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F1 code on Fisher and Paykel dishdrawer

Just had the same problem, removed the excess water from the drawers, turned off the power, removed the bottom drawer by pushing in the lugs at the bottom of the drawer where it butts up to the drawer front and pulling out the drawer. Then had to mop up with 4 t-towels and half a roll of kitchen roll the water in the bottom of the machine housing. The water gets into the electronics at the rear of the housing and obviously warns you of this by the F1 code?. I removed the white cover over the electronics with a screwdriver by pushing it into a slot then sliding the cover across to the right, it is indicated on the cover how to remove it. I also then removed the screw on top of the PCB (printed circuit board) and lifted up the grey plastic base and wiped under that and the under side of the PCB. The PCB unclips on the left hand end of it and lifts out, try not to pull the cables out though. I then used a hair dryer as suggested by someone else on here to dry out any excess that you could not wipe dry, my daughters Hello Kitty hair dryer didn't last long though, she's not impressed! So try not to stick the dryer right in the housing to avoid overheating it. About 5 minutes did the trick for me, then re-assembled everything, turned it on and hey presto! It worked!!!! Its not that hard, good luck!!!
11/30/2022 3:46:30 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Nov 30, 2022

Fisher Paykel dish drawer will not close. All of

We had this problem a few days ago. We called a repairperson, who recommended unplugging the unit, then replugging. It seemed to reboot it — closes as it should and works fine.
10/21/2022 9:31:14 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 21, 2022

Fisher paykel dishdrawer bottom drawer washes fine leaves water in top drawer

At some point the two drawers individual drain hoses are joined using a "Y' type connector. Check this, and everything beyond this point for restrictions or blockage. It sounds like the bottom drawer is pumping its drain water out normally, but some of that water is backing up to the upper drawer. This is an installation or plumbing problem that is external of the dishdrawers.
10/1/2022 9:16:37 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 01, 2022

Fisher & Paykel dishwasher top drawer is filling up with water when bottom drawer is ran.

It is the drain water from bottom drawer that is finding its way to the top drawer. This could be due to incorrect drain hose height. Check in installation manual. Alternatively you will have to buy an air gap kit and connect the two drain hoses separately to the kitchen sink.
10/1/2022 9:10:04 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 01, 2022

Fisher paykel drawer dishwasher is stuck open and

Hey I dont know if you have this problem, but with mine the gasket seemed to be blocking the opening, so you could close it, but you had to shove a lot. The FP help line said to just unplug and replug in the unit. I did it and lo and behold it worked fine again. It did seem to leak a little bit the first time I reran it, but that seems to have gone away. Hope this helps
9/25/2022 9:36:57 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Sep 25, 2022

I don't know where to put the new Finish tablet in the Fisher and Paykel dishwasher. Where or what is the Dry Dispenser ?

Hello Susanna Davies, Generally a round cap immediately next to the washing powder dispenser... Known as "FINISH" or "Jet Dry"... as it really does keep spot off of your dishes & especially glassware. Amazon com ishwasher dry agent Tools Home Improvement I tried to look up Fisher & Paykel... but without a specific MODEL NUMBER I could not pull an OWNERS MANUAL to demonstrate. look here for FREE documentation ManualsLib Makes it easy to find manuals online SEARS is the last place I would recommend buying parts (but that has more to do with integrity & respect)... Their parts, guarantees & prices are suddenly competitie Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser Part Number 526860 Sears PartsDirect Hope this helps Carnac the Magnificent
9/19/2022 2:17:52 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Sep 19, 2022

My fisher/paykel dishwasher does not complete a cycle

It is possible the delayed start option has been set by mistake.

The way to cancel that would be to press the power button off and then on.

However, I am assuming this problem is with only one of the two drawers.

But I am not sure how much of the wash cycle is done before it goes to pause, eg. do you hear the water flowing in, do you hear the washer arm moving and throwing water around?

If it does not get to the stage of water coming in but you do hear some sounds as soon as the start button is pressed then it is likely the door seal is not setting properly which causes the dishwasher to stop.

Anything you see on the display or lights (if no LCD display)? Trying cleaning the door seal with a clean damp cloth. If problem still there then you need to get the door seal serviced. It is slightly sophisticated part with seal and two motors which require some expertise to replace.

Happy to guide you if door seal replacement is needed. Post me a comment on what you find.
6/28/2022 9:00:21 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jun 28, 2022

Fisher paykel dd603 - both drawer units just come

There is water collected at the base of the dishwasher which is tripping flood switch. Will need to disconnect power and take the bottom drawer out and dry out the base. Need to find source of the leak. Most likely the lid seal or hoses.
3/28/2022 8:12:50 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Mar 28, 2022

Fisher and Paykel DD603 can't be drained completely this link takes you to the service manual for your machine, there will be details on manually testing individual components, you should be able to operate the pump and check that it is performing as it should, page 39 describes the process to lift out the rotor, do that and check the rotor impeller, this is the drain pump, if the rotor vanes are broken you will need to replace it,
2/8/2022 1:48:40 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Feb 08, 2022

F&P dishwasher (DD603i) has no power to top drawer

No power to the top drawer needs to be verified.

Are you saying the lights are blank and when you press the start buttion nothing happens?

One reason the controller can shut the power is that the heater overload protection thermal resistor has opened. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to replace the entire heater plate at the bottom of the drawer.

To confirm if the controller is operational or not, press Keylock and Start/ Pause button together for 5 sec (press Keylock first) and see if the Lights light up. If nothing happens then either the power has shutoff as mentioned above or controller is faulty.

Depending on your familiarity with such equipment you could try to replace and fix. I am not quite sure what the new model you mention is. I believe all DD603 models have power to the 2 drawers coming from the base board.
2/7/2022 4:09:41 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Feb 07, 2022

Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher, the top drawer power light turns on and off!

Question edited for clarity and the addition of 'Dishwasher'. Check out the video in the link Please always include 'make model (what it is)' in all questions. Thanks. ..
2/5/2022 12:46:16 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Feb 05, 2022

How do I fix F9 fault for Fisher & Paykel

This is a controller fault and could be due to number of reasons. Either the controller itself is not sensing the sensors or some sensor is faulty. If it is occuring consistently and turning mains power and on is making no difference, then it is something a techniician will have to look at.
12/20/2021 5:35:37 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Dec 20, 2021

My Fisher and Paykel Dishdrawer is not draining at all.

If both drawers are having the problem then it is unlikely the drain pump is the problem. You may need to check the blockage in your kitchen drain or if using garbage disposal unit then ensure it is clean and not blocking the drain.
10/31/2021 5:50:21 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 31, 2021

My fisher n paykel draw dishwasher wont start it has three buttons a (on/off )(play/pause)(lock symbol) wat do i press to make it all start,

First press the ON/ OFF button to see if the display lights up. Once you select the program from the panel then press the PLay/ Pause button to start the cycle. Pressing the key button will prevent accidental pressing of the ON/ OFF or the Play./ pause button when the dishwasher is running. It is a child lock button. To turn it off (if you have selected it) press Keylock button again.
10/25/2021 7:01:53 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 25, 2021

DD24DCX7 Dishwasher - Top Drawer Not Working

Hi Brendan,The dishwasher will stop mid cycle if the door is not closed properly, please ensure that the door is shut firmly and the latch engages fully.Also a broken door latch, faulty control panel or failed electronic control board could be causing the problem.Hope this helps.Best,Dan
10/14/2021 6:27:50 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 14, 2021

Water won't drain

To determine if your pump works, before attempting access from the bottom of the top drawer or from the bottom of lower drawer: You can manually pump the water out by doing the following:
1- Press the Power button to turn off the display.
2- Press the Lock button and then the start button the same tim. Hold them until the display showing up.
3- If the display is not clear with all the characters, press power button to see clear the display.
4- The first display is bL, then Er,Ld..dd, FU, P1, pressing the Start button to go by the sequence until P2 (drain). If you miss, be patient to continue press and release the start button to get back to P2.
5 When is is at P2, press Lock button to tun on the drain. When you hear the water flowing to the drain, you could pull the top drain to see how the water is draining.
6- When the water is out, press the lock button again to stop it.
7-When it is done, press the Power button to get out of manual mode.

If this is working, then your water is there because you are running the bottom and your air gap allow back flow to the top drawer and or you are running the top and your air gap allows a back flow to the bottom drawer.
Please let me know if this is not the case.
10/1/2021 8:34:09 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 01, 2021
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