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Without running any tests, it is pretty much impossible to tell you why it would not start.
What I can tell you is that if the engine turns when you turn the key, the starter is good. Only exception there is if it turns much slower than normal and battery is fully charged.(verified again by testing). The starters only job is to turn the engine. Your ignition and fuel system is what makes it start and run. A thermostat has nothing to do with starting. If the engine temp is normal when running and you have not overheated it is fine.
Shops use a scanner attached to the vehicles computer system in order to begin diagnosis. The vehicle computer stores fault codes. Most larger parts stores will do a basic scan for free. have that done and see if there are any faults stored...that will give you some idea what may actually be going on. One item that won't show up on a scan is your fuel pump. If the vehicle stalls and you cannot hear the pump when you turn the key back on, that should be looked at.
Often when a pump begins to fail, it gets hot and binds. Once cooled down it will resume operation 'till it heats up again.
As i said though...Without testing I'm only giving you test options and a good guess.

1995 Jeep Grand... | Answered Yesterday

Replace the crankshaft position sensor and you should be up and running like normal. Verify that there is no power or ground problem to the crankshaft sensor, the Yellow/Black wire should have battery voltage any time the key is on and the main relay is energized.Verify that the Brown/Yellow wire has a good ground. If all is good then replace.

P0335 - Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction
The crankshaft position sensor (CKP) measures crankshaft location and relays this information to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module). Depending on the vehicle, the PCM uses this crankshaft position information to time the spark properly or on some systems it is only for misfire detection and does not control spark timing. The CKP sensor is stationary and works in harmony with a reluctor ring (or toothed ring) that is attached to the crankshaft. As this reluctor ring passes in front of the CKP sensor, the magnetic field created by the CKP sensor is interrupted and this creates a square wave voltage signal that the PCM interprets as crankshaft position. If the PCM detects that there are no crankshaft pulses or if it sees a problem with the pulses on the output circuit, P0335 will set.

NOTE: If the crank sensor is used only for misfire detection and NOT spark timing (this varies with the vehicle), the vehicle should start and run with MIL (Malfunction indicator lamp) illumination. Also, some vehicles require several key cycles to illuminate the MIL. If this is the case, there may be no MIL illumination until the problem often enough over time. If the crank sensor is used for BOTH misfire detection and spark timing, the vehicle may or may not start. Symptoms may include:
Vehicle may not start (see above)
Vehicle may run rough or misfire
MIL illumination

A P0335 "check engine light" code could be caused by:
Damaged CKP sensor connector
Damaged reluctor ring (missing teeth or not turning due to sheared-off keyway)
Sensor output open
Sensor output shorted to ground
Sensor output shorted to voltage
Failed crank sensor
Broken timing belt
Failed PCM

Possible Solutions:
Using a scan tool, check if, when engine is running or cranking, that there is an RPM signal.
If there is no RPM reading, then visually inspect the crank sensor and connector for any damage and repair as necessary. If there is no visible damage, and you have access to a scope, you could check the CKP 5 Volt square wave pattern. If you do not, then, obtain a resistance reading of your crank sensor from a repair manual. (There are so many different types of crank sensors that there's no way to put here which resistance reading is correct). Then check the resistance of the CKP sensor by disconnecting the sensor and measuring resistance of the sensor. (It is best to check resistance readings from the PCM connector. This rules out any wiring problems from the start. But it does require some mechanical skill and shouldn't be performed if you\'re not familiar with automobile electrical systems). Is the sensor within resistance specs?
If not, replace the CKP sensor. If so, recheck resistance reading from the PCM connector. Is the reading still okay?
If not, repair open or short in the wiring to the crank sensor and re-check. If the reading is okay, the problem is intermittent or the PCM may be at fault. Try reconnecting and checking for RPM signal again. If there is now an RPM signal, wiggle test the wiring harness to try and induce the fault.

This code is basically identical to P0385. This code P0335 refers to Crankshaft Posistion Sensor "A", whereas P0385 refers to Crankshaft Position Sensor "B". Other crank sensor codes include P0016, P0017, P0018, P0019, P0335, P0336, P0337, P0338, P0339, P0385, P0386, P0387, P0388, and P0389.

Hope helps.

2006 Jeep... | Answered 3 days ago

the most important is to be able to satisfy your soul mate

Jeep Car Audio &... | Answered on Jun 02, 2020

I have a 06 Grand. None of the keyless entry's would work. My son had some kind of Bluetooth for his phone plugged into the right power outlet. Unplugged the Bluetooth and all remotes work just fine. Plugged it back in just to verify and none of the remotes work. It must have some type of security built into it prevent to doors from being locked and draining the battery.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jun 02, 2020

First make sure that the shifter cable is properly adjusted and not binding up or broken.

Jeep Cars &... | Answered on Jun 01, 2020

Late model vehicals have extensive electronics embedded in the lock and window control modules. You'll need to get the module dried out.

Search for videos that show how to remove the drivers side window and lock control and pull it out so it will dry faster.

Jeep Cars &... | Answered on May 31, 2020

In the main fuse box!

Jeep Cars &... | Answered on May 29, 2020

im prety sure the air ducts can get blocked at certant points
your best bet would be a aircon service

2006 Jeep... | Answered on May 26, 2020

The firing order for your jeep is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. To view the diagram for the firing order, please visit this link:

2011 Jeep Grand... | Answered on May 26, 2020

Jeep Cars &... | Answered on May 26, 2020

First we need to see what's missing spark or fuel Do This, remove one spark plug wire then insert a screwdriver into the spark plug boot then hold the metal part of the screwdriver 1/4-1/2 in. away from a metal part of the engine while someone cranks the engine over while you look for spark. If OK.
Check for fuel, locate the fuel injection test port on the engine fuel rail Then unscrew the cap and depress the schreader valve, now have someone turn the switch to on and fuel should spray out.
this should give you an idea where to look the fuel pump may be your problem but the fuel test will locate it. Just a note: Do the tests in the order given otherwise you may have a fire.

Jeep Cars &... | Answered on May 22, 2020

Since the car does not come with a dipstick, it would be best to take it down to the mechanic to check the transmission fluid levels. The mechanic will have a hydraulic jack to raise the car from all sides and get an accurate reading of the fluid levels.
Remember, always use the recommended fluid as per the manual, and not any random fluid as it may damage your transmission system significantly.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on May 22, 2020

The Transmission Control Module AKA TCM is combined with the PCM on your Jeep. You will find the PCM inside of the right-side fender, which is located within the engine.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on May 18, 2020

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