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possible loose hose or fitting or tank leaking

Hoover Vacuums | Answered Yesterday

Had it been mains powered I would have said give it at least a fortnight in the airing cupboard with the filters, dust container, etc. removed. The lower voltage of cordless appliances mean there is less potential for moisture-caused short circuits, motor damage, etc.

The trouble with something like a vacuum cleaner is water drawn into the motor and then it is immediately switched off, the interior of the vac becomes an enclosed space. Placing the unit somewhere warm could evaporate the water but because there is little or no throughput of air that trapped moist air simply condenses into air and water droplets when the warmth is removed and overall improvement is minimal.
You could fit the battery and switch on now and there probably would be no damage but if it was mine I would partially dismantle it and give it another couple of days somewhere warm...

Hoover Vacuums | Answered on Sep 20, 2020

If this is a new belt that keeps coming off, then if not catching something in the roller like a scatter rug, etc then the belt isn't tracking true. The pulley may have come loose for one thing, something has to be off to have the belt come off. Does it come off almost right away, or after some uasge?

Hoover U6434-900... | Answered on Sep 03, 2020

The correct belt is a 38528035. If the belt does not have this number printed on it, it is a generic belt and probably the wrong one. The pulley on the transmission is "convex" because this pulley design keeps the belt running in the middle. (a belt will always try to "climb up a hill") If the motor shaft and the pulley are not aligned properly, the belt will constantly throw off. This can be a result of a bad motor mount (located inside the motor compartment.) The motor shaft end has a rubber cover that absorbs vibration and keeps the motor positioned squarely. The handle could also be loose on the pivot. It is held down by two metal clamps that screw securely to the bottom, holding the handle on to the base and allowing for the handle to pivot backwards. This problem can be difficult to diagnose and I have had many in my shop for repair. It takes a seasoned and experienced repairman to find a solution to this problem, in most cases. The disadvantage I have here is that I cannot see your machines to inspect all the various things that effect the belt alignment. I hope that some of this information will help.

Hoover U6630-900... | Answered on Sep 01, 2020

Replace the rocker switch inside the handle. Part #28161067, it's about $2.50.

Hoover U6437-900... | Answered on Aug 21, 2020

I think you have 2 problems:
1. The LiNX gets clogged somethings in the head unit and the clog is difficult to see. Remove the head (via the push button). and clean out the clog. I do this with a lenngth of coat hanger wire that I bent a small hock on to the end.
2. If the roller stops turning it can be caused by one of the power wires to the moter getting severed in the swivel connection in the head unit. This has happened to us twice. I took the unit apart (a pain) and was able to fix by soldering and taping wires. However, Hoovers design is not great in getting power to the motor and this may recur. I love these vacuums and I hope they engineer a more robust wie feeding solution.

Hoover Platinum... | Answered on Jul 25, 2020

With portable tools, domestic appliances, etc. the power cord is the first thing to suspect as internal breaks in the conductors are not unusual (usually occurring close to one end or the other).

The next thing to suspect is the switch...

Hoover Vacuums | Answered on May 16, 2020

Might try calling Sears, which appears to have a parts diagram. You may find a service manual for sale using Google, but unsure if site is fraudulent or not that I saw.



Hoover Vacuums | Answered on May 03, 2020

There are really two reasons why the self-propelled wouldn't work. It could either be the belts on the vacuum cleaner are stretched or broken. The belts on this model control both the self-propelled transmission, as well as the brush roller. Here's a video that shows you how to inspect the roller brush and belts to make sure that they are installed properly and working. Try this repair first, as this is the easier one to fix.

The other problem if the belts are installed properly that would cause the self-propelled wouldn't work would be the self-propelled actuator arm. There is a cable that starts at the handle of the vacuum, and runs all the way down to the floor head of the vacuum that controls the transmission. As you pull backwards on the handle of the vacuum, the cable pulls this actuator arm backwards, which then turns the wheels backwards, and when you push forward it turns the wheels forward.

The problem with the way it's designed however, is that if you pick up the vacuum cleaner by the handle of the machine rather then using the carrying handle on the back of the vacuum, it causes too much tension on the actuator arm, and will cause the cable to rip right out of the arm.

This is a VERY common problem on this model. To check and see if this part is broken on your vacuum, step on the handle release pedal so that the handle is in the vacuuming position, push the pedal a second time so the machine lays flat on the floor.

Now if you look right behind the height adjustment switch, and the rug / floor switch where the floor part meets the upright part, you should see a cable that connects into the actuator arm. Pull up and down on the handle and look for movement. Is the cable loose with only a nut attached to it, or is it resting in the actuator arm?

Here's a very helpful link that shows you exactly how to replace the actuator arm:
How to Replace the Actuator Arm on Hoover Self-Propelled Windtunnel

If this didn't help you, and the problem is still happening, please just use the add a comment form here on Fixya and let me know that you're still having problems. I'd be honored to go through and do some more advanced diagnosing with you.

I hope this we helpful to you. If you did find this helpful, please be so kind and leave feedback for me. This is why repair professionals like myself continue to come back and give free repair advice, to get the recognition of a job well done.

Thanks so much,

Chris Jones

Hoover U6437-900... | Answered on Apr 30, 2020

Go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a No. 6 o-ring. It goes over the nipple which connects to the detergent reservoir.

Hoover Floormate... | Answered on Apr 30, 2020

I really love this vacuum. I have been using it since my kids were born. It's very good especially in my family where I have two severely allergic kids. I still remember how scared I was when my first born had this crazy anaphylactic reaction and he couldn't breathe. We rushed him to the hospital where they gave him a shot of epinephrine. After that we made an appointment with a child allergist. After an initial examination he agreed that it looked like allergies rather then asthma so he collected some blood and sent it to a private lab (You can check them here: https://www.intolerancelab.co.uk/intolerance-2 ) About a week later they called us in and told us that our son was allergic. It has been a struggle to keep him from ever experience something like that again because he's a kid and wants to explore. But we managed. And this vacuum has been very helpful too.

Hoover Vacuums | Answered on Mar 09, 2020

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