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this is a diagram of the drip tray & drip tray contacts for the Jura S-Series S Series Impressa S7, S7 Avantgarde, S8, S9, S9 Avantgarde, S90, S95, C3000 capresso 153, X70, X90, and XS90 One Touch Models.

"EMPTY TRAY" or "EMPTY GROUNDS" (on other machines) is activated when the 2 metal contacts can complete an low volt electrical circuit through high waste water or wet caked-on coffee grounds. the area is marked in RED. careful examine this area and observe the obstruction and gunk and compare with bare clean black abs plastic. the gunk is dull and rough. use soft tools (toothpick, bamboo skewer) to scratch through the gunk. use warm water and soap and a low bristle height brush to thoroughly remove all buildup from this area. dry the metal contact and contacts area with a high percentage alcohol. visualize the insertion slots deep inside the machine (for the metal contacts marked 414) with a flashlight and verify that the female contact point pads have not been bent and are separate and distinct.

the GREEN arrow indicates a thin black plastic finger-like protrusion. this finger (when the tray is inserted) will press against the "TRAY MISSING" small white relay switch deep inside the machine. use a flashlight to visualize the small switch. verify that the switch is securely mounted and clicks when depressed (up) using a soft tool (bamboo skewer) and note the sound. verify the finger is not damaged or chipped off. listen for the sound very carefully when the tray is fully inserted into the machine. if it is not these preliminary factors, the relay switch should be replaced.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 23, 2020

Hi all, I have the exactly same problem on my Gaggenau CM470 however the drip tray is clean and the contacts in the back is also 100% clean.. I wonder if its possible to disable the sensor/switch on a CM470 ?



Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 23, 2020

i have uploaded the parts breakout under the "guides" section

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 23, 2020

On the A1 there is a sensor on the bottom edge of the panel showing the help phone numbers. On other models it may be located behind where the trip tray would be inserted. The sensor detects the presence of the grounds container. Take a paper clip and push up inside the notch holding the sensor. Do this with the machine on. The flap will be withdrawn and everything will fit back in.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 02, 2020

This happens when the try is removed before the brewing unit resets fully.

To fix is easy.
  • Remove tray,
  • Lift off grinds bin from the tray
  • Return tray to the machine with out the grind bin
Now you need to reset the brewing unit this is done by either
  • Starting a rinse cycle
  • Powering off and then on
Once you have don that return the grinds bin to the tray and it will go in.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Jan 04, 2020

I have the same issue - it's not all the time, just once in a while, and the whole tank empties onto the counter. I have an F8,

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Dec 22, 2019

There are two possible causes. One is easy the other is hard. So try the easy one first. Remove the grinds tray completely, and place you hand in the cavity that it normally takes up. moving you hand slowly in, feel towards the top. you will find a little flap, past that flap there is the tamper and coffee filter at a slight angle. This may be blocked, so clean with a cloth.
If that does not solve the problem (and 90% of the time it does) then you may have a small spec of dust that is stuck in the water system, this needs to be flushed and cleaned. The best place to do that is with a Jura approved center. Unless you are technically minded. Your local Jura chaps sound like they need a k!$k up their behind

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Oct 11, 2019

Have you descaled it regularly? Do you have hard water?
Sounds like it's clogged with scale. Try running white vinegar and water through, see if that unclogs it.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Jun 03, 2019

Either there is issue with the Sensor or the Thermoblock. you'll have to replace either of these.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on May 20, 2019

Insert the tray-all of it except the grounds container.  The message disappears and you can wait until the machine continues it's cycle and then asks to empty the tray.  Empty the tray and place the grounds container back inside.  Whew, I've done this a few times over the years when I am rushing but it fixes it every time.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on May 16, 2019

My Jura 5 was only pouring coffee from one spout, the other was blocked. I fixed it by removing the cover from the spout (see photo) it clips off with pressure applied to the sides on the dimpled part, then removing the brown reservoir inside after disconnecting the brown tube. Right enough, one side of the reservoir was full of coffee residue. I cleaned this with hot water and a tooth brush before re-assembling it all. The machine now pours perfectly from both spouts.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Apr 14, 2019

Try using warm water in the watertank, important that the water is not too hot, it can cause leakage in the o-rings in the fluidsytem.
Repeat the procedure a few times, if nothing helps, turn off the machine and wait 1 hour and try again.

If you can`t get around this message, then the flowmeter needs to be changed.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Apr 10, 2019

Open the tap with frother spout off. This happened to mine and I took the frother tip off and opened tap with tip off. Water filled and I closed tap...Machine returned "Ready". I heated water in microwave for three minutes- placed frother tip in hot water and all kinds of gunk came out. Lesson learned- Do a thorough cleaning of frother by immersing it in very hot water at least once monthly- even if you don't use it

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Apr 10, 2019

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