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I have a HP Deskjet 6540printer and a HP

You can print from your laptop to your printer wirelessly using the HP Smart app. This video shows you how:
4/6/2024 7:31:48 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Apr 06, 2024

My girl stepped on the

It is likely the lcd display has cracked or dislocated. Try connecting a normal vga monitor to the monitor port and select the external monitor from the keyboard using the F4 key or whatever function key has the display symbol.

If the LCD is the problem you should be able to run from the external display.

It is then a matter of replacing the lcd display or continuing to use the external display. A new lcd will set you back about $200 to replace.
1/29/2024 4:09:42 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jan 29, 2024

Osd and main menu keep popping up on my monitor hpf2105

moniter will not turn off
11/14/2023 12:07:11 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Nov 14, 2023

My HP laptop won't keep a charge. I tried buying


10/11/2023 6:33:27 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Oct 11, 2023

HP Pavilion F1503 LCD Monitor

If you can see the backlight ,white 2pin connectors connect to invertor pCB.Look around these two connectors you should see 2 brown/yellow/red transformers with a ferrite core.These are the inverter transformers , resolder all pins and power transistors around it.
That should solve your proble.
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8/23/2023 5:07:33 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Aug 23, 2023

I have email error 99999

delete and reinstall your email software.
6/25/2023 8:52:09 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jun 25, 2023

I got an AMD turion x2 64 processor in my new notebook n after reading reviews comparison to core 2 duo i m really tensed!

You made a good choice. In the CPU arena right now, the difference between the two CPUs is a toss up. The slight advantages of one vs. the other in benchmark tests is nominal and actually artificial..

What happens with an AMD CPU is with the associated GPU onboard. And with a 64bit processor, the number of apps and games that take advantage of 64bit CPUs has always been limited but they are growing. This will only become more and more numerous.

The main architectural difference in the two was in how the two cpus communicated and the AMD was first to use a bus between the two cores and the Intel had to go to the onboard memory controller and back. That was in the first inception. Still, AMD has been far in advance of Intel and Intel has played catch up in tricks inside the cores and how the north and southbridge took advantage of the cores' architecture.

Needless to say, I'm an AMD power user and my gaming rig has an AMD dual core on an Asus/Nvidia board and an Nvidia PCIe 9800 GPU.

In the long run, all modern notebooks require you to own a pad cooler to use these in your lap or not, they all produce heat. So, just get a good one designed for your laptop so it snaps into place and will keep your rig nice and cool.

At a LAN Party you won't suffer from having a dual core AMD cpu, you'll hold your own and it will be an even playing field and the wins will go to the person with the fastest fingers... as it should be.

Sleep easy friend,
6/22/2023 7:17:00 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jun 22, 2023


Dear user,

We deal in desktop and sale purchase of laptops.

from the few days i got some call about support of lap's

just for you im include the address of HP service center in Delhi and NCR

New Delhi Service Center

RT Outsourcing Services Ltd
A-200, Okhla Industrial Area,
Phase-1, Main Road,
New Delhi.

happy to help you
9350224303, 9213999055, 9999713329.
3/25/2023 9:11:18 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Mar 25, 2023

RedBull disaster

Dear Firas

Try the following guide (For the Keys)


There are no guides from HP for the keys available for the DV1000 but this guide will be more than enough to help you through this one in order to remove them. Its completely the same principle

In order to reach the inside of the laptop you definetely need the User/Service Manual of the Laptop with instructions on how to take it apart, which is found here:

As i see it beneath the keyboard the IC's of the laptop (motherbard's/memory/wifi/ sound card etc) should be cleaned with clear alcochol or near clear (95% and upwards) with a soft brush (ESD if possible)

Then let it dry either (If you do your previous method take it easy though,not to close, as some chips at temps >85 degrees celcius could be damaged.)

Please remember to ground yourself first and if possible wear antistatic gloves to protect the IC's from damage from electrostatic discharge. Again before you do this remember to remove any AC cables and the battery.

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1/2/2023 9:11:32 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jan 02, 2023

Disappeared WLAN device on hp pavilion tx1000

Don't waste your time doing anything tech support suggests to fix the problems you are having with your tx laptop. They are simply defective. It's intuitively obvious to all computer engineers and tech savvy people, but HP refuses to acknowledge this reality. The end result for any tx laptop is that it will overheat, the mother board fries and your finished. Before that, you'll have all kinds of other problems, not the least of which being the issues with loosing the settings on your wireless LAN b/c there is a defective NVidia chipset in the tx line. When that happens you're near the end.

HP will charge you money to replace your motherboard which will only fry again...and will also NOT fix your wireless LAN problems, or the problems with coming out of sleep mode and having your computer freeze. HP is burning all of their customers by pretending that this problem does not exist. I spent hours and hours pleading with their support staff to replace my laptop with a non-defective model and they refused. I informed them that they'd be leaving me with no other option than to file a small claim against HP in court. At which point HP had a person call me from the complaint resolution dept. His name was Javier and he informed me that he was at the highest level of complaint resolution. Through his broken English and improper grammar he also informed me that the best HP could do was offer me a 30% discount on the repair. I asked Javier, "And let me guess...the 'repair' would be to replace the motherboard, right?" He said yes. I explained to Javier once again that essentially what HP is asking me now to do is to waste even more money on a defective product when they know for a fact that it will not fix the problem. The motherboard will only fry again. He said that he was closing this complaint and citing that I declined their "offer to help me."

