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Mine did the same thing. After having the batt checked and being assured there was nothing wrong with it I went "old school" and pulled and cleaned the batt cable ends. Also cleaned the connections just downstream from the ends as they were easy to get to. Haven't had a starting problem in 8 months now so must have found something. Hope this helps ya . Sometimes we get so wound in in high tech that forget the KISS system of troubleshooting.

2008 Dodge Grand... • Answered 4 hours ago

When you try to start it do the lights dim way low, have you been able to start it with a jump from another vehicle, unfortunately, chances are the starter needs to be replaced. How many miles does it have?

2007 Dodge Grand... • Answered 4 hours ago

It could be a bad ground connection check the ground cable and also the ground jumper between the motor and firewall.

2007 Dodge... • Answered 4 hours ago

What do you mean by timing change? What is the reading on a compression tester or cylinder leakage test? If you changed the timing chain, did you make sure you are not one cog off?

Dodge Cars &... • Answered Yesterday

is compressor not running which side did you put a gauge to --looks like compressor not running check fuses and relays if good will need to test wiring connections - sensors- circuit- compressor clutch-control panel

Dodge Cars &... • Answered Yesterday

I hate to do it, but have to ask, who did the install? Chyslers have that floating ground set-up that has thrown even the best install guys into a fit. When I was doing them, I overcame that with aftermarket installs by running my own separate wires to speakers, and back to stereo. There are adapter plugs that are good for that available too.

1998 Dodge Ram... • Answered 2 days ago

My 2003 dodge diesel truck would loose all power while driving. I did have bad ground battery cables, thought it might be that changed them. Still did it. If my truck sat in the winter to long the batteries would go bad. Change them. Nothing. Changed to switch in the column still nothing. Next to the fuse box under the hood is a little positive terminal cap (it feeds power to the fuse box) I removed it to expose the screw. Then I followed the wire , it went straight to the positive battery cable terminal (it's molded into the terminal) I took a volt reading from the negative terminal to the positive bolt under the cap by the fuse box and took a reading (8 volts should be 12+) I took a jumper wire from the positive terminal of battery to the bolt under the cap and pow lights. I also noticed that the positive terminal would get hot before where the wire is molded into the lead must have a bad