sensor to test it but I'll get one very soon and report back here. I was hoping that this was a problem that was specific to my model and hoped to find the quick answer but this is a common problem in general which seems to have only one typical response provided by every single person but a select few. The answer given 95% of the time is buy a new oven! That's not the answer to fixing the oven. I'm pretty sure that anyone who comes here looking for a solution isn't hoping that 9 out of 10 answers will be buy a new one or they would not be here in the first place, they'd be out buying another oven that will likely break even quicker than the last one that they are dealing with fir the first time after 15 years. New microwaves are junk, I fix more ovens that are 5 years or less old. I sell ovens from the 1980s that still work perfectly! Every Samsung is junk and every sharp and magichef are still going strong 30 years later. It's because the magnetron is built using pure elements and not made by Deawoo or Toshiba, that's why Panasonic's last so long too, they aren't using substandard parts to make their expensive ovens. This really has become a race to the bottom when it comes to making new appliances these days. All are built with end of life factored in, at least until they figure out that they can no longer cheaply mine those elements needed and find a new way to make things using even poorer substitutes.

ill post my findings as soon as I get this figured out it can't be that hard, there's only a handful of components that can burn or give off any smell at all I suspect it's the light bulb and there's something else unrelated that's dying. My guess is the magnetron or the transformer is faulty even though they read within ohms specs. Magnetron made by Toshiba, I've replaced many toshiba on deawoo magnetrons.

Kenmore 63792... | Answered on Oct 05, 2019

Pretty sure the capacitor is bad and it is time to get a new microwave.

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There is a door sensor in the door frame of your microwave that tells the microwave if the door is open or shut. That sensor is not working for some reason. The sensor is near the latch mechanism and is made of plastic and has probably broken and needs to be replaced. I would take it to a small appliance repair shop. Microwaves are nothing to fool with if you do not know what you are doing.

Kenmore... | Answered on Sep 15, 2019

I suppose it is possible you pressed the wrong button - if you disconnect it from the power for a few minutes it should cancel whatever action you might have taken, though realistically it is more likely your microwave has developed a fault that is best tackled by the repair shop.

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There are parts inside the unit that fail and can cause this. One such part is the high voltage diode. You can repair it yourself but if you dont know electronics, I dont recommend it.

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Unplug the unit for 5 minutes then plug back in. If that doesn't work, contact an authorized technician. Danger, High voltage inside.

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Unplug it for 5 minutes then plug back in. No luck? Contact an authorized technician. Danger, high voltage inside

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