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I am assuming you are wanting install this on a HP machine, so all you should need to do, is go to the HP website if you use the machine you want to install it on, the web site should be able to detect, your make and model, and if any software is missing it will direct you to the page where you can download the software, and install it in the same way you install any other application in windows.

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why not upgrade to SSD?
for amazing performance no matter what, its just price ,size issue, a vast sea of SATA drive exist and work.
desktop it is. sata 320GB HDD when new.
you do know that means the OS dead right ,stuffing in any new empty drive?
unless the old HDD is good and you clone it to say any SSD (if the OS infected,or corrupted then this cloning is doomed)
the only limits are old PCs limit to 2TB MAX. LIMIT.
not spam at all any top ssd brand is good. even intels.

BUY CRUCIAL SDD. Pavilion a6228x , max age 12 years https://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for/HP-Compaq/pavilion-a6228x#SSDFilters

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first off there is no such thing as a DV4, sorry!!!!
dv4-1000, 1280,1300, right?,. it's 10 old, the battery is that old is no good, the dash matters too if present (details do)
or is it a DV4000, 13 years old not 10 .??? why not post the full model and p/n off your PC service tag so i can show you matching manuals to read and follow, ok?


that is blink code, try to learn how to read them , counts them.
here is a list of tests, simple. to harder.
1; Remove that old big battery 10 years old , it shorted.
2: run on AC power only. in fact can do this forever.......
3: next is the fan working? fan is next and now, does it?
4: flash codes, count them and report them, easy no?
5: the coin cell is next , it is 10 years old that too is END OF LIFE
why not replace it too ,now even if good, to avoid problems later, ?

My answers are for DV4000 only not the DV4-1000 and up vast series of laptops. vast versions of them...
the coin cell , HP name RTC battery, all die at 5-7 years old.
yours is well beyond that. ok?
lets do chapter 5 covering just that now.
here it is, pg 5-20 pdf page 126
we take it it out if lower than 2.9v (a dmm meter is cheap)
we replace it, 3.3 is normal when the fall to 2.9 (think cliff)
they fail fast and the BIOS GOES NUTS,
in fact the PC can be totally dead.
see the manual , if wrong next time tell full service tag data.!!!



that caps lock flashing are codes, learn to count them
my wild guess is it is the code for BIOS NVRAM corruption.
the cure is posted here over 1000 times.
and a million times at HP.com real, we are not HP.

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wireless what? WIFI or wireless 3/4G? (mine has both)
why in the world post lacking what OS you are running,??
we cant guess, it must be stated.
windows, we guess but what windows.?
click start + control panel + system and bingo.
flashing a pc invites bricking it and never ever fixes this.
we cant guess your OS
nor where you got the drivers from hackers?
or real HP.
no a fast lesson in HP laptops.
DV6449US is not the full model number
the service tag has other numbers there, nnnnnnnABA#
and each sub model can have different , wifi chips
one model in fact have 4 chips used in a run. (production)
so lacking all that, getting the right driver, is hard.
very hard, lacking tools. to do so.
I have a scanner that tells me what chip is there.

and others, all used. here.

if you had the hp CD media kit it would work, from the CDs.
but you dont.
your PC i think came with VISTA 32 or 64, is it still vista
the dead OS? MS plug and play is dead for that.
if you upgraded vista to w7 like many do, then guess what
you get to learn what chip is there, and get a driver for w7
from the maker of the chip because HP does not support
w7/8/10 on this PC.

see why not posting your OS makes this 5 times more hard.
id have to answer for 5 OS, and 5 chips. wow.
permutations to the max, no?

best i can tell this is the only driver made by HP for this PC
seen here
if this fails, on vista
the card is bad.


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This is an easy fix so here you go nice and simple:

Problem: Your motherboard circuit has been cut.

Causes: Power disconnected during operation. Power outage or short in the surge protector.

Symptoms: Flashing green light on both motherboard and power supply. System will not power on.


Step 1: Ensure that both the power supply and the motherboard lights are flashing green, not solid or off.
Step 2: While the power is on, disconnect the power supply from the motherboard. This connection is the largest of the connections and should be listed as the 'P1' or 'Primary' power connection.

Step 3: Wait until the green light on the motherboard stops flashing and check to ensure that the green light on the power supply is now solid. If it is not solid, disconnect the power to the power supply and wait until the light turns off completely. Then reconnect, it should be solid now.

