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Re Jenn air hood fan with lights that are stuck on. I replaced the tricl on the control board today as replacement control board is no longer available. Lights turn on and off! Thanks Michel for the tip!

Jenn-Air... • Answered on Mar 12, 2021

To convert the appliance pressure regulator from one gasto another, do either (1), (2) or (3) below: Your unit will beequipped with one of the three appliance pressureregulator types shown below.1. Remove the cap, push down and turncounter-clockwise. Turn the cap over and reinstall(figure 10).NOTE: The gas type you are converting to must bevisible on the top of the installed appliance pressureregulator cap.2. Remove plastic dust cover from cap nut on top ofappliance pressure regulator. Remove cap nut fromappliance pressure regulator (plastic dust cover comesoff with nut). "IMPORTANT" remove plastic dust coverfrom cap nut and reinstall on opposite side of cap nut.Reinstall cap nut to appliance pressure regulator andreplace dust cover. "CAUTION" be sure marking forthe type of gas to which appliance pressure regulatorhas just been converted is visible in top of cap nutbefore replacing plastic dust cover. (See figure 11).3. Remove cap and forcibly snap out plastic plunger frombottom of cap. Turn plunger over and forcibly snapback in original location (figure 12).NOTE: Plunger MUST snap into position; the gas typeyou are converting to must be visible on lower side ofplunge

Jenn-Air Kitchen... • Answered on Dec 19, 2020

Usually a problem with the door lock. Self cleaning cycles invariably break things due to the extreme heat (650'F). I advise NEVER to use them.

Jenn-Air Kitchen... • Answered on Dec 05, 2020

F0 is usually a stuck keypad button. Sometimes it's a problem with the wiring between the electronic oven control board and the keypad. With this model, it looks like the keypad and control board are sold as a single unit . See . You need the series 17 and later control board and timer, WP5760M302-60 . This part is roughly $400 from most vendors. is another source. I hope this helps. Cindy Wells

Jenn-Air Kitchen... • Answered on Jul 24, 2020

This is a frequently reported problem on some model ranges and wall ovens equipped with an Electronic Range Control (ERC) or Electronic Oven Control (EOC). An “error” code display of “Sabb" or “Sab” will be displayed and the range or oven will not function. This is called “Sabbath Mode" and it may be costing you unnecessary charges in service call fees. This is NOT a problem, but actually a feature provided by some manufacturers to enable customers of certain religious faiths to honor the Sabbath. The range will not function at all during this period and cannot be reset by unplugging the unit or turning it off. In your owner/operator's manual there should be a section that refers to "Sabbath Mode" under the control panel features and operation. This "problem" is a minor operator issue and is not a malfunction of the appliance. This is commonly reported by customers to service companies to have corrected, but the repair is unnecessary, and usually NOT covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The reason: It is a designed feature of the appliance and considered “operator error” in most cases. What this means is you may be paying someone big money to push a couple of buttons and “fix” something that could have taken you minutes to correct yourself. Sabbath Mode can inadvertently be activated by pressing the wrong sequence of control panel buttons, kids playing with the control panel and also after a power outage. The “problem” can be cleared, but you will have to find the proper reference in your owner operator manual. Manufacturers provide different procedures for activating and deactivating the mode, so instructions may differ. I hope this helps you.

Jenn-Air... • Answered on Jul 11, 2019

I was able to find online some metal knobs that MIGHT work, but the prices ranged from $30 to 60 EACH, and I needed 5 - too costly for me!
The following 3 plastic knobs will work on your Jenn Air range, model JGR8875QDS. By "work" I mean they will fit your burner controls, operate the burners just like the factory knobs, and the markings on the knobs for "Off" "Lite" and "Hi" will be in the correct positions, similar to the factory knobs. (Exception: The last knob listed has markings somewhat different than the Jenn Air knobs.)

The following knobs do NOT look like your factory knobs - all three are made from black plastic rather than the (fake) silver metal look of the (plastic) OEM knobs. What I cannot tell you is if the following knobs will be more durable than the factory knobs - but then it's hard to imagine how they could be much worse.

-------- Burner control knobs known to work on the Jenn Air JGR8875QDS gas range --------

1. Whirlpool part number 74008850, made for some Amana gas ranges, will fit the Jenn Air. calls it part #1035119, and calls Item #PS2086316; it sells for $6-7 (USD). You can see a photo by entering the appropriate part number in the search box of either of the two websites mentioned above. The Amana knob is about a quarter-inch larger in diameter than the OEM knobs, but that does not cause any problems. Of the several knobs I tried this is the only one that tells me what it's made from - "PBT" - or polybutylene terephtalate, a thermoplastic which has a melting point of 430 degrees F and a maximum utilization temperature of 330 F.

2. Whirlpool part number 74009094, made for some Maytag gas ranges will also fit the Jenn Air. calls it #1035342, and calls it #PS2086544. It sells for about $9 on both sites. You can see it here:
Like the Amana knob, the Maytag knob is about a quarter-inch larger than the OEM Jenn Air knob.

3. A third knob worth considering is available from for $7 each. The front of the knob looks much like their OEM Replica Burner Knob 1104-B (but don't order #1104-B - it won't fit). The knob that will fit the Jenn Air is AmericanStoveParts #1214-025-B. You will have to order it by phone or email because it is not shown on their website. (As of October 2009, none of the knobs shown on will fit the Jenn Air.) 

Notice the markings on the 1214-025-B are not quite like the Jenn Air markings, with the "HI" and the "LITE" positions being reversed. Also, the 1214-025-B knob I received did not have the white dot at the "OFF" position nor the white ring around the periphery as shown in the photo of the 1104B knob. The total diameter of the the 1214-025-B is 2" - the same as the factory Jenn Air knobs.

While I don't think the front of 1214-025-B looks quite as nice as the Amana or Maytag knobs, the back of the knob appears to be much more robust than on the others. The extra plastic MAY make this one more durable. 
I have installed the Amana knobs (#1), and I will report back if it proves unsatisfactory.

Jenn-Air... • Answered on Jul 08, 2019

if self clean works then sensor igniter did not need changing sounds like the control was changed to c top temp is around 550 f or 260 c check your manual on changing range c to f

Jenn-Air Kitchen... • Answered on Mar 24, 2019

slow lighting is not all that uncommon on these ranges. Make sure the burners are clean and that you can see the spark at each ignitor. If that is OK, check the gas pressure to the burners.

Jenn-Air Kitchen... • Answered on Jan 20, 2019

put on tree belt . having the same problems replaced ERC $200.00 now they are telling me touch pad touch pad is $240.00 .the stove cost $1300.00. $1740.00 how much more will i have to put in this stove

Jenn-Air... • Answered on Nov 05, 2018

try wd-40

Jenn-Air... • Answered on Jul 11, 2018

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