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The Invacare Pronto M51 with a flash code of 6 indicates a right brake fault. This can mean several things and there are several solutions to this problem.
The brake lever can be in the wrong position and the brake can be in the release position. Work the brake lever up and down and see if this clears the fault and the chair drives.
There could be a bad connection from the motor to the controller in the base. Check the wiring for cuts and breaks. If you can get to the wiring plugs from the motor (there are two) check the connections and plugs for corrosion and a good connection.
To verify that you have a bad brake you need a digital voltmeter to check the resistance of the electromagnetic brake coil. It should be about 40 to 60 ohms across the two white connectors. You can check the motor at the same plug. If you have made these checks and the motor and brake test good then you have a bad controller output to that motor. This can be tested by swapping the motor outputs from the controller and see if the error code goes to the left motor output. The controllers run about $1000 retail and a technician can verify this a second time by taking a good known controller and plugging it in to see if the chair now runs.
In my experience if the motor/brake/gearbox assembly is more than 3 years old have it replaced. That being said, an experienced technician should verify a bad brake/motor/gearbox assembly first. On this chair, the only cost effective repair is to replace the entire brake/motor/gearbox assembly. The retail price is about $700. Keep in mind that if the right assembly is worn out the left is not far behind. Typically if insurance will pay for the repair, I opt to replace the left and right brake/motor/gearbox assemblies at the same time so you do not pay for the labor and inconvenience twice.
Try the simple fixes mentioned first, and then have a technician evaluate the chair for the other problems I have discussed. Hope this helps.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Dec 08, 2010

Sounds like you are on the right track with your problem solving. Unfortunately you cannot determine an electronic fault by visual inspection of the components. You can see cuts, nicks, broken wires and burnt components, but this only works sometimes.
I look at the current fault code with a hand held programmer (HHP). With a HHP you can read the fault log and check out all the stored codes to get an overall idea of the history of chair problems. The 7 flash code is definitely a remote fault. You can also get this fault with a bad connecting cable between the joystick (remote) and the controller (in the base). Check this connecting cable for breaks, cuts, loose pins or connections and check the connections at both ends. You can do continuity and component checks of the remote with a digital voltmeter, but this is out of the realm of most end users.
I am assuming you have MK5 or MK6 electronics in this discussion.
The easiest test is to swap out the joystick with a known good one that either a tech has brought to your home or you have brought the joystick in to a service center for testing. The better test is with a HHP that will give you the current problem and stored information of past problems.
Weak batteries or loose battery connections can also give a myriad of electronic faults. For this reason I always check the batteries and battery connections first.
The joystick can be rebuilt, but I recommend replacement as a more cost effective solution. I always replace the joystick to controller cable too. Labor charge for this work is under 1 hour.
I can provide further information if needed. Hope this helps.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Dec 03, 2010

The mercury switch for the TRSS (tilt recline single switch) is a mercury switch with a molex connector on the end. The switch opens and closes depending on the angle of the chair with mercury or a ball closing the contact.
Yes, you can bypass this switch, I do it all the time when it fails. Follow the wire from the black torpedo shaped switch. Unplug the switch at the white molex plug eliminating it from the circuit. Inspect where it was plugged into and observe the female contacts in the molex connector. Take a paper clip and bend it to shape inserting it in the two female contacts, shorting across them. This, in effect, acts like a closed switch. Tape up this connection with tape to hold the paper clip in the connector. Use the same tape to secure the connection to the chair.
When you replace the mercury switch the new ones that are available are the new ball switch type. The mercury has been removed due to environmental concerns. The angle of this switch when installed should provide drive lock out at the factory specification of 20 degrees tilt. Mark the position of the old switch and wiring before removal. It is usually easier to get to this switch by removing the chair seat pan first. Adjust the angle of the new switch (about $70) on installation. You may have to cycle the tilt up and down several times to accomplish this, testing for drive lockout at 20 degrees.
You can safely drive the chair until a new part is obtained but remember you are defeating the safety feature of the drive lock out in tilt by bypassing the switch. When you are tilted back too far you can tip over so exercise caution when going up ramps and inclines. Hope this helps.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Nov 28, 2010

Jet turn the speed down on the chair to try a slower speed it might help with the spinning and make sure the casters are turning freely and not creating a bind or excessive drag on the drive wheels. Good Luck Hope this helps you

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Nov 16, 2010

Ok the heating up part means that there is something wrong with the power ciruit itself, chances are something is outputting more power than it should, disconnect the joystick box and see if the motors heat up, I'm betting it wont. The reason being that the joystick box has several switches in it, 1 or more of them is feeding power back to the ground which then transfers it to the motor causing cavitation in the motor circuit it self, e.g. Forward and backward at the same time, but since u push foward that gets more power so it moves or vice versa., Once you verify the above I dont think you need to replace the entire box, but clean the contacts or change the switches, only then change the box if the problem persist.

