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Sd file recovery

I'd recommend that you download this sd card recovery software called asoftech data recovery, download from link belowhttp://www.asoftech.com/adr/
3/25/2019 12:32:46 PM • HP IPAQ... • Answered on Mar 25, 2019

How to delete unwanted downloads

Navigate to your downloads folder. right click the download you do not want the click delete. If needed I do operate a shopify store that sells a service "PC tune up" were this and other things could be done for you. Below is the link if you this would be something your interested in.
12/1/2017 12:17:00 PM • HP IPAQ... • Answered on Dec 01, 2017

HP ipaq 110 Calendar is not fully syncing with Outlook 2007

it's obsolete now, this thing., ask a real HP, be best https://h30434.www3.hp.com/
6/20/2017 11:58:47 AM • HP IPAQ... • Answered on Jun 20, 2017

Recover sd card files

Files can be recovered from sd cards with the help of card data recovery software. Here i suggest you to download a very good SD Card recovery software from http://www.softwarerecovery.org/memory-card-data-recovery.htmland recover all types of files from SD cards in few steps.
6/4/2015 8:02:13 AM • HP IPAQ... • Answered on Jun 04, 2015

Office file icons disappeared in Windows Moblie 6.5

Click with the second (usually the RIGHT) mouse-button on each icon, and choose PROPERTIES, and then CHANGE ICON. Choose a different icon.
3/23/2014 4:18:49 AM • HP IPAQ... • Answered on Mar 23, 2014

I have an HP DC7900

Most likely hardware related reason is thermal overload. The CPU is getting too hot or the cpu fan has failed. The computer shuts down to prevent damage and reboots as it cools.
You can check this by feeling the heatsink area and if it is getting very hot that is the problem, also see that the fan is spinning.

Other problems can include ram going bad (you might see an error message with STOP 000000XXXXX000ED1 or something like that).

By far the bast way to see what is causing the problem is to post a new message in the event log, you can do this by

Go to RUN and type eventvwr, this will show you what happened prior to the reboot. Post the findings in a new post and I or someone will help you further
1/29/2023 6:25:32 PM • HP Compaq DC7900... • Answered on Jan 29, 2023

Internet Adapter issue, it keeps losing network.

Question edited to tidy up the written English. I have this issue on a wired Desktop computer that uses a plug in gadget that takes the internet from my basement rec room where the television and router is and sends it via the house wiring to the 3rd floor where the computer is. Put the App Speedtest on your smartphone and run it when the computer network drops out. My 50mbps internet drops to 11.6 or worse. Not sure why Bell Canada has this issue, but I notice my Internet is now labelled 'Century Link'.
1/29/2023 12:32:14 AM • HP Computers &... • Answered on Jan 29, 2023

HP CP4525 hungs with 49.FF03 device failure

If your HP CP4525 printer is hanging on every restart with the error code 49.FF03 device failure, it may indicate a problem with the printer's hardware or firmware. Here are some steps you can try to fix the problem:
  1. Restart the printer: Try restarting the printer to see if the issue is resolved. To restart the printer, turn it off and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on.
  2. Check for firmware updates: Make sure that the printer has the latest firmware installed. You can check for updates on the HP website or through the printer's web-based interface.
  3. Check for hardware issues: Check the printer for any visible damage or issues with the hardware. Make sure all the cables and connections are secure and not damaged.
  4. Reset the printer: If the above steps do not help, you may need to try resetting the printer. To reset the printer, turn it off and unplug it from the power outlet. Then hold down the power button for 30 seconds and release it. Wait a few minutes, then plug the printer back in and turn it on.
If none of these steps help, you may need to contact HP or a technical support team for further assistance. It is also a good idea to check the documentation or manual that came with the printer for any troubleshoot
1/22/2023 10:30:48 PM • HP Computers &... • Answered on Jan 22, 2023

I have a new HP Touchsmart with Vista. When I

is it in .PDF format? if it is, maybe reinstalling a newer version of adobe PDF might help
1/19/2023 7:28:29 PM • HP TouchSmart... • Answered on Jan 19, 2023

How do I fix my hp pavllion p7 to get windows 11

Which specific model do you have? The latest CPU (A10-5800K) that is compatible in the P7-1587 was released by AMD in 2012. The Intel version, P7-1597c, takes an Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge processor. That's second or third generation Intel Core, among others. Windows 11 CPU support list for AMD processors is here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/design/minimum/supported/windows-11-supported-amd-processors . Most of the supported CPUs were released in 2018 or later. For Intel processors, you need a eighth generation Intel Core processor (Amber Lake or similar era Intel CPU) or newer. You'd need a new motherboard, CPU with TPM and memory. If you want Windows 11, buy or build a new computer. I hope this helps. Cindy Wells
1/17/2023 8:45:47 PM • HP Computers &... • Answered on Jan 17, 2023

Free download music for pc

music download software http://100-downloads.com/download.php?p=682 spotify Instant and legal access to over 10 million music tracks http://www.artistdirect.com/music http://mobile.afreecodec.com/free-songs-download-87079.html once the music starts to download a browse option will open where you will need to select if you want to run or safe

you should always keep your antivirus up to date when using any file sharing programs on the internet

hope this helps

1/17/2023 6:56:16 AM • HP Computers &... • Answered on Jan 17, 2023

How do I find out if my HP Elitebook 8470p has bluetooth?

well that is simple, in concept the Bluetooth on this series has 2 kinds of ways. the most common is, Bt IS PART OF THE WIFI CARD AMAZING IS, THE FACT THAT THE HP, SERVICE GUIDE COVERS ALL THIS AT HP..COM, HP DOT COM. A COMPLEX URL, NO? I OWN 8540W So know them well the card BT is a seperate card here, narrow. and has its own socket, see them used on ebay, just by one . now the gotcha it has special cable so if your PC never had BT ,yes you need the cable too.. seen here clearly https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1123083/Hp-Elitebook-8470w.html?page=81&term=Bluetooth+Module&selected=1#manual
1/10/2023 12:48:43 PM • HP Computers &... • Answered on Jan 10, 2023

RedBull disaster

Dear Firas

Try the following guide (For the Keys)


There are no guides from HP for the keys available for the DV1000 but this guide will be more than enough to help you through this one in order to remove them. Its completely the same principle

In order to reach the inside of the laptop you definetely need the User/Service Manual of the Laptop with instructions on how to take it apart, which is found here:

As i see it beneath the keyboard the IC's of the laptop (motherbard's/memory/wifi/ sound card etc) should be cleaned with clear alcochol or near clear (95% and upwards) with a soft brush (ESD if possible)

Then let it dry either (If you do your previous method take it easy though,not to close, as some chips at temps >85 degrees celcius could be damaged.)

Please remember to ground yourself first and if possible wear antistatic gloves to protect the IC's from damage from electrostatic discharge. Again before you do this remember to remove any AC cables and the battery.

Please don’t forget to rate this solution if it was helpful, it keeps us going!
1/2/2023 9:11:32 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jan 02, 2023

Disappeared WLAN device on hp pavilion tx1000

Don't waste your time doing anything tech support suggests to fix the problems you are having with your tx laptop. They are simply defective. It's intuitively obvious to all computer engineers and tech savvy people, but HP refuses to acknowledge this reality. The end result for any tx laptop is that it will overheat, the mother board fries and your finished. Before that, you'll have all kinds of other problems, not the least of which being the issues with loosing the settings on your wireless LAN b/c there is a defective NVidia chipset in the tx line. When that happens you're near the end.

HP will charge you money to replace your motherboard which will only fry again...and will also NOT fix your wireless LAN problems, or the problems with coming out of sleep mode and having your computer freeze. HP is burning all of their customers by pretending that this problem does not exist. I spent hours and hours pleading with their support staff to replace my laptop with a non-defective model and they refused. I informed them that they'd be leaving me with no other option than to file a small claim against HP in court. At which point HP had a person call me from the complaint resolution dept. His name was Javier and he informed me that he was at the highest level of complaint resolution. Through his broken English and improper grammar he also informed me that the best HP could do was offer me a 30% discount on the repair. I asked Javier, "And let me guess...the 'repair' would be to replace the motherboard, right?" He said yes. I explained to Javier once again that essentially what HP is asking me now to do is to waste even more money on a defective product when they know for a fact that it will not fix the problem. The motherboard will only fry again. He said that he was closing this complaint and citing that I declined their "offer to help me."

Ridiculous. I am livid. I have been a loyal HP customer for 9 years. My Dad is a programmer and turned me onto HP and ever since, I have bought exclusively...desktops, laptops, wireless keyboard/mice combos, speakers, monitors, webcams...even printer. And everyone knows HP puts out horrible printers. I bought them anyway. Nine years of loyal customer purchases...all to be completely burned. I spent $1400 on a piece of garbage that gave me problems since day one. In fact, I bought two. The first, fried on day 3 and I had it replaced. I have explained all of this to HP in writing and over the phone with their "highest level of complaint resolvers" and HP has completely burned me. I will NEVER purchase another HP product again and I will do my very best to share my experience of being ignored by HP after 9 years of buying their products. To pour salt on the wound, the HP rep lied to me at the end of the call and insisted that HP has no record of any other complaints regarding this issue. I literally laughed out loud. I said, "Sir, you're lying through your teeth!" Dozens of forums exist online with hundreds and hundreds of postings form people who have been burned, just like me. HP is totally aware that this problem exists. Do not let their support staff lie to you! First thing Monday morning, I will be filing a small claim against HP. And I will send out a mass email to the 3,00 or so people on my list, to alert them of what HP is doing to me, and so many other people who have purchased their defective garbage. i will request that every single person forward my email to as many people as the y can, alerting them that HP sells known defective products and burns their customers. You may email any questions to me at [email protected]

Or you can email another victim of the tx line, [email protected]. He has posted a lot of helpful info after being lied to and scammed by HP as well.

Or go to:

to find out more about the lies HP tells their customers about the defective products they sell.

Or read a news article about HP being aware of the defective Nvidia chipset @:

My suggestion to anyone is to completely avoid ever buying any HP product ever again. So many of them are defective and HP will burn you once you discover this.
12/22/2022 12:45:26 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 22, 2022

I want to fix the door of my HP Officejet J5783 so that it will close properly.

If the door of your HP Officejet J5783 printer is not closing properly, there may be a few possible causes for the issue. Here are some steps you can try to fix the problem:
  1. Check for debris: Make sure there is no debris or foreign objects blocking the door from closing properly. Remove any debris or objects that may be causing the issue.
  2. Check the hinges: Check the hinges of the door for any damage or looseness. If the hinges are damaged or loose, try tightening them or replacing them if necessary.
  3. Check the alignment: Make sure that the door is properly aligned with the printer. If the door is not aligned properly, try adjusting the alignment.
  4. Check the door latch: Check the door latch for any damage or looseness. If the door latch is damaged or loose, try tightening it or replacing it if necessary.
  5. Check the printer software: Make sure that the printer software is up to date and that there are no conflicts with the door. You can check for updates on the HP website or through the printer's web-based interface.
If none of these steps help, you may need to contact HP or a technical support team for further assistance. It is also a good idea to check the documentation or manual that came with the printer for any troubleshooting tips or recommendations.
12/21/2022 8:00:58 PM • HP Computers &... • Answered on Dec 21, 2022
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