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RPS sensor fault. You have to remove the rotor bowl then loosen the 4 bolts holding the copper stator so you can pull it down far enough to take off the RPS sensor. Look for corrosion on the wiring plug if it has a plug. Some are hard wired all the way back up to the control board. If no plug corrosion it will probably have to be replaced but really needs testing with a special RPS testerv to make sure it is faulty.

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Hello, Keith -

I suggest you contact Fisher and Paykel Customer Care and ask your question directly. I have no idea the country where your washer was manufactured. Therefore, following are the links for country of manufacture:

USA: Choose "Help & Support"

Canada: Choose "Help & Support"

New Zealand: Choose "Support"

Australia: Choose "Support"

Fixya receives questions from people worldwide. I am answering from the USA.

Best wishes.

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What appliance is it?

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ask google . it is not my brand sorry

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If you cannot see the water leaking from the inlet valves, check the seal just above the water pump located directly under the drum. I am in the midst of awaiting parts to fix this very thing on my FP GWL11. This leak is dripping water directly onto the motor, causing it to trip the circuit breaker during drain/spin cycles.

Note... I have also had to have the inlet valve assembly replaced as well as it was not opening to allow cold water to mix with the hot.

Hope this helps.

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that is a sizing problem ,if neither board has been replaced recently,then faulty board

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if its a top loader then a faulty motor controller.(computer main board )

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That means that power is being applied to the drain pump when it shouldn't be. There is only one reason for that, a fault in the main control board. You will have to replace the main board.

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would need more info

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each element switch controls the heat to that element so those switches need to be replaced ,technical name is simmerstat

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It beeps to tell you there is an error. While it is beeping & before pressing any buttons, read the error code & write it down. The error code is the lights along the top row. Count from left to right and make a note of exactly which lights are on and which are off. There are 8 lights, you need to say exactly which number light is on. Post the result back here and someone will tell you what that error code means.

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Make sure that the washer drain hose is at least 30 inches above where it comes out of the washer or 38 from the ground. the washers drain hose needs to be typically higher than the washer. Could also be a faulty pressure switch depending on the washer See video link.


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hi there the first thing ill tell you is that the washer needs to drain water before it can spin there are only a few factors that prohibit this operation a faulty lid switch secound a blown or blocked water pump being a fisher paykel they are famous for jammed water pumps as they decided when they built the sysyem to turn the water pump upside down this causes a lot of stress on the water pump see if you can lay the hose on the ground and get all the water out i belive the machine will then start to spin dry. in this case it is the water pump and have it replaced its a simple operation if you can order the part fromf/p you simply turn the washer on its side depress the white latch next to the pump turn the pump clockwise till ity release from machine disconnect power supply plug and fit new unit as per reverse

best of luck

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remove pump check foe anything that may be jamming it,at the same time check the copper windings for any discoloration ,if any replace pump,faulty pumps get hot and after a short time switch off due to a built in thermal cut out

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Hi, you should beable to put a thin knife into the slot on the little door flap at the front on the right side and gently pull the door flap down, then unscrew the plug and the water will drain out, put a larg try underneath to catch the water, best to undo the plug enougth so that when the tray is full you can tighten the plug why you empty the tray, all the best.

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136. (10001000) Motor Stall
The Motor Control Module has been unable to start the motor. Possible causes of this fault
are: Faulty motor harness, faulty or jammed motor, seized bearings or seals, faulty Motor
Control Module, faulty Rotor Position Sensor or harness.
Primary Source: Wiring.
Action: Measure/check the motor harness, connectors and motor for
discontinuity. This can be done by taking a resistance measurement
between phases of the motor harness at the Motor Control Module
end. Nominal resistance should be around 32Ohms.
Secondary Source: Motor.
Action: 1) Check free rotation of the agitator and basket by rotating by hand.
Bearings and seals may be seized.
2) Check the Rotor Position Sensor and associated harness for
water, mechanical damage or corrosion.
Tertiary Source: Motor Control Module.
Action: If the primary and secondary checks pass inspection, then replace
the Motor Control Module.

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You may need new brushes in the motor

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