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How to hibernate apps in an android phone

  • Greenify is an Android app that can improve your device's battery life and performance by hibernating certain apps.

  • When Greenify was first created, it required users to have root, or full access to their phone.Earlier this year, the creators of Greenify made Greenify's "Auto Hibernation" features fully accessible to non-rooted phones. Its battery saving benefits can currently be reaped without having root access to your phone. If you don't already have it, let's download the app!


  • NOTE:There are actually two versions of the Greenify app itself. There is the one on the Google Play Store that is a the Paid donation version, and there is the free Greenify app. The Paid Donation version of the app offers a few additional experimental features, and it offers users that like that app the opportunity to support the App's originator. For the sake of this tutorial, we are going to cover how to use the free one as non-rooted users. Feel free to download the paid version of the app if you'd like, but you do not need to do so to reap the core and primary benefits of this application. Look to the below picture to see what I am referring to.

  • write_tip-ljw25amxvy0ucwkxeh2npafr-5-0.png

  • After installation, launch the app

  • Using Greenify without root can bring many battery saving effects. Without further ado, let's jump in to shutting down some of our apps. The picture below will show how your non-rooted screen will look like. Once you see that screen, click on the Greenify screen.

  • write_tip-ljw25amxvy0ucwkxeh2npafr-5-2.png

  • Once you click the Greenify button, the "App Analyzer" screen appears. The App Analyzer screen allows you to actually select and delegate which apps you want to hibernate or Greenify.

  • write_tip-ljw25amxvy0ucwkxeh2npafr-5-5.png

  • Notice the "Blue Lettered Categories" under some of the Apps? Greenify breaks your system Apps into four categories. These categories include: "Running in Background", "Scheduled Running", and "May Slow Down the Device When". The May Slow down Device When is the third and last category that Greenify divides your Apps into. The below screenshot shows this last category.

  • write_tip-ljw25amxvy0ucwkxeh2npafr-5-9.png

  • Alternatively, if we want access to all of your apps, you can click the option button with the three dots up top to reveal the "Show All" option to reveal more of your applications. Click on the "box" on the right of the Show All text to "Show All".

  • After clicking the Show All app option, you can scroll down to see the rest of your apps. If like many people you have a lot of apps, you may need to click one more arrow at the bottom to see all of your Apps. Click the arrow under the blue lettered "More" category. All of your apps should be revealed.

  • Greenifying your Apps

  • In the first section of the article, we discussed how to download Greenify and looked at the categories in which Greenify labels your commonly used apps. Now we're going to actually try to Hibernate or Greenify some of our apps.

  • Make sure you're at the App Analyzer screen. The App Analyzer screen looks much like the screen below.

  • write_tip-ljw25amxvy0ucwkxeh2npafr-5-14.png

  • Now we're going to select apps from each of the three main categories that I mentioned earlier. Each app that you select to Greenify will turn blue when highlighted. Feel free to select any amount of apps that you want.

  • Note: I wouldn't recommend picking apps that you commonly use whose functionality relies on regularly phoning home. These apps can include Apps like Google Maps or Weather and conditions apps. Apps like the ones I mentioned work best when they are left alone, and may cause dysfunction or having to manually refresh them. For example, imagine having your weather app lagging days behind unless you manually refresh it. First world problem, I know, but I just thought I would mention this.

  • After you have picked the apps you want, Go back to the top of the App Analyzer screen and click on the checkmark button.

  • After clicking the checkmark button, and attempting to Hibernate your first couple of apps, Greenify will present users with note about Greenifying without Root Access. Users can press the OK button on the bottom of that screen to advance to their Greenified Apps.

  • Notice that many of my applications like the Greenify warning specified require "Manual Hibernation", while many apps hibernate right off the bat.

  • In order to easily manually Greenify click on the "Option" at the bottom right hand corner. A pop up box with the options: Create hibernation shortcut, Experimental Features, and About appear. Click on the "Create Hibernation Shortcut" to create shortcut we will use to manually put apps to sleep. The Hibernate Now shortcut instantly appears on one of your vacant Android page spot.

  • For the sake of our example we are going to attempt to manually shut down "Dolphin Browser". Click on the "Hibernate Now" button.

  • . After clicking the "Hibernate Now" Screen, the App info screen appears. This App info screen will have a statement that informs the user on how to manually hibernate apps. Click the "Force Stop" Button as instructed to Manually Activate apps.

