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Resetting Printer Chip

Check your reference book[on the Cd] to try to determine the cause of the particular error. If you have used ssc[righ click on the icon in the tool bar] and thern reset all. Also take a look at www.fixyourownprinter,com and type Epson stylus C86 in the search bar.
4/17/2024 11:33:47 AM • Epson Stylus C86... • Answered 3 hours ago

My px700w epson printer has

Is it show general error?
Your printer's problem is in a sensor that is situated the opsition of the printer head. Try to clean it. Totaly deassemble the head carriar and then see it's opposite. there is 2 too little hole jast like a little incect eyes. These is the culpit. Clean it with soft tissue or soft painting brush.
I think you may relive from your printer problem.
Thank you
1/25/2024 1:11:58 PM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Jan 25, 2024

Epson Photo Stylus R800 Printer - Nothing is working!

Question edited for clarity. Question moved to model category. The most likely reason is that it got bumped in the move and wires have been dislodged. As I see it you have 3 alternatives Remove the case and look for loose connectors on the control board and internal components. Take it to an Epson Service Centre. Buy a new printer. ..
9/7/2023 8:53:51 PM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Sep 07, 2023

Epson Stylus Pro 4900 Printer. How can I connect to Wi-Fi?

Question edited for clarity and add name of Maker. Question moved to correct category. Connectivity specs. Not really cordless wifi, you are connecting to the router or office network using a network cable. There would be ways around it using a powered wifi access point hub to the printer and use that to wirelessly connect to the router, but probably not cost effective. It would give you the ability to print from the Epson smartphone app. Superior Connectivity
  • Standard ports include one high speed USB 2.0 and one 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Standard professional Epson Photographic Drivers for Macintosh® and Windows®
  • Fully supported by most leading third party RIPs and workflows
Support, Manuals and Network Connection Guides. And this is the document.

Epson Stylus® Pro 4900 - Network Guide

Epson > pdf > pro49_ng 1. Click Start, select Control Panel, and then select Network Connections. 2. Under LAN or High-Speed Internet, right-click the Local ... 39 pages ..
8/20/2023 5:18:54 PM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Aug 20, 2023

CR motor encoder check error

CR Motor is DC motor with brushes for driving the carriage. Controlled by CR linear encoder and CR linear encoder sensor. So, check the encoder. It may be dirty or some lines missing. If the encoder OK, other possibility is the sensor.
3/24/2023 8:41:01 PM • Epson Stylus Pro... • Answered on Mar 24, 2023


The error E-91 on an Epson Stylus RX 520 indicates a communication problem between the printer and the cartridge. Here are some steps you can try to resolve the issue:
  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Remove all the ink cartridges and check for any damage or leaks. Replace any damaged or leaking cartridges.
  3. Clean the metal contacts on the ink cartridges and inside the printer with a soft, lint-free cloth. Make sure they are completely dry before reinserting the cartridges.
  4. Reinstall the ink cartridges and make sure they are properly seated.
  5. Turn on the printer and see if the error message still appears.
If the error message persists, try resetting the printer by following these steps:
  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Hold down the "Stop" and "B&W" buttons while plugging in the power cord.
  3. Keep holding the buttons until the printer starts to initialize.
  4. Release the buttons and wait for the printer to finish initializing.
  5. Try printing again to see if the error message is resolved.
If none of these steps work, there may be a hardware issue with the printer and it may need to be serviced by a professional technician.
2/25/2023 8:54:11 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Feb 25, 2023

Work in Europe?

According to the rear panel of my 2200, it will accept 120VAC 50 ~ 60 HZ. Which means that outside of a proper plug adaptor, it should work fine. You need to adapt the epson power cable to whatever the French use. Be sure it is 110~120 VAC. Ran into some 220 in Italy
2/16/2023 8:40:16 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Feb 16, 2023

How do I reset my epson ink cartridge?

There are different ways to reset an Epson ink cartridge depending on the model of your printer and the type of cartridge you are using. Here are some general steps that may work:
  1. Turn on your Epson printer and wait for it to stop making any noise.
  2. Open the printer cover and remove the ink cartridges.
  3. Locate the small microchip on the side of the cartridge. This is the chip that stores the ink level information.
  4. Use a cotton swab or soft cloth to clean the metal contacts on the chip. Make sure there is no ink or dirt on them.
  5. Reinsert the cartridges into the printer and close the printer cover.
  6. Turn on your printer and let it recognize the cartridges. This process may take a few minutes.
  7. Check your printer status or ink level indicator to confirm that the cartridges have been reset.
Note that some Epson printers may not allow you to reset the ink cartridges, or the reset method may vary depending on the specific model or type of cartridge. If you're unsure about the process or have trouble resetting the cartridges, you can refer to the printer manual or contact Epson support for assistance
2/15/2023 8:23:01 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Feb 15, 2023

Parts inside end life

Q: What should I do if my printer driver displays the message parts inside my printer are reaching their end of service life?

A: See the Epson Ink Pad Reset Utility page.
Epson Ink Pads Reset Utility

If your product is displaying an end of life service message, please view and complete the required information below to proceed.

