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Start by checking your event logs.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Apr 13, 2020


BUT you need to be specific which Generation of HP Proliant Ml110 that this is, there are at least 6 different versions. Look for "Gen 5" for example if it is a Generation 5

HP ProLiant... | Answered on Nov 02, 2019

In HP prolliant server sets, setup also logs system events. This error is due to that log. Enter setup, trace log and clear all events.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Apr 08, 2019

If i am not mistaken I belive that there are two power supplies, correct? what if you swap them? Or if you have a spare... I think that maybe either the button isn't working correctly or the power supply might have some issues...I also think there might be some LED lights on the power supplies themselves...check it out.

HP ProLiant... | Answered on Feb 18, 2019

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HP ProLiant... | Answered on Jun 13, 2018

You can download the video and device drivers from the Compaq/HP WEBsupport/download page. Make sure you select your model ccomputer and the Windowsdrivers you require and install them. Click on this link to download thedrivers: -

HP ProLiant... | Answered on May 24, 2018

could be memory take out clean and swap around if you have more than one or you may have to reinstall windows

HP Compaq... | Answered on Mar 06, 2018

a 14 year old server for what?
not once did you tell what you are attempting. not a clue.
looks? like you are installing an OS , is that it.?
what OS? of the 100s .'
first off you did not read the HP pages on this server
nor read the page telling you what OS is supported.
The OS must like the server, the BIOS on it , then number of processors and amount of RAM there. and type of processor.

are you going to serve files, ? its true purpose.
or attempt to use it as a deck top? say running w10?
2 very different goals, no?

most of these relics came with
windows server 2003 with SP1, (most be sp1 or newer)


tell the helper what you are attempting first, and end goal and use for this server. (vast exist)

HP Compaq... | Answered on Mar 06, 2018

HP does not support XP on their servers so you won't find appropriate drivers on their site under the ML110. The 110 is low end and in reality shares more in common with mid to high end PCs than othe servers though. Other than storage drivers you will probably be able to just let the XP install handle things.

For storage drivers you'll probably have to use the F6 option when installing and experiment until you find a driver that works. It's possible tha the Server 2003 driver will work but I wouldn't bet on it.

HP ProLiant... | Answered on Mar 06, 2018

Hi Franceso, plz specify
Is it powering ON ?
Which LED is glowing?
These leds are there on the front panel :

1 Power On/Standby button
2 System power LED
Green = Power on
Amber = System shut down, but power still applied
Off = No power

3 Internal health LED (Wave sign in BOX)
Green = Normal
Amber = System degraded. To identify the component in a degraded state, refer to system board LEDs.
Red = System critical. To identify the component in a critical state, refer to system board LEDs.
Off = Normal (when in standby mode)

4 External health LED (power supply)
Green = Normal
Amber = Power redundancy failure
Red = Critical power supply failure
5 NIC 1 activity LED Green = Network link
Flashing = Network link and activity
Off = No link to network.
6 UID LED Blue = Activated
Flashing = System remotely managed
Off = Deactivated
7 UID button

If it is Internal health led then any internal h/w issue is suspected.
If it is external health led then any power supply or power source related issue is suspected.
Also check the status of the server & its IML (Integrated Management Logs) in ilo (Integrated Lights Out ) if it is configured. (2nd RJ45 port in rear)

Also make sure the cabinet is properly closed.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Mar 06, 2018

old G2
new hdd connected to what? you left that fact out.
you never told the configuration of the RAID array now, mode or number of drives present nor if all that works ok. before the act above.
are you using the external channel ports?>

and that all that runs perfectly until you said external above.?
are you adding a new drive to the array, or used drive.

to added a drive you must use the HP special applications to do that correctly and the most easy.
in fact you need to tell it what to do with the added drive to any array or set it up as separate array.
if fact in some cases it will attempt to auto expand the array you have, now , if its allowed (mode limit) and you should not turn off any server, after plugging in new disk, as that error interrupted the in process configurations of said new drive , (bad deal that)

what you do use use the application program(SSA) to see the states of the existing array first then add a drive and tell it what to do with it, that is the process.
for example on striped sets, it can take a day or more to expand.
The more data there the longer. all this is covered at the HPE.com site, how to expand any array. did you ask first how or just throw in a drive? (did you read the limits of each mode of RAID?)
An added driver can be set up as
  • array expansion,
  • or to replace a bad drive
  • or stand alone drive.
  • A hot spare
  • or the beginning of new 2nd array.
and more..... what is your goal here, it was never once stated.
see? (eg I have 5 disk raid
first learn how the SMART works it tricky until learned.

the manual

the HPE forum , join and ask how to do this. its non trivial !


this is the proper program that I use to configure my array
using the HP application called SSA.


it cost nothing, its on there down load pages at HPE.com
that is HP enterprise, not HP.com consumer PC site.

here are answers on your 532, , read abit and you learn the ropes.


is your 532 bbwc , battery working,? and present.?
if not array expands will be super slow. think SNAIL slow.
the first thing to learn
is what Application, is best, and newest and supports the old G2.
for my G7 is SSA.(the ACU program is old and not good now)
ask HP first that question. many answers there on the forum are wrong due to applications going obsolete, (get the newest program)
and upgrade the card, to newest firmware. allows RAID 6.


