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I've had that happen before and what I found was one of the Staples or nails had misfired and wedged before leaving the gun. read the manual on how to get to it for that particular model and also it might be a good idea to adjust your pressure accordingly to keep it from happening again. If the force isn't set proper then a nail could Jam , block the mouth and not allow any other nails to exit. It's very easy to do and not that hard to fix once you've done it at least once. Good luck.

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It sounds like you're producing difficulties yourself by attempting to solve this problem rather than seeking at why their can be a difficulty inside very first place

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Google (hitachi)(NR65AK)(manual) without parens.

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Have you kept it properly oiled? It might be jammed because it's too dry.

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Sounds like it's overly dry; needs oiling. Or there is something clogging the air lines or the air chamber inside the gun.

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The number one issue is bad fuel - even if you just purchased it, turn the cell over and check the date stamped on the bottom (often stores don't rotate their stock)
If the fan starts when the nose is depressed but there is no spark then I would investigate the spark wire (make sure there are no nicks or cuts that may short to ground) and the ESU (Electronic Spark Unit).

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just wondering if you are putting enough down pressure
on it before you pull the trigger.?

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1. Have you adjusted the air pressure to at least 100 PSI?
2. Have you cleaned and lubricated the gun per manufacturer's instructions?
3. Are you driving nails into hard wood (oak, walnut, etc.)? Some guns are simply not powerful enough to handle extremely hard woods.

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1) Oil it per the operating instructions.
2) Use only high-quality fasteners. I recommend Hitachi or Bostitch, although those from Harbor Freight Tools are largely trouble-free.
3) Make sure nails are properly inserted in the gun.
4) Check to confirm that your gun is receiving adequate air pressure. With that nailer, I'd suggest 95-105 psi.

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Request the diagram from Hitachi.

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how old are the batteries.
how old is the charger.
if one or the other is too old or defective,
the bad part will "fail safe"the system.
shut down so it doesnt explode or burn
if it does it with multiple batteries its probably the sure to check your electrical source too.
bad outlet??
be careful these batts can be dangerous.

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If its constant leaking inside the nailer (not between cap and body to outside feeling an airstream in front or on one side )then there is an problem between top seals VALVE and seals o-rings on top of the piston cilinder the parts on the top of the cilinder Seals and in the top in high priority must all be replaced because of the building up heat overtime the gaskets seals and o-rings are getting hot and hardened out over time there are only separate parts selled one by one to get I have not seen hitachi gasket/o-ring kits for nailers there where only complete kits for the older range of demolition hammers , but in the new models not anymore outside the States m,aybe but in Europe not. replacing the piston bumper could sometimes help extra because of the little height difference of the cillinder .

If leaking between cap and body with a palpable airstream and before the seal was closed tight , retapping the treaths some greater in the magnesium body and place helicoils inside it could be bad treath in one of them , it must put firmly fixed that will not fasten enough that was with the Brand Dutack Pro a high priority problem for a few years ago exact the same a few years now its modificated and that problem is gone.
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This is not a common problem for your nailer. Indicates a small leak in air path from triggering valve to head cap assembly. Assuming that there are no external air leaks, I would clean and lube the cylinder. Try to smooth all the fine scratches that you see on the cylinder where orings make contact. I use very fine sandpaper and turn the cylinder with a drill attachment. (you can be creative with an attachment, like a round piece of wood 2-3 inches in length that fits snugly into the cylinder find center and screw in a 1/4 in diameter screw, cut off head of screw.) Place your homemade attachment onto drill and slip into cylinder, the wood attachment will not damage the cylinder. I use a variable speed drill and turn slowly while I hold a strip of sandpaper against scratched area. Just a light even sanding is all that is needed. If not too scratched just leave as is. Replace oring number 877316 for cylinder plate (outer) and 877327 packing and lube with white grease. You do not have to replace any other orings unless they look damaged. If you replace all the orings, the cylinder will be too tight and my not work at all. Make sure that the three bolts on top of head are tight (no need to remove them, just make sure they are tight). Good luck.

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You have an "O" seal leaking in there somewhere.

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Maybe there can be a problem with a rip in the cilinder its a very thin cilinder and its neccesary to replace with all the parts on it because of the extreme heat build up.
cilinder assy 42 41A possible necessary, but first inspect the cilinder carefully on a rift. some other rings or parts broken or worn.
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Disassemble the feeder mech and clean it... the grit in the cement dust will start to keep the parts from moving freely

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