Please explain the message I am getting in my printer driver that says parts inside my printer are reaching their end of service life.

Like so many other products, all Epson consumer ink jet products have a finite life span due to component wear during normal use. At some point, the product will reach a condition where either satisfactory print quality cannot be maintained or components have reached the end of their usable life. This is the normal product life cycle for highly mechanical devices like printers. This message is a warning that certain parts have reached the end of their usable life and that your printer will no longer work until it is serviced.

What parts are we talking about?

The message refers to the ink pads, which are actually a number of porous pads in the printer that collect, distribute, and very importantly contain the ink that is not used on printed pages. Ink is collected by these pads during the initial setup of the product, during cleaning cycles and when printing borderless photographs. Most users will not receive this message before the printer is replaced for other reasons. Some high volume users or those who use the printer for many years may receive this message about ink pads before other components reach the end of their usable life.

Why does my printer stop functioning when I get the message?

Epson is committed to ensuring the proper operation of all our devices to minimize the risks of property damage or personal injury during the lifespan of the product. The printers are designed to stop operating at the point where further use without replacing the ink pads could create risks of property damage from ink spills or safety issues related to excess ink contacting an electrical component
Is there anything I can do to continue using my printer?

Epson recommends replacing the printer, but if you want to continue using it, Epson recommends having the printer serviced at an Epson Customer Care Center. You may also be able to have the ink pads replaced by an independent service provider and use the Ink Pad Reset Utility to reset the Ink Pad Counter to continue using the printer. Please note that replacement of ink pads is relatively expensive and may not be a good investment for lower cost printers because the printers' other components also may be near the end of usable life. Epson does not recommend ink pad replacement by users without technical training or resetting the Ink Pad Counter without replacing the ink pads.

Note: This utility is for Windows XP and Vista operating systems only. We hope to develop an option for Mac users as well; however, we do not have an ETA or the OS requirement at this time.
To download this utility, please complete all fields below, select the agreement check-box and click Download. Required fields are noted with an asterisk(*). Some models may require you to be redirected to another website to finalize the process.

Go to this link to complete the agreement to recieve the Epson Ink Pad Reset Utility.

Trust this is helpful. :)
1/24/2023 11:17:21 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Jan 24, 2023

Epson Stylus RX595. How to reset my printer please?

Question edited for clarity. Question moved to correct category. ..
12/20/2022 2:45:17 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Dec 20, 2022

2100 won't recognise epson ink cartridge

Here's a tutorial on how to do it: Solved Epson printer doesnt recognize Ink Cartridge
12/9/2022 9:49:33 AM • Epson Stylus®... • Answered on Dec 09, 2022

Change ink cartridge epson NX230

Change Ink Cartridge in Epson Printer isn't a difficult. Just follow the simple steps to change ink cartridge in Epson Printer: ·Turn on Epson printer·Open its cover or scanner then left the unit of the scanner and wait for it. ·Ensure that the print head is at replacement position. If not the press "Maintenance" button. Follow the more steps to change ink cartridge in Epson Printer.
12/2/2022 11:44:32 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Dec 02, 2022

Epson stylus c66 is new but in printing paper comes out blank

Normal 0 Normal 0 Driver could be corrupt.
Disconnect the printer or at least be sure it is turned off. I'd do both and reinstall the CD software program that came with the printer. When the software program asks you to connect the printer to the USB port, do so and it should again work properly.
Hope this helps. Bud

12/2/2022 11:38:19 AM • Epson Stylus C66... • Answered on Dec 02, 2022

The red and green lights are flashing continously

The lights continually flashing indicate a paper jam or the printer being out of ink. Check/clear any paper jam and verify the ink cartidge is set correctly.
11/28/2022 10:50:14 AM • Epson Stylus C48... • Answered on Nov 28, 2022

Flashing red lights

this means your printer wast pad is full but your printer can be reset let me no and i will send you the info on now to reset your printer
11/21/2022 10:28:58 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Nov 21, 2022

My Epson TX110 wont recognise

you should wipe and clean the copper contact to where the terminals inside the printer touches. Use a clean clothe moistened with alcohol for cleaning.

If the red light is still on the printer, and Status Monitor indicates that an ink cartridge is not recognised, follow the steps below:

  1. Power the printer OFF.
  2. Disconnect the power lead for 60 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the power lead. Do not power the printer on yet.
  4. Perform a printer operation check.
11/9/2022 9:50:46 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Nov 09, 2022

My epson nx400 won't print

11/7/2022 10:54:09 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Nov 07, 2022

How do i change cartridge

11/7/2022 8:14:09 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Nov 07, 2022

I refilled empty ink cartridges

If you refilled these yourself you will need to go to and serach how to make refill cartridges work on epson stylus NX400 there is a little computer chip that tells when the cartridge is empty you will have to disable this before it will work
11/7/2022 8:04:14 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Nov 07, 2022

How to change ink cartridges

11/7/2022 7:56:30 AM • Epson Stylus... • Answered on Nov 07, 2022
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