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I am unabLE to play mkv filEs

You can install Leawo Free MP4 Converter, when you install it, it will ask you to install a codec package, after you finish it. you can convert your video to MP4 format easily, or just watch your MKV video with Windows Media Player.
6/21/2022 2:40:15 AM • E-Machines... • Answered on Jun 21, 2022

My emachine LCD monitor power button and screen

no pc told. at all, sad. turn on monitor last, see no signal error means PC is dead. lightening hit damage is unlimited only pulling AC line cord protect them all, I do so here.
5/16/2022 11:57:03 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

E-machine HD Monitor Blue Flashing light on/off Bottom Screen Black, But other Monitor works

No monitor model told no PC model told no OS told also PCs with wrong drivers, the sleep mode fails. so turn off sleep fully in the control panel + power settings go to performance mode.;the blow flashing light means I AM sleeping but THERE ARE ONLY 3 WAYS TO END SLEEP ON A DESKTOP(NO NOT FIDDLING A MONITOR) wiggle the mouse or click it but of USB ports are allowed sleep that fails. hard. so never allow usb to sleep. then way 2, hammer the space bar ,keyhboard or the ESC key see PC exit sleep, if USB is allowed to sleep (ports)it too fails and last the power button pushed in for 10second and released forces a sick PC, (bad drivers that kill sleep features) this act resets the PC and reboots. why not just turn off all sleep modes. and just allow the monitor to sleep and or power it off. not used. also page in your manual states (see resume) and never allow Hibernate at all it is super buggy or any deeper state. "Press this button to turn the power on or off. You can also configure the power button to operate in Standby/Resume mode or Hibernate mode. The power indicator lights when the computer is turned on." why not test the PC with newer monitor 2011 newer LED back lighted monitor to be sure your older monitor is not bad as seen here in this flash light test. flash-glow-magic2-undefined-undefined-0_3.jpg rCAP learn to disable all forms of sleep modes, ALL no exceptions. then see if this works if it does you just learned your drivers are bad. or test the PC with a newer monitor 2012 is LED for sure) learn that bad drivers most times make sleep fail no oS told at all, not even a tiny clue is this XP the versus magnet from H3LL>? or worse upgraded to vista and drivers are all no good for vista. never up grade any os lacking oem support for all drivers. newer. vast PCs have no upgrade path at and guess what emachine is infamous for that fact. they stink this way but sure wins the dirt chip cost war, sure. the fast resume is on the power button to set right] the fast press is resume from sleep, the but is programable. if drivers are wrong all this fails hard,
5/16/2022 7:32:12 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

Wavy Screen Began to Show Up Slowly

the monitor is dead the monitor fails on 2nd PC too, easy no, such a simple test. the bad pC works on a good monitor, easy too. monitor OSD screens dead bingo bad monitor flash light shows CCFL dead, bingo CCFL dead. thank gawd you never flashed your BIOS and bricked the PC like millions have done now. and the $150 saved you cash and the bricking loss off all that.btw BIOS never ever leaks out. like water bucket full of holes. IT DOES NOT.! do not listen to kid derps on ebay do not. PC ran great for years but did do this est.. learn to test the unstated monitor first. learn that 2010 and older monitors are all dead now. 20k hours and dead for CCFL is DEAD. or intermittent or dim . flash-glow-magic2-undefined-undefined-0_2.jpg
5/16/2022 6:27:18 PM • E-Machines T6524... • Answered on May 16, 2022

Emachines monitor goes black while CPU is still working

This PC was sold new day1, in 2009 (a bad year) and as such had (per your manual) has toxic mercury CCFL background tube lamps at the LCD screen that do just exactly as told so very well. and PC means Personal Computer and CPU means central processing unit, a chip a USA invention ! when the screen is black we use the flashlight test (uk torch , burn free, lol.) point it here. see data the CCFL? yes, are dead and the do fail intermittent or by hot and cold room. or dead or dim or got yellow for white tinged. flash-glow-magic2-undefined-undefined-0_1.jpg the problem is bad hardware and googling finds endless geeks that do not understand hardware at all, or little (i call em bit flippers) Too bad all makers of PC and monitors did not put screen test mode button on the PC, that glows the back lamps in our shop we use HV CCFL tester to find that truth easy. the monitor is bad on the desktop PC if you test the monitor on 2nd PC it fails if you the failing PC with known good monitor the PC passes all test. now you learn 3 simple tests, of vast. but in order based on AGE big clue #2 is monitor newer showed its ERROR NO SIGNAL or NO connection error, so that clue means PC did not die the monitor did. no signal , no connection, no sync, or over-range errors never seen. fans normal. blowing. in PC is clue 3 (and all LED you told too)
5/16/2022 6:19:49 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

