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Use the handle of a broom. Push down the hose to push it out from the direction it came in.

Electrolux... | Answered on Dec 27, 2020

Electrolux would be a possible source.

Electrolux... | Answered on Dec 13, 2020

Contact Electrolux to request an assembly diagram and follow it in reverse.

Electrolux... | Answered on Nov 22, 2020

Request the manual from Electrolux.

Electrolux... | Answered on Nov 15, 2020

Vacuum presumably? No, a new hose won't provide a cure to a non-working vac.

Not uncommon for portable tools and appliances to stop working.
About 7 times out of ten the fault is traced to an internal break in the power cord, usually within a couple of feet of one end or the other.

Electrolux... | Answered on Sep 17, 2020

EL8807 no belt, separate motor for brush, use reset button. Call customer service, see my other post with the number.

Electrolux... | Answered on Jul 24, 2020

Traditionally Electrolux motors are reliable and long lasting but these days who knows who makes what.
What happens with sickening regularity is the cleaner loses suction and the filters are removed to provide a boost and then the bag bursts and the muck and dust goes through the motor - seriously bad news for an Electrolux.

When a vacuum stops, about 7 times out of 10 the power cord has developed an internal break, 2 times out of 10 the switch has failed and 1 time out of 10 something else has failed, such as the thermal breaker or fuse or maybe the motor, even then it might be repairable - after extended service the brushes wear out for instance.

I suggest you first discover what is wrong...

Electrolux... | Answered on Jun 27, 2020

Sometimes the vacuum will overheat, if this happens the vacuum will shut down to protect it from damage.

Unplug the vacuum, and let it sit unused 30 minutes.

Please let me know if this has solved your problem.

Electrolux... | Answered on Jun 07, 2020

he cord light just indicates that the machine is plugged in and has power. In other words, you did great!

Electrolux... | Answered on May 26, 2020

There is a ball valve between the wand hose and the base hose. It can get stuck in the "base" mode, which won't then redirect suction to the wand hose. There is a spring under the cup that the open end of the hose rests in. When you release the wand from the holster with the one-touch quick release, that spring pushes the cup up and turns the ball valve to the wand setting.
  1. Unplug the vacuum.
  2. Using the one-touch quick release, remove the wand from the holster.
  3. Verify that the wand "cup" is indeed in the higher position. Do this by pushing on the bottom of the cup with your finger. It should easily depress.
  4. Remove the wand hose from the main unit using the quick disconnect feature. Put your fingers into the hole and feel to the right. You will feel the closed valve, verifying that it is stuck in "base" mode.
  5. Using a screw driver, insert the tip at the TOP of this valve and gently pry it downward. This shouldn't take much force.
  6. Reassemble the hose wand using the quick connect feature and reholster the wand.
  7. Plug in the unit and verify that the base unit has suction.
  8. Remove the wand from the holster and verify IT has suction.

Electrolux... | Answered on May 20, 2020

Here's a YouTube video describing how to troubleshoot a electrolux 1590 power head. It will cover all possibly faults.


Electrolux... | Answered on Mar 19, 2020

This is a pretty common problem , and it's usually caused by 1 of two things. Both are pretty simple fixes. try the reset button which is located by the L shaped part on ur powerhead. try pushing that while ur machine is turned on for the carpet areaThe first thing you should try is simply eliminating the wand assemblies from the vacuum cleaner. So remove the hose from the upper wand, and disconnect the lower wand from the power nozzle. Now try connecting the hose directly into the power nozzle and turn on the vacuum cleaner, and power nozzle. Does it work? If yes, then one of your wands has gone bad, and you'll need to replace it. If the power nozzle still won't come on, then you may have a much simplier problem. on the neck of the power nozzle. You will see a small circle indent on the front part of the neck located underneath of where the wand connects into the neck. This is actually a cover that hides a screw below. Simply use a small flat head screw driver, and pop off the small circular cap that hides the screw. There is a Star bit screw underneath. I believe it's a T15, but it may be a T10 sized screw. Use I believe a T15 Torx screw driver and remove the screw from the neck.

Once the screw has been removed, Use a flathead screw driver, and pry the front cover of the neck off. It shouldn't take a lot of force, and should come off pretty easily. Once this has been removed, you should see to metal pins, and two lead wires. What happens is the lead wire becomes disconnected from the metal pin, which then prevents the power nozzle from turning on. Simply reattach the lead wire into the metal pin, and snap the front cover of the neck back on. Put your screw back in, and your screw cover (or you can just leave this part off, you'll probably be having to remove it frequently to reinstall the lead wire, lol).

If neither of these two problems fixed your machine, then it sounds like you may have a bad hose assembly. Hopefully this isn't the case, and it's usually not. 9 times out of 10, it's just the lead wire that's come loose.

Electrolux... | Answered on Mar 09, 2020

This is not a real electrolux. Electrolux renamed themselves aerus electrolux. Eureka stole the name hot sued and starting this year cannot sell vacuums. You have to go to a dealer for a real electrolux.

Electrolux Twin... | Answered on Dec 29, 2019

Try taking the twin filters outside - also take a dustpan brush and tap the filters gently on the bottom, then brush the dust away as it comes out. This can take quite some time, and you will find that LOTS of compacted dust will come out!

Electrolux Twin... | Answered on Nov 22, 2019

Hope this helps https://youtu.be/olgMONIOXkg

Electrolux... | Answered on Oct 30, 2019

I have the motor for your 1584. Please call toll free 877-565-4861or send an email to [email protected] with your contact info please

Electrolux... | Answered on Oct 21, 2019

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