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Ann You will have to contact the provider of Gramp's chair to ask if they have a programmer for Invacare chairs. Then they will have to program the chair for a lower speed. Of course you can turn the speed down on the joystick but Grandpa is probably the one that will put it back to fast cause its going too slow. try also contacting Roadrunner [email protected] 1-800-467-2668 and ask if they have a tech in your area that has a progeammer to slow his chair down. Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Apr 01, 2011

Did you charge the batteries before you used them? if not you need to charge overnite to build up a good charge. If after an overnite charge you are showing full charge but you still get poor performance then you need to return the batteries for new ones. Remember just because they said they are new doesn't mean good They could have sat on the shelf for 6 months or more. Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Mar 30, 2011

No need to replace the circuit board just take a pencil eraser and rub the gold contacts to clean them making sure that you clean the residue after cleaning. the faceplate buttons have a metallic coating under the button and over time will wear off. You can glue a small piece of foil to the bottom off the buttons and the switches will work fine Since you have already purchased a new faceplate you can install it or you can glue foil to the bottom of the on/off button of the old faceplate and keep the new for later if you need it. Hope this helps you

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Mar 19, 2011

You have low batteries and need charging if you been charging and still get the red lights then the batteries need to be replaced and have the charger checked for correct output. If you have a voltmeter you can check the charger by plugging the on-board charger into the wall set the voltmeter to 200 volts dc and plug the leads into the two outter holes of the charger port located under the front of the joystick. with the charger pugged in you should be reading 27+volts if you aren't getting any reading or the reading is lower than 25 volts then replace the charger or get an offboard charger and try charging the batteries via the joystick charger port Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Mar 17, 2011

Jean you have to remove the seat then the rear shroud and you will find the two batteries strapped into the frame disconnect the battery cables from the wiring harness and lift the batteries out of the scooter remove the cables from the old batteries and reinstall the cables paying attention thast you connect them like they were on the old abtteries ie red to positive posts and black to negative posts. Reinstall into the scooter strap down and turn the scooter on to make sure that you have power. If everything works correctly reinstall the shroud and the seat then charge the batteries before use and you should be good to go Charge the batteries every night and they should last a good while Hope this helps you

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Mar 17, 2011

The wrench symbol being lit indicates a problem. Does the wrench symbol blink? when you try to engage the joystick the brakes should try to engage and you would hear them click and the symbol will flash. The number of flashes telling you what is wrong. If the symbol is not flashing and staying on then that also a probem but you can't tell what it is. Either way the chair will have to be checked by a tech that has a programmer to plug into the chair and read the error codes to determine the problem. Check with your provider that sold you the chair to see if they can troubleshoot the chair for you or contact Invacare Tech Support @ 1-800-333-6900 and explain your problem. Sorry I can't give you a definite answer Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Mar 07, 2011

You definitely need new batteries. After that amount of time the batteries go bad and the plates inside become sulfated. They are only good as boat anchors now.
It is a easy do it your self repair. There are 2, Group 22 batteries in this model. You want to get deep cycle sealed lead acid, preferably AGM (advanced glass matt) group 22 batteries.
Flip the seating system back by releasing the lever under the front of the seat.Make sure you do not pinch the joystick wiring at the back when you do this.
Remove the black plastic cover.
The batteries will be secured by a strap which you should unbuckle.
Disconnect the plugs to the batteries and note how they are run, oriented and connected.
Pull out the batteries, one at a time, from the base.
Make the wiring connections to the battery , put the batteries back in the chair, plug everything in and you are set to go. Hope this helps.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Feb 13, 2011

Please its free Colin.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Feb 07, 2011

Kaye AND? Just kidding Contact the provider that sold you your chair and have them order Armrest pads from Invacare for you or you can call Invacare and order the pads yourself call 1-800-333-6900 ask for power chair tech support and see if they can help you Hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Feb 01, 2011

Nurseboy16 goto to and on the homepage select wheelchairs and topend then select powerchairs then select Pronto series then select nonpowered seating scroll down until you find M91 then on the left side of the page you will see owners manual select that and look on pages 62-63 on how to connect the wirng. You should have wiring crisscrossing each battery black on neg post red on positive post on opposite batteries and the large connector will connect to the large connector going to the controller or power module hope this helps

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Jan 29, 2011

The joystick sounds like its off alignment,Once knocked off alignment it will have to be replaced .

hope i was able to help

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Jan 21, 2011

hi let me see if i can help ,

When the lights go back and forth on your joystick that means the chair knows its pluged in .Now the chair itself has a built in charger that is mounted on the back of your chair .The back of the chair ,there is a opening a cutout in the frame .when you plug in your chair there will be a red light and a yellow ,yellow means the chair is charging, wait till it turns green,this means fully charged.When you plug in the chair youll see the lights through that hole.Look for the lights.