Emachine M622-UK8X - I have

well the screen is dead and the emachine splash is dead so screen triple dead if BIOS is dead, so we fix that first. here are the tests in order correct. and quadro dead, fans dead. All uSB devices unplugged. DVD tray EMPTY for sure does button eject work if not power is failing. to DVD drive. 1: remove the huge battery first they short and overload the PSU power rails and VRM inside the PC , just remove it.(easy no?)_ 2; then use only the AC to DC power pack for power, even for ever. let me be clear run on AC power only. 3: screen wake up yet? a goal best BIOS screens up. 4: the flashlight test is next to any black screen , pc seems on. I can hear HDD spin ear to casing of hdd, hummmm 5: still dead screen? out the hdd, remove it and DVD drive both as those to can short, in fact up to 20 things in a PC can FAIL. 6: the coin cell above 2.9vdc and never below, 3.3vdc new. CCLF DEAD. flash-glow-magic2-undefined-undefined-0_0.jpg 7: strip the PC down more, in you mind focus on modules and device that can short, even to to 1 stick of DDR memory, AC power cord pull do not remove things inside any PC with AC power to wall jack, ever, and big battery is already gone until PC runs right again,. 2009 MADE NEW. CCFL INSIDE !!!!!!!!!! emachines eMachines W4620 (M622-UK8X)
5/16/2022 5:56:14 PM • E-Machines M2105... • Answered on May 16, 2022

Black Screen

see this trick, " omg the data is still there, and 30second labor to fetch a flashlight. flash-glow-magic2-undefined-undefined-0.jpg "omg the monolith is full of stars" 2001 space odyssey. Omg the LCD is NOT DEAD AT ALL. back ground laps,, KAPUT, all or half.
5/16/2022 5:37:09 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

(Just for knowledge) My wifes emachine w3052 would

yes the SD reader was shorted, or shorting out USB 5v Vbus RAILold things short out or just go dead.this is normal and #1 cause (of dev) is shorted CAPS>relic PC. love to fail. if not new PCs sale would drop like ROCK.one can read email with windows 2000 or nT3.and thanks for sharing this with others, a truly great post. cheers.ALSO IT CAN Linux to , and fun to do.,
5/16/2022 5:19:11 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

I'm trying to install the

XP ran form 2001 to 2014 and ended then 100$ DEad as in StaR TREK "HE'S DEAD JIM , DEAD" XP is A virus magnet (from H3LL")_ 99% of all non OEM drivers found via google are virus infected. the coin cell battery is dead, if is can never be ignored. the tower sticker is OEM only and will not work with retail disks only with OEM emachine install disks and same goes with the reverse of that, retail coa on OEM disk fails and now MS ended it all, DOA , EOL, kaput. well, bios never ever ever works with the battery dead it will never happen, PC 101 class day 1 facts as are bad HDD.. what can work are hacked XP install disks that are now neutered. others hack out the reg features. not asking for COA again. but all those are infected too why not just get a real PC, 2010 and newer and load w10=64b like a fine DELL 3020MT or wow 9020 MT pure love and very cheap. expelled from silly business's as knee jerk upgrade and our GAIN. i5 gen 4 up.
5/16/2022 5:15:25 PM • E-Machines W6409... • Answered on May 16, 2022

I have an eView 17f3 computer monitor that was

well that is 17,000 volts there 17kv and can be lethal . CRT is cathode ray tube and 2nd anode is 17kv, 1kv per inch screen.. we use a chicken stick to discharge that. one guy gut hit here and flew across the room ,hit head and next up paramedics deep.. not fun to see that. ive taking 600v but never again. vaccum seal, why do that.??? send it to the , toxic lead recycle center, let them do the danger work when I was only 16yo I worked in TV shop and I had do that "nnipp" that in the bud on all CRT sent off to refurb. (or toxic trash) (we sold them all here, you name it) we had to remove the socket there find he glass bud there dead center and full PPE, and snap it with wire cutters and it sucks in air fast. later in military too on old radar scopes, i worked . the vacuum inside is pure and prefect, zero gasses. implosion hazard exists. a glass flies in the bounces out and hits you and then next up blind i one eye. leave CRT alone to the trained.
5/16/2022 5:02:25 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

