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Is there a replacement microwave for a GE JE1540,

Called GE Customer Service (thanks MicrowaveSvc), as they were very helpful. The replacement microwave (GE) is: JEB1860DMWW with new trim kit: JX2030DMWW. This are P/N for white, I am sure they have something for other than white. Total job took me about 5 hours (self install, moderate ability), where the final 1 to 1.5 hours was working on the final trim kit install. Couple of notes. This oven is about 6 to 8 inches deeper. The kit wanted about 1.5 inches more horizontal space than my original install, but I made it work. I had to shimmy the vertical space by 1 inch. Good Luck!!!
9/1/2021 11:17:41 PM • GE JE1540... • Answered on Sep 01, 2021

Microwave beeping and says keypad short may need

the membrane gets dirt under them and shorts out the keypad,you may as well just replace the control board which includes the display and keypad on the same board
8/31/2021 2:34:41 AM • GE JVM1850 1000... • Answered on Aug 31, 2021

How do I adjust the clock brightness level on a GE microwave over Model JVM1740

I don't think adjusting the clock brightness is a supported feature for the JVM1740 microwaves. You can turn off the display by pressing and holding the 0 key pad. You can also adjust the intensity of the surface light using the Surface Light button. Each press will cycle through the options: On, Night Light, Off. The manual is available from the product page: . Scroll to the bottom of the page or use the Owner Support quick link. The current link to the manual is . I hope this helps. Cindy Wells
8/27/2021 11:15:52 PM • GE Microwave... • Answered on Aug 27, 2021

Hi, I have a GE microwave model WES1384SM2SS. It's been working fine for years. just the other day when I pressed the start button, it turned on, then shut right off.

Does anybody have a schematic for this control board, WES1384SM2SS ? mine is daewoo m334 s/n: 3514325420
8/26/2021 8:27:00 PM • GE Microwave... • Answered on Aug 26, 2021

My high power GE Advantium microwave is sparking

Your problem is a common one. When you see arcing inside your microwave, it's because of food or liquid left in the cavity or on the wave-guide cover:

  • If the wave guide has any burn spots, replace it and clean the unit well.

  • If the cavity has any burn spots, spot-sand it smooth and touch it up with microwave interior paint.
Note… If there are any burn holes in the cavity, don't use the unit-seek help from a qualified appliance repair technician.
8/18/2021 3:22:23 PM • GE Spacemaker... • Answered on Aug 18, 2021

Moisture between glasses on door.

Since microwaves act directly on moisture, this should tell you that it isn't causing any leakage from the cavity/cabinet of the unit. If microwaves were passing through the moisture, it would eventually dry out completely I don't believe there is any reason for concern.
Even bad gaskets (seals) around the edge of the door do not cause leakage. Only a mechanically bent door could cause this and it would still be very minor.
The cooking enclosure itself is what is called a 'tuned cavity' and as such, contains the bulk of the energy internally.
7/27/2021 8:47:12 AM • GE Spacemaker... • Answered on Jul 27, 2021

Advantium 220V damper door motor clicking

My Advantium 240 damper motor was cycling as mentioned above in the morning after a power failure had occurred. Removing the top vent grille and control panel I could see the inlet damper was opening fully and stopping about halfway closed then retrying. Removing power and cycling by hand, i could move it freely until just before it would contact the micro switch at home position where there was a hard stop. I removed the light assembly on top of the cavity and was able to access the rod that spans across to the outlet damper near the halogen light. A combination of fiddling with the connecting rod inside the light housing and manually cycling the inlet damper reseated the rod and everything was working again. My guess is the power failure was the cause and hopefully the issue won't return.
7/20/2021 12:43:38 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Jul 20, 2021

GE JVM 1650 Microwave Night Light does not work

We see (and repair) this a lot. The problem is on the control panel, which we regularly repair nationwide by mail for $39.95 postpaid in about a week.

This light failure often occurs when a bulb goes out and the filament shorts, or when the bulbs are removed or installed without first unplugging the oven from the power line. Either can cause such a failure on the controller.

Sometimes this will also affect the exhaust fan operation, too. The lights and fan can be inoperable or stuck on too.

In your case, it may just be a shorted dimming diode, a black diode usually located between the light relay and the connector.

(Not to be mistaken for the tinier red-bodied diode on the other side of the relay that protects the relay coil).

If it is shorted, you will have bright lights in both the bright and dim settings.

In case you or someone you know has the tools and experience to desolder and solder small components, the replacement rectifier diode is not critical and can be any of these:

1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, 1N4006, 1N4007, NTE116, or NTE125 some of which are available form Radio Shack.

At our Web site, you can get details of our service, plus we have a video available showing how to remove a typical over the range control panel assembly in under 5 minutes.

There should be a "mini-manual" (tech sheet) hidden inside the unit behind the control panel or hidden on the left side behind the grille, which is very helpful when troubleshooting, testing, and locating components.

Feel free to contact me directly (and please remind me of your full model number) for more information & help.

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

William E. Miller
[email protected]


7/8/2021 11:02:39 PM • GE JVM1650 1000... • Answered on Jul 08, 2021

Arcing sparking to carousel wheel. have 8 year old

I think the problem is just coincidental to the lamp replacement.i would say there is grease or food debris on the turntable support or turntable motor coupler.The service manual is here and you can order parts from the Pros here.
7/8/2021 6:12:26 PM • GE Advantium 120... • Answered on Jul 08, 2021


My Advantium was arching at the turntable. Replaced the turntable roller assembely (that hold the metal or glass plate) and the arching went away.
7/8/2021 6:07:27 PM • GE Advantium 120... • Answered on Jul 08, 2021

GE Microwave turntable turns when off and doesn't turn when on.

It needs professional service. There is a switch, or a module board that is giving wrong info to the turntable motor.
6/30/2021 12:47:00 AM • GE Microwave... • Answered on Jun 30, 2021

My controls are locked on my GE Profile microwave oven

ask GE what might be wrong we only know stuff we have seen sorry
6/16/2021 12:35:48 AM • GE Microwave... • Answered on Jun 16, 2021

Model jvm1750sp1ss. Why did it and oven fan quit working 10 sec after last use?

we are not a testing repair shop
5/9/2021 9:59:01 PM • GE Microwave... • Answered on May 09, 2021

One surface light bulb on GE Profile microwave keeps burning out

I have the same problem. The left one burns out within a couple of hours use, the other one lasts a couple of months and is then gone. This pattern has repeated over 8 years. I replace them every now and then and then just go without until I get the urge again to fix it. Maybe smaller lower wattage lamps are worth trying...
4/13/2021 11:47:41 AM • GE Spacemaker... • Answered on Apr 13, 2021

Silver nano lint filter for ge spacemaker model WSLS1100D0WW

Direct from GE, but I thought 'Lint Filter' would be a dryer Possibly Amazon, which also thinks you mean a Dryer :>) ..
4/10/2021 10:28:59 PM • GE Microwave... • Answered on Apr 10, 2021

I have a GE Advantium 120 Model ZSC1001 Microwave. About half of the time, the display flashes erratically or blanks while in use or after.

The display could be failing but the fault could be in the control board.
3/19/2021 4:39:03 PM • GE Microwave... • Answered on Mar 19, 2021

Owners manual for GE microwave OVERHEAD modelJNM1951SR1SS

Request the manual directly from GE.
3/13/2021 5:46:33 PM • GE Microwave... • Answered on Mar 13, 2021
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