I recommend my customers to leave there chair charging over night look at the light it will be green when you turn the chair on the joystick should show fully charge.

Good luck hope i was of some help.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Jan 20, 2011


The complete service manual is available from this link:

In my experience the best way to adjust the throttle pot is to clean it. I usually replace both the throttle potentiometer and speed potentiometer when they fail or they have dead spots. You can carefully remove these components by removing the covers and following the service procedures in the manual. Very carefully take them apart to clean the wiper on the potentiometer with electronic spray contact cleaner (this is not in the service manual; use extreme care and do it delicately). You can adjust the spring tension on the throttle potentiometer with careful bending.
You can try first to zero out the throttle pot by hand and start the scooter to clear the error code. With your left hand adjust the lever left or right and with your right hand turn the scooter on. By trial and error you may be able to get this to work.
In both circumstances you will wind up replacing both components anyway and the fixes I have described are only temporary. Hope this helps.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Jan 01, 2011

The battery charger for this scooter is available from:

I believe the original equipment charger from Invacare for this scooter was a 3 Amp off board or on-board charger. The charger is no longer available from Invacare. Monster scooter parts shows this as a 2 Amp charger for the Lynx.
It would be more expensive to repair this charger than to replace it since you indicate it failed after a storm power surge. You will be happier by replacing the off-board or on-board charger for a price between $50 and $150. The only cost effective charger repair is the cord or plugs.
If the charger was plugged in during the storm, I would check the power path on the scooter for burnt fuses and wiring. Hope this helps.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Dec 31, 2010

It sounds like the batteries have gone bad and need to be replaced. Check your fuses as well.

The batteries contain a gel that needs to have current run through it on a regular basis (at least 8 hours once a week) or it will solidify. If you attach the charger, what will most likely happen is the green light will either stay green or go to green after a very short time. When you turn on the power chair, nothing happens. The charger will indicate the batteries are full, but instead of being full of pwer, they are full of crud. Your warranty will most likely not cover replacment as this is due to customer neglect, but your insurance may still cover the replacement if you can wait for the process to go through. Otherwise, you will need to replace the batteries on your own, type U1, 24v 33 amp. Good luck!

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Dec 28, 2010

You can visit this website to find answers on what the flashing trouble indicator lights mean:
Locate the page that has the controller used on your power chair/scooter and count how many lights are flashing to diagnose the trouble. If your insurance purchased the power chair for you, they may also cover the repairs; contact them for information.
Good luck!

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Dec 27, 2010

Is the chair connected to the charger? If so, disconnect it then power the chair off then on again.

Here is a link with descriptions of the flashing controller lights for most power wheel chair controllers. This will allow you a fast diagnosis to save time and money on your repair; it may be as simple as a brake reset instead of a costly motor replacement! The first page you will see is especially for Hoverounds, but you might be able to find other brands if you know the manufacturer of the controller.
Good luck!

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Dec 27, 2010

This display message can be caused by some of the following:
Joystick out of neutral at start-up.
Bad or broken joystick gimble.
Bad or uncalibrated joystick gimble.
Bad wiring harness or connector from joystick
Internal joystick electronic component problem.
Bad communication chip in joystick.
Incorrect programming of the joystick
The most direct test is to run the joystick gimble in circles and forward, back, left, right, feeling for bad or dead spots and uneven action. Look at the position in neutral: left,right, forward ,back should be in alignment. A bad gimble is inexpensive and straightforward to repair.
Inspect the wiring for cuts, pinches and bad pins on the mating connectors.
With a hand held programmer (HHP) plugged into the main harness or charging port you can read the fault log. That way you can make a definitive diagnosis. You can also calibrate the joystick with a HHP and adjust the programming parameters.
If the chair powers up but the batteries are low you can get unusual electronic problems so test the voltage with a digital voltmeter. Voltage should be between 24 and 26 volts. It is possible but less likely you have a bad controller. Again, the HHP will read the register of all faults to help you determine the cause of your problems.
Check the obvious first and then swap out the joystick with a known good working one to determine definitively that the joystick is your problem. Hope this helps.

Invacare Supply... | Answered on Dec 14, 2010

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