  • The App that we will attempt to Manually Hibernate will give us lip about pressing "Force Stop", but press "OK" anyway.

  • You can also enable automatic hibernation option and also add a hibernate shortcut to the homescreen.

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How to extend the life of the phone

I was advised to install a signal protection application on Android. And they said that it opens access to blocked sites.
Some features of the application are paid, but you do not need to pay anything during installation.
In general, I can't understand what's the matter. I found it, I try to fix it, it knocks out a mistake, although it started well with a friend.
Maybe this problem is that there is not enough memory on the phone. But not enough messages about insufficient memory are written strangely. Tell me something with my phone?
Here's a scary question bothered me until I was advised to see a specialist.
Yes, it was on the device a lot of harmful information, many files downloaded from the Internet and they were all damaged.And most importantly, necessary and important files also began to suffer, because these viruses have already begun their bad deal.
To change the phone I couldn't, it became necessary to reinstall the system and delete all from my phone.Because it was a very real possibility that along with saved pictures and documents on your phone, you can transfer the malware, cleaned the phone.
As much as I tried, I was advised to say goodbye to everyone.
I did not expect that it would be so difficult!Oh guys no one want to do that.
after a complete cleaning, reinstalling, my beloved phone fell into my hands.And you know to me it even seemed so easy))))I understand that it is my imagination, but it is with these thoughts we started with him a new life.
Master strongly recommended to download the program on Android, exclusively via Google play. be sure to install antivirus and protection for Internet connections.
Actually, I first heard about this.But then when the details I read and learned about the possibilities of this small but very useful application.I was in shock.
Guys you have no idea what kind of damage are the Internet connection to our gadgets.And VeePN works wonders.Believe me it's worth it, besides no losses.Free app available for download already in the Google play market.
So if to speak about my experience, it ended very even not bad, and a bunch of new information learned.Well, the only thing that is not nice,what no pictures, and they were all very cool.And the money was spent on the master.
But again this is all from ignorance. I felt that this information has to share , so take care of yourself and your gadgets.
Good luck!)))

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Go to Settings > Apps. Scroll to All apps and then scroll down to "Google Services Framework" app. Open the app details and tap on the "Force stop" button. Then, tap on the "Clear cache" button.

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Google Cell... | Answered on Mar 01, 2020

Twitter announced on January 22 (local time) that it has added the ability to add emoji responses to direct message (DM) messages. Already available for mobile and web apps. Emoji candidates can be displayed by double-tapping the message of the other party or by tapping the icon with a plus sign ("Add to Reaction" button) displayed next to the message. There are seven types of emoji, including hearts.

The reaction can be canceled later. If you cancel, it will be deleted from the messages of all members participating in the DM.

Click here to download new latest emojis.

"Thanks for your good work", "Thank you for your care", "Thank you very much"-. Such wording that everybody types in the email is called "manner." On the other hand, some people may have received emails that are too polite enough to feel, "I don't have to be so polite."

Also, although there is no direct relationship with the business, there are not a few people who just put a manager and "a person who seems to be related" into Cc as "Once ...". Although there is a need for a "reputation minister" to make work easier, some observers believe that such excessive communication manners have exhausted business people and reduced labor productivity in Japan.

? Eliminate communication that can be a kind of "waste" and make work more efficient. In response to this trend, more companies are introducing chat tools. Slack and Microsoft Teams are typical chat tools. It gains popularity because it is easy to enter into discussions directly, and even if you are busy, you can mark messages as "read" by attaching a stamp to the message.

On the other hand, chat tools seem to be starting to show "manner" like traditional tools. It has become a hot topic on SNS and is spreading ripples.

Google Cell... | Answered on Jan 23, 2020

SAMSUNG Galaxy S7, S7 edge FRP/Google Lock Bypass - No ...

29 Mar 2019 ... Hey guys! This is my new video for SAMSUNG Galaxy S7, S7 edge FRP/Google Lock Bypass - No HushSMS, No Talkback, No add Call - New

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It means that you are using a smartphone that is not power by Google Android, You probably have a smartphone that it does run on Android, but since Android is open source, anybody can build an Android OS and install it in a compatible device.

Google Cell... | Answered on Jan 08, 2020

Recover the Google password or take it to your cell carrier's store and prove your ownership

Google Cell... | Answered on Dec 30, 2019

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