Now 1 symptom of the above is a reduction in power (the chair now isnt as fast as it should be)
Fixing the above will fix all on that. Please let me know after you have the shop check these things out.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Nov 04, 2010

Sounds like the rear axles are a little loose. More likely the rear wheel bearings that fit in the hub race of the wheel are worn out. There are 2 bearings per wheel or 4 total for the 2 rear wheels. They are available from The Aftermarket Group. com. To install, remove the wheel axles and pop out the bearings. Use a soft mallet to hammer in the new bearings. Do not overtighten the axles on assembly. The wheels should spin freely when the wheel is in the air. Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Nov 03, 2010

Netti Since Sunrise Medical is no longer making these chairs you might have to directly to them Call 1-800-333-4000 and ask for their help Good Luck Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Nov 01, 2010

claxtonbrent That is the error code for a bad right brake and it will have to be replaced. There is no quick fix for this problem. It requires a new brake and I'm not sure if you can replace just the brake Usually when I get this and Medicare is paying for the repair I have to order a right motor/gearbox assembly. you can contact Invacare @ 1-800-333-6900 ask for M51 tech support and ask if you can replace just the brake Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 31, 2010

You can visit this website to find answers on what the flashing trouble indicator lights mean:
Locate the page that has the controller used on your power chair/scooter and count how many lights are flashing to diagnose the trouble. If your insurance purchased the power chair for you, they may also cover the repairs; contact them for information.
Good luck!

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 29, 2010

Randal the problem sounds like a battery issue. If after charging you get a green light on the charger and the batteries run down quickly there is one or both of the batteries that is weak and cannot handle the load required by the motors. If Medicare paid for your chair contact the provider that sold you your chair and ask them to come replace the batteries. They should then bill Medicare for the batteries. Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 27, 2010

With the M91 the click you are hearing is the electric brake solenoid engaging and disengaging the electro mechanical brake. The display blinking probably indicates a brake solenoid fault code and right or left motor. Try working both brake levers back and forth listening for and feeling for smooth action. If the levers are bent and the brakes are not working a motor replacement is necessary. If you can identify the fault flash code you can determine which brake or motor is the culprit and use a DVM to verify the component failure.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 24, 2010

This is a manual wheel chair, there are no batteries. If this is not wheel chair you are asking about, the batteries may need to be replaced. They can become damaged if they have been stored or sitting unused for a while.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 20, 2010

Usually when the control stick refuses to perform any function it is as a result of a disconnection somewhere below. If the power comes on and all other things function properly then the control stick malfunction is as a result of a disconnection. Send the unit in for servicing and proper diagnosis.
Hope this solution has been helpful?

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 19, 2010

truffles e-mail me at [email protected]. I need to know if you are getting any flashing lights on your joystick and are you hearing the brakes click when you move the joystick. Thanks

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 18, 2010

Hi and thank you for using fixya:

This problme is caused by a bad battery. How long have you had the scooter with the same battery? Is time to get a new battery that one can not hold batteries any more. Go to and search for the model and battery.


Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 18, 2010

Make sure all of your connections are tights and the your fuses do not need to be replaced.

Blinking lights on the controller usually indicates a problem, the number of blinking lights are used to diagnose the problem. Take a look at this website to identify the type of controller you have on your scooter so you can dtermine what the blinking lights are trying to indicate.
Good luck!

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 13, 2010

imwaltz Sorry buddy but if it sat that long the batteries are probably too low for the charger to pick up and charge. to bad you didn't just charge those batteries once a month while you were laid up. You will have to get new batteries. If Medicare paid for your chair they will pay for most of the repair costs. Contact Repair Xpress @ 1-877-581-3733 or Roadrunner Mobility @ 1-800-467-2668 these are 2 excellent service companies that will bill Medicare for repair and have a tech repair the chair for you. Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 11, 2010

The seat has to be removed first. Becareful to not pull the wires out of the joystick, unplug the joystick if possible. The batteries (2 of them) are located under the black plastic shroud that is under the seat. Be sure to rewire and install the batteries exactly the way they were.
follow this link
pages 60 thru 67

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Oct 02, 2010

Hi I really don't know the cost of the brake because it depends where you get it. You can contact Invacare tech support @ 1-800-333-6900 and ask about the brake and the cost With some chairs the brake is part of the motor and can't be sold seperately. Did Medicare buy your chair? If so they will pay for the repair. If they did contact Repair Xpress @ 1-877-581-3733 or Roadrunner Mobility @ 1-800-467-2668 and ask to get your chair repaired. Even if Medicare Didn't pay for your chair both of these Services can quote you a cost of repair Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Sep 25, 2010

Bronnaf Well probably. How old are the batteries? If they are 2 years old or older yes I would say they are bad. If you have not any problems before and then I'll assume the charger has been working and still getting a full charge but the lights fall off quicker than before Yes you need new batteries. Now Did Medicare pay for your chair? If they did then they will pay most of the repair costs. You can contact a repair service and they will fix your chair then bill Medicare You would have to pay any deductible that Medicare doesn't pay. Contact Repair Xpress @ 1-877-581-3733 or Roadrunner Mobility @ 1-800-467-2668ou

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Sep 25, 2010

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