Ridiculous. I am livid. I have been a loyal HP customer for 9 years. My Dad is a programmer and turned me onto HP and ever since, I have bought exclusively...desktops, laptops, wireless keyboard/mice combos, speakers, monitors, webcams...even printer. And everyone knows HP puts out horrible printers. I bought them anyway. Nine years of loyal customer purchases...all to be completely burned. I spent $1400 on a piece of garbage that gave me problems since day one. In fact, I bought two. The first, fried on day 3 and I had it replaced. I have explained all of this to HP in writing and over the phone with their "highest level of complaint resolvers" and HP has completely burned me. I will NEVER purchase another HP product again and I will do my very best to share my experience of being ignored by HP after 9 years of buying their products. To pour salt on the wound, the HP rep lied to me at the end of the call and insisted that HP has no record of any other complaints regarding this issue. I literally laughed out loud. I said, "Sir, you're lying through your teeth!" Dozens of forums exist online with hundreds and hundreds of postings form people who have been burned, just like me. HP is totally aware that this problem exists. Do not let their support staff lie to you! First thing Monday morning, I will be filing a small claim against HP. And I will send out a mass email to the 3,00 or so people on my list, to alert them of what HP is doing to me, and so many other people who have purchased their defective garbage. i will request that every single person forward my email to as many people as the y can, alerting them that HP sells known defective products and burns their customers. You may email any questions to me at [email protected].

Or you can email another victim of the tx line, [email protected]. He has posted a lot of helpful info after being lied to and scammed by HP as well.

Or go to:

to find out more about the lies HP tells their customers about the defective products they sell.

Or read a news article about HP being aware of the defective Nvidia chipset @:

My suggestion to anyone is to completely avoid ever buying any HP product ever again. So many of them are defective and HP will burn you once you discover this.
12/22/2022 12:45:26 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 22, 2022

Removing virtual drive

It depends what program you used to add it in the first place. Open the software and look for settings, or just uninstall it.
11/30/2022 7:10:30 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Nov 30, 2022

I do not know how to down load music onto a file


Nice having you get a PC for yourself, basically if you want to download music onto a file to store on your PC, then you'll have to do any of the following;

1. Get the music files from another location on an external storage like a flash drive,external hard disc, etc. Get the music from say another PC into the external storage and connect the external storage to your computer and transfer the files to your computer. This should not be difficult either.

2. You can connect the computer to the internet and download directed by specifying the location that you need the music file to be downloaded to. Once this is done you can now go ahead and save. One of the websites you can get some music files from included www.rnbxclusive.com

Hope this would help.

9/23/2022 2:17:58 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Sep 23, 2022

Pc wont boot

sorry about that.we can not see your screen so any answers are wrong or 100x too long.NO BOOT has over 20 causes. the top 3 are1: all batteries in the PC are bad even the coin cell.2: bad HDD.3: infected OS. (running virus magnet XP?)or worse ,
8/17/2022 12:48:16 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Aug 17, 2022

Laptop won.t start windows keeps saying that it is lookng for errors windows 8 hp

redux, 1 (old post mine)not told how w8 got on XP PC.?no clue there and does not belong on here.2005 PC CAME NEW WITH XP NOT W8Intel Pentium M or Intel Celeron M, NO!_Intel 855GME/ICH4-M Chipset (zero support on 855 !!!Intel ICH4-M South Bridge: zero support now. Intel ended it.w8 UP do no like OLD PC.the HDD this old is bad and will corrupt any OS you place there.there is no intel support. so MS can undo that fact.buy used 2010 and PC and RUN w10w8 installed on a good PC can be upgraded to w10 for free.
8/17/2022 12:34:10 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Aug 17, 2022

How do i download music to my computer


If you're looking to download music,

http://www.limewire.com/ will get you where you gotta go.

Download the program, run it, and search for whatever you want. Be wary of files with strange names for they can be dangerous.

Good Luck :)
8/16/2022 2:01:41 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Aug 16, 2022

How do i get mywindows keyboard to work

desktop or laptop. ? external Keyboard or internal
6/9/2022 10:54:32 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jun 09, 2022

Why the black screen?

most of the DV series, have CCFL backlamps in LCD and are dead. they all end there even 5 years old. it also has CCFL inverter card, seen at partssurfer.com (HP)_ https://partsurfer.hp.com/partsurfer/?searchtext=EW434AV&searchby=product black screen has 20 causes. and up to 20 tests to find them. (tests or parts pulls or swaps) want try that ask. 1: pull huge battery out first. test on AC power pack only is step.1 2 : fan runs and power LED glows? do the flash light trick pointed to the screen, see data now means CCFL are dead.
6/8/2022 11:09:44 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jun 08, 2022

My internet connection keeps dropping every 2 minutes!!

That particular series of HP computers has a recall with an extended warranty for just this problem. Call HP, they will have you go through all the first line cures but tell them you know of the extended warranty for lost wireless problems. They'll replace the mother board. Make sure you back up all your data when you send it in. I've sent them nearly a dozen and some they reformatted the hard drives.
6/7/2022 1:57:35 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jun 07, 2022

What causes a red screen when starting up?

no pc told, Pavilion means zerothat name is is used on desktops and laptops for agesthe HP has diagnostics so run those. HP.com tells how.not told desktop or laptops. just 1 word."Screen"first Pavilion was 1995
6/2/2022 6:19:00 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jun 02, 2022
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