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It all depends on how the light on the pole is wired. The switch you have is meant to interrupt the power between the circuit breaker and the light, just like the switch does now. The new switch uses power to run itself, so you need an additional wire. Usually the lights on a pole have the power coming in on top, and a wire coming down for the switch - black and white. Lets say there was no switch - on top of the pole there would be a black wire going to the hot, or center contact on the pole light, and the white wire would go to the ground, or outside of the bulb. If (BIG IF) things are wired like they are supposed to be, there will be a black wire (hot) coming in from the breaker, down the pole, instead of going to the light. The switch you have in place now interrupts the power so you can turn it off/on. Then when you turn the switch on, power goes up the white wire to the hot, or bottom of the bulb. Theoretically, there should be another black wire going back up to power the light once it leaves the switch. People normally use regular wire, which has a black and a white inside a plastic casing. So, bottom line - you need to run a red wire from the light to the new switch, hook the white wire up to the ground. So: power coming in on top goes down pole to new switch to black. Red wire hooks up to pole light where it is now white, goes down pole to red on switch. Old white wire gets unhooked from light on top, and hooked to common (ground) on top.

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Is it a vacation timer? With random settings?
If so, then specific times cannot be set.
The light and dark are for day and night, the time now is for current time
Step by step:


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Google the manual

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Use the on/off button to cycle through in the following order:

F = off

0 = on

1-9 = Number of hours unit stays on after detecting 15 seconds of low light

R = Random. After detecting low lux for 15 seconds, unit will select random number of hours to stay on. Will repeat randomization cycle in 24 hrs

d = On from dusk til dawn

1.-9. = (number followed by period) On now and will shut off after the indicated number of hours elapses.

Neat little timer. Have fun with it.

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Copy following link:


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Copy following links to identify timer and download product manual;

Reset digital timers before programming.
This action is designed to clear trace memories from testing, and possibly restore functionality.
Otherwise buy timers at local store for ez return of defective product, or buy new timer and return defect in new package for refund.

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1) Copy following link to identify timer and download manual:

2) Check that battery is operable,
Move selector switch to ON position.
Check that each program has ON and OFF times set.
Check that each ON time has same days of operation as OFF time.
To delete programs, hold down MODE button and press Prog button.
Check outlet has correct polarity using circuit analyzer.
Try power strip on different outlet.
Check load rating of timer matches type of load being controlled.
This timer might not work for CFL inductive loads, try with ordinary light bulb.

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Globe analog plug-in timer:
Copy following link for instructions by experimenting with timer features.

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Timer is not identified for certain:

If this is typical analog timer, then open following link for step by step instructions:

If this is digital timer, then add a comment with in-focus photo of timer posted on Flickr for possible identification and more information.
Or open following link to identify same-similar timer and download manual:

Add a comment for more information.

Globe Electric... | Answered on Jun 15, 2011

1) Good clues on description: It's a dawn-to-dusk timer.
F is always ON or always OFF.
O is always OFF or always ON.
1 thru 9 is timer turns ON at dusk and turns OFF 1 to 9 hours later.
D is ON at dusk and OFF at dawn.
R is probably timer turns ON immediately then turns OFF 1 to 9 hours later.
Best guess: At 8 pm you press button until R9 displays, and then timer will turn ON each day at 8pm and OFF each day at 5am.

2) Open following links to find same-similar timer and check which one matches your product.

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Yes it turns when time passes.

If timer is not turning, it is broken and needs to be replaced, or the electricity is off.

Oct 2010
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