Step 4: While the power is on, reconnect the P1 connection to the motherboard and you should now see that the light on the motherboard is solid.

Step 5: Power on your PC. The problem should not persist.

Warnings: If the power supply light remains flashing after you have restored power to it while it is disconnected from the motherboard, it may be a system failure in the power supply itself requiring replacement. Always be careful when working with an active or live power machine.

And much more details : http://www.hptechsupportphonenumber.com/

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those are POST code, error codes, you need to watch time and count them. report them.
leave the battery main out.
does it run ok now? yes/no.? main battery out?.
even new cheap batteries fail easy and hard and short out.
test it with no main battery. it can run on AC power for ever.

are you going to run the COIN cell RTC battery for 10 more years.
it wont make it..
this PC is 10 years old today (can be) so is RTC battery end of life. most fail in 5 to 7 years, says the pink bunny. (and is correct)
the manual shows how to replace it at the real HP Site,
fixya is not hp, not at all.

page 63 shows the way to the RTC


if you power on the PC, and hammer the f10 key]
BIOS runs, its menus;
check the time and date here, if wrong the RTC battery is dead.

read page 3 how.

  • old PC have many points of failure (endless it seems)
  • does the fan run? is it packed in lint, as all are this old.?
  • causing it to overheat?
  • RTC coin cell bad.
  • main battery bad. (just leave it out until the PC runs right again)
  • power pack wires broken, or running real hot.
  • HDD going bad,
  • windows infected?, no OS stated but avoid XP.

HP caps lock POST blink code page is a horror of horrors
no 2008 listing, to name one flaw (2011 and newer sadly)


here is a old post at HP, one guy 3 year ago said

LEDs blink 1 time
CPU not functional
LEDs blink 2 times
BIOS corruption failure (RTC coin cell dead)
LEDs blink 3 times
Module error not functional
LEDs blink 4 times
Graphics controller not functional
LEDs blink 5 times (or RTC dead)
System board
General system board failure
LEDs blink 6 times (or RTC battery dead)
BIOS authentication failure

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Turn the laptop off and hit the vent ports on it with compressed air. You'd be shocked at the dust that is released. Briefly though, don't allow it to overspin fans.
Keep the vents clear for air flow. Use a tray if you are in bed because bedding will block air. Clean at least once per year.

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do you know what BIOS is?
when you turn on any PC BIOS runs, first. (before Windows boots)
it prompts you with text "hit F10 to enter setup" or ESC key.
if that is dim and the brightness keys are dead (max = dim)
the CCFL are dead now. as all are those old.
first they go yellow, then dim then dead.
DV4 is old and has CCFL backlamp tubes that most now are dead
after 20,000 hours of usage.

the list of used Laptops or monitors not to buy or own.

the parts are not cheap nor is the labor to do this.
gander this.


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it's a simple problem...... in most cases. 11 YEAR OLD PC
does the PSU fan spin, it must ! turned on. when it works?
in real shop we have spare PSU in the shelf there, omg it works or not?
we hot wire the PSU under suspicion. , the 1 jumper wire.


my guess is that works, the paper clip test I call it.

so you find hat all PSU have lots of wires, sure. looking inside.
the big wires matter, not the tiny if power turns on .

well, the big bundle goes to the mobo. 24 pins, (see jumper above)
the other cables run many things.

why not just try them one at a time to see which one is shorted?
easy no?, called fault isolation techniques.

pull floppy power, (i bet you dont have one)
pull all HDD, power.
pull DVD (cd) power, or BRD. power, blue ray?
if you have the VGA aux cable there,??? i cant see in your PC
then pull that next , doing so will kill the VGA card dead, or it goes mad.
so pull that VGA card (called an option addin card)
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS (and option DAY 1 new)
if yes, best i can tell it does not have the 6 pin AUX power
and means the card uses less than 75watts (flea power)

then pull all other PCI or express cards.

does the CPU fan spin, and is clean and heat sink clean?
the VGA card too can have fan is it dead, or packed in lint.
next pull ram, run no ram, the 1 stick at a time in bank 0
if all sticks work in bank 0 try all sticks, if you have 4 stick
add the 1 at a time.

is the RTC coin cell battery fresh?. they most times never last 11 years, it needs changing first. if not BIOS goes NUTS.
all PCs over say 7 years, best to do that.

bios nuts,= PC nuts, and owners hair falls out.

now learn this,
lacking spare power supply PSU
diagnosis can be very very hard
what if the PSU you have is weak.?
  • PSU come on the following forms.
  • GOOD
  • BAD/ dead. ( add huge list here, ask)
  • weak (yes weak happens)
  • overheats fan dead or packed full of lint after 11 years never cleaned.
So when any PSU fails like this
its a weak PSU or the PSU is begin overloaded.(no spare PSU?)
we use a magic tool to find overloads called a AMMETER
(in fact mine is DC clamp on type, super easy to use)

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greatings and hello
the 1millionth post here, lacking the OS.
HP came with OS/1 , Linux, Freedos, and all versions of windows ever made. (yours, I guess 3?)
so yours is windows 95 (pnp) up. in this case, but what? what windows. (XP up to 10, Im sorry I cant guess that ever)
gee how could (super man doing xrays)
the driver is for sure bad. (this tells me not using HP disks)
so learn now that drivers are a 3 way match.
Your PC, your CHIP dead, and your OS.
must match. (some devices (chips are 4 ways, web cams inside)
if running XP for VISTA, are you? MS killed dead PNP online
those 2 OS are now officially DEAD>

then you say I installed a OS, and skip
from where? or what disk, and what source
what are the words on the top of the CD?????????????
From HP
from hacking sites endless and full of MALWARE?
we are blind here until you tell what you have
and what you did exactly. (history matters)

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an old desktop
the PSU is shutting down (try do that as feature ! ' overloaded)
there are only 2 causes.
1: bad PSU.
2: the mobo or anything plugged into it are shorted.
want to do tests to find it , ?
takes going inside,
if shy , get it fix.
or tell helper you have a screwdriver and are brave.
no danger to you but to it , yes. (stay out of PSU ok?)

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Often that will happen if the memory (RAM) is not seated properly. Unplug the machine and open the box. Find your RAM and make sure it is firmly seated. Plug in machine and turn on.
I have seen one situation where the machine couldn't find a keyboard and did the beep sequence.

Good luck.
Semper Fi,

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If you're using a USB mouse, try disabling the touchpad as a test to see if that prevents the jumps.

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1) Your dv4 should have shown a message why it was shutdown when you turn it on, usually it shuts down because either overheating or something funky is going on with battery

2) laptop itself meaning how the power is being distributed throughout the laptop. Motherboard issue

3) I would start to backup your stuff somewhere else like a USB pen drive or external hard drive. This is highly recommended before the problem gets worse.

4) Could be an update in windows that automatically did this (Windows 10), but in 7 and 8 you can turn it off manually via the control panel>windows update.

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there is no gain with the processor.
no full models stated, just the dv1000 (it has a full model and p/n stated on the service tag.
also you cant switch from AMD to intel, or the reverse. (cpu swap)
tell why you need more speed?
To t do what, that the above , can't to?
a SSD hdd is the only sure fix. for speed here. (vast )
for speed here. IMO
computers can do millions of things (apps)
name just one , that you use that fails, or runs too slows.
thanks for any answers to simple questions.

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The problem is XP OS. It has failed to boot and you need an updated OS. Get Windows 10, it should work in that computer if you boost the memory to its max of 1 Gig.

Obviously, I would save that money by investing in a 2017-18 computer with Win 10 operating system. You need Win 10 for speed, features, and security. Do It.

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hp ended the 100 versions of keyboard sales after 10 years.
ever heard of ebay? bingo
also if you google you find stores sell old HP parts all over, earth.
most are used
on ebay you also see china clones, and some are junk, a fact.

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Ok so vista is expired and should be upgraded to a newer OS that being said it could be a virus that being said you could buy for $10 bucks, see the link, a usb wifi add on its simple to use and install.and see if it works, if it does and does not go bad right away then you will know your wireless chip in the computer has burned out. but do yourself a favor get rid of Vista

again for goodness sake get rid of Vista its to old and could be your problem, have some respect for your computer and upgrade it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XSFPDFX/ref=asc_df_B06XSFPDFX5388364/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=394997&creativeASIN=B06XSFPDFX&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198076677096&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15456606489138290479&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9005673&hvtargid=pla-373873511931

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