HP Compaq... | Answered on Mar 06, 2018

its server not a PC, servers are not desktops nor personal computers, they serve fails only, so no need for sound
but has sonic beeper for errors sure.

buy a sound card , pretend its 1987, and you need a sound blaster car for pc THAT HAD NO SOUND THEN,. remember ?
bingo same deal, 2018, new egg sells many
and even USB dongle sound card are sold now.
or use head phones the have sound chip inside.
lots of ways to do it.

if you went to HP.com
and found no drivers and the data sheet show no chip ,it's true.
I have proliant (g7) for video server here, it rocks but no sound on it..
.we watch it on our sub lan. using a video player.

to add a PCI-express sound card on mine we must put in a riser card first. to add it. not sure yours, too lazy tonight to RTM your manual. (yard work was killler)

HP ProLiant... | Answered on Mar 01, 2018

G3 is very very old server, most are retired now. 99%\
12 years old servers...
it is so old it has floppy drive ! yes that old. and PCI slots no express slots old. (relic it is)
Does it have the 2 CPU option:?
did you read the server logs? it has logs!
it records all shut down causes on my bigger/newer G7

It will shut down by self for a 3 reasons.
it overheats, or the PSU is bad. or the PSU was overloaded.
mine even has power log, that proves that and 2 PSU's that auto backup power, if one is bad. of the 2. (you have only 1 PSU on this old server ,unlike my G7)
is this your only 330? no spares ? as most servers installations have (all do really for clustering)
clean out the dust in the CPU heat sinks and make sure all fans work first? that be first. so it cant overheat
did you first change out the COIN cell on the MOBO,
bottom of motherboard see that Cell it be NO GOOD at 12years
old ever. and makes the BIOS go Nuts and RTC clock same.

no logs, ever heard of iLo (lights out)
its built in micro web page. and its own IP address
you connect to it and read the shut down logs.
data sheet it is at HP, as is full help at HP real. HPE its called


on mine I can see 6 fan speeds
and 21 temperature readings at any time.
under system information page in iL0
and then the iLo event log. mine says admin turned it off last night.(a video server it is , here)
but read the logs first.

this be the first place to look on any HP Prolaint ever made.


HP Compaq... | Answered on Nov 24, 2017

ever heard of HP
and their forum. they will direct you to what you need, for sure.


HP Compaq... | Answered on Oct 21, 2017

when did this beast last work.
see the manual yet>
there are many 370s ,which one, the full service tag answers that.
G , 2, on up. 9????????????
Proliant servers.
use google to find old manuals.
here is g2

here is HP site covering retired products, I suspect your is..

HPE has the , 642 book here. (just a spec)


if read that page it tells you the controller is only works with
Compatibility with all Ultra320, Ultra3 and Ultra2 LVD family products.
it also tells you , it needs the HP utility tools to set it up properly

why would your clean disks boot? why say that?
what does this mean?
"and i replace hard drives to clean and check" surely you can elaborate the full story,
last run when?> what G number is it.
what drives , make and model. installed.
do you have the software setup seen on page 5 link just above.
All Smart Array products share a common set of configuration, management and diagnostic tools,
including Array Configuration Utility, Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU), and Insight Manager.

this product is offically retired, by hp and only few books there.
but google finds many books, 15 years old now. (as old as...)

see this, it tells you what to do in 77 pages.

my guess is you get lost at Set the boot controller
(Chapter 4).
my guess, is that you have no HP sofware support kits.
just hardware there.... right?

next time tell the helper, full spec on 370 Gn G numer.
and full spec , on 642, version. and that you dont have the HP software kit to support this machine, it's no simple desktop, no at all.
at the least you get stuck here,

Create at least one logical drive, as described in Chapter 5.

HP Compaq... | Answered on Sep 26, 2017

you just posted a Proliant system to FIxyah, why?
why not post to the HP forum for business computers.>?>?

what HDD? are the SMART DRIVES. as all are now?
yes, the run SMART program to see why they are failing.
see if any ran out of spare clusters and doom soon for sure.
why not ask here, (at real HP)?


HP ProLiant... | Answered on Jul 13, 2017

It may be that the lithium battery is dead; usually a CR2032 button battery. Signs of CMOS Battery Failure Dom Tech Computer Blog

Go into the BIOS settings during initial power on boot up, often F10 or F2 are common. Check the date and time, if they are off, you should be able to temporarily boot by setting the date and time but you'll have to do it every time you boot. If the date and time is off, and you set the correct date and time and it still doesn't boot, you'll want to make sure it's booting to the correct drive.

When it doesn't boot, does it give you any error?

HP ProLiant... | Answered on Jul 04, 2017

PSU problems.?

why not ask on the real forum at HP?


HP Compaq... | Answered on Jul 02, 2017

Minimum Supported Red Hat Updates •Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Update 1 •Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 5 6-Core/4-Core Intel Xeon Processor 7400 Series •Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.22 •Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.7 Minimum Supported Novell Service Packs•SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 SP1•SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 SP31 6-Core/4-Core Intel Xeon Processor 7400 Series •SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 SP23 •SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 SP44

HP Compaq... | Answered on Jun 07, 2017

it's virus infected.
OS corruption..
or has hardware issues (had disk going bad?)
why not get it serviced, by a tech.?
reload the OS? if it can't reload the HDD is bad or PSU .

HP Compaq... | Answered on May 16, 2017

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