To whom it may concern, Suddenly

and first is , he volume turned to zero or muted? sound from what source, CD or other? mouse a USB mouse or P/S2 mouse????????????? never hot swap, any P/S2 device ever. PC off only. allowed. no100mA not problem for USB unless other things USB are overloading the VBUS 5v bus. connections not told at all. first off, exteRnal speaker are powered, or are dead. 3.5mm round plug goes in the green 3.5mm jack on the rear of PC. if usIng a PCI-e sound card it goes there. if goes here the mobo sound must be disabled in bios first. there is front sound jack same think ,called lineout or phones. you can buy $1 ear buds in the dollar store to test all this easy as eating cherry pie in fact , it needs no power to run ebuds a key fact. I can not see your speakers to guess what the are or connectors there and where jacked in to what (3 places green and more wrong.) if bugs fail that means the PC is failing but only allow one jack to be used, 3.5m green (or marked phones or lineout) one bugs , one speakers, one phones. never 2 or more at once. The cause here is bad settings in sound Control panel outputs set wrong. or the sound card of chip sound has no driver. device manager shows if sound drivers are wrong. and first is , he volumn turned to zero or muted? NO OS told XP home new, still using virus maGNET XP:? THE READ PORTS SOUND ARE 3X 3.5MM THE TOP ONE IS SOUND OUT PHONES, LINEOUT with odd colors there not standards, (wow. if no sound card in PCI slot(I cant see PC0 the sound is best used at rear left facing rear of PC and in BIOS That sound chip must be Enable.d and the coin cell battery not dead as all are this old;. specs and good docs and good driver from them are impossible zero. I see audio drivers 2001, if true wow 21 years old XP only the PC came with setup CD , lost that? external speakers
  1. plugged in, rear 3.5mm jack, lineout+phones (not wrong jack)
  2. external speaker needs power and must be turned on
  3. mute off
  4. volume up/
  5. mix sound set for output 3.5mm speakers.
  6. bios for onboard sound not disabled.
  7. OS XP? driver not missing for sound.
  8. xP not infected OMG x10, it is.
5/16/2022 4:46:56 PM • E-Machines T1090... • Answered on May 16, 2022

No power to E17T4 monitor

the monitor is dead. PSU dead inside. only used PSU sold on ebay.
5/16/2022 4:06:15 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

Emachine had an alarm, left it off for awhile and now no alarm but monitor won't stay on. Another monitor says override

that was wrong typed wrong is not overide but over-range. no monitor told or PC at all. but if you set the pC to resolution over what the monitor can do the monitor , shows overange and goes to sleep, black screened VGA???????? OLD monitors used on newer PCs do that, also if Microsoft OS, is it, not told but newer OS has higher default resolutions making all monitors old fail hard. the quick cure is put your PC into SAFEmod. w7 down is F8 hotkey goes to 800x600 resolution most old monitors can do. some mon can only do 1024x768 max. frankly read the monitors manual first. it sets upper limits> !!!! RTM read the manual on your unstated monitor vast , 1998 to now. set the PC to the highest resolution your monitor allows. or call a tech to your home have them fix this easy. it is a simple problem. next time post model of PC and monitor and we can go DIRECTY to the problem. even post photos of errors to get them correct,.'
5/16/2022 4:04:51 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

Just recently, this problem started. The screen

auto input scan is only allowed in VGA mode the manual even warns you that, and if turned on it goes nuts it is a bug. the menu has a RESET TOO. that should turn that off. or force it to VGA input then turn it off, auto scan inputs not told you what inputs are used. monitors can 1 or 2 or 3 input ports or just one. not told by you, some better maker use suffix codes in the model to tell us ,what input options are there. my guess is old VGA only monitor so turn off auto . and set vga H and Z manually, size and centered. and save it. or buy 10x better LG or Viewsonic monitor and avoid acer/ emachine trash.
5/16/2022 3:41:15 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

I"ve just bought a USED old e-tower Windows 98SE ,day1 new, it was.

1996 PC .no used thing is error free for sure PCs.so is not a RIP off, buying used means you get to fix all that.just like used cars same.there is no XP support then or now.and many old PCs the chipsets inside have no above vista support at all or higher.lots wrong here on a 20+ year old PC, mostly useless junk now, seen in Museums.XP does not run here it is too old.the Coin cell inside is dead, not one ever lasted 20 years. sorry.he BIOS must be reset.and then boot order set to CD first. so it can boot the CD, XPcons' max.too oldno pci-e slotsno sata portsno support at all.HDD will be dead 20" years old IDE (PATA) or missing.chips that do not have support for xp up.worst off all is that CS code meanseMachines etower 333CS Computer with Cyrix M II-333 MMX Processor ,soon owned by NSC and then dead VIA in asia. Cyrix is dead now. zero EOL support. let it stay dead.or sell it for just the rare cpu, super hard to find one so keep it 10 more years or sell it as collectable.
5/16/2022 2:52:49 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022


INSTALLER FAILURE AND NO WINDOWS VERSON TOLD AT ALL. USELESS TO GUESS. AT END OF PHASE ONE INSTALL AND IT WARNS REBOOTING REMOVE ALL INSTALL MEDIA NOW, OR IT WILL GO TO LOGGERHEADS BOOT LOOPING PHASE1 ENDLESS. OR have boot order right. HDD0 first and below 2nd. USB or DVD at the install media is. ordered correct in BIOS and use boot on the fly hot key of most PCs, that have that, and force boot USB/DVD and when phase 1 ends the 2nd boot lands on HDD.
5/16/2022 2:47:42 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

Mediashield rom bios 6.33 detecting array on the my screen

NO monitor told at all. nor any PC at all model told some kind of desktop sure, in photo above, but what/? NO TOLD NO OS told ether and newer OS does not run on N_force chipsets. that error is pure NVIDIA software for GPU same. my wild guess is COIN cell battery dead and bios now lost 128bits of config data out of NVRAM CMOS> and goes berserk as all do like that. and the bits that control BIOS RAID ARRAY are gone ,lost so it lies to you now (expected). thinking RAID is lost but was never ever used or enabled by you ever. BINGO CHAOS , BINGO FOR COIN easy no? easy peasy lemon squeezy (new coin day) MediaShield Rom BIOS 9.83 Copyright © 2007 nvidia corp detecting arrays..(means RAID drive system a HW option in this chip set) it's a feature on vast PC and for sure business workstations and real servers. hw. NO PC told so i fact I can know how old the PC is. nor that dead coin cell at 5 to 7 years old and ignored that long.
  1. a new coin fitted first.
  2. reset bios inside bios
  3. turn off RAID (yeah)
  4. set time and date
  5. set boot order to HDD0 first.
  6. save key bios.
  7. exit bios
cold boot now cured/ fixed. my wild guess a super old desktop, with DOA/EOL Nforce chip set that has no support at all now, and coin cell is dead. and for sure is Nforce there (AMD chip set , now fully EOL) the raid hot key is f10 , given to emachine bios makers for Nvidia Nforce relic RAID chip. next time tell what PC this is and get faster, shorter and 10x more accurate answers. The other answer is no hackers it is you not knowing what RAID means and not servicing the COIN cell before it fails. RAID if enabled has 2 purposes makes 2 drives or more, run super fast,than just 1. or my RAID 6 mode to run 8 drives and 2 can fail and no data loss at all and runs perfectly (tad slower) "called production mode by geeks" production means never goes down like servers use so well.. that is it lacking PC model. now the reverse of all that Say it was raid the rules are so raid common, he bios or raid F10 setups must show a RAID array there. or you make one now. the set setup a RAID now, There. say RAID 1 or ? then save and cold boot and install the OS to the virtual drive raid0 if before the raid was working F10 into raid and enable it again after new coin cell and safe exit F10 and now set boot order to RAID ARRAY 0 OR AS IT WAS BEFORE THE LOSS. (COMMON POST ON TOPIC) You do not have the bios set correctly for the installer to sense it is available for use. Enable raid mode in bios setup. nForce Drivers WILL install the MediaSheild software!!!!!!!!!! The sata hdd's must also be configured into a NVidia Stripe at least using the bios sata/raid config. tool(F10 on my board) then nForce driver install should offer it up. I have no problems installing or removing EVEN ON MediaSheild from Dualboot XP-SP2 X86 or Vista x86.
5/16/2022 2:41:56 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

I have a e system desktop the clock keeps running late

Computers have an internal battery on the motherboard that helpd the board retain certain data when the computer is off. If the battery is low or dead it will cause this problem. The easiest way to replace the battery is to open the side of the computer when it is off and remove the battery from the battery holder on the motherboard. The battery looks just like a watch battery. Replace it with the same kind of battery (available at most drug stores) once you have replaced it turn on your computer and reset your clock.
5/16/2022 12:40:41 PM • E-Machines... • Answered on May 16, 2022

My dvd player will not play movies,used to work

You probably need to update the codecs on the machine, get K-Lite codec pack here, download and install it >>>>>>>>


Good luck
5/16/2022 12:16:03 PM • E-Machines T5082... • Answered on May 16, 2022

How to burn a dvd on a emachines D620?

you can use windows to burn disc but this is for DATA only by click and drag

or you can download some free application software to burn in cd/dvd

here are some free software you can download and use. copy the link to your browser to download.



5/16/2022 12:04:21 PM • E-Machines T5082... • Answered on May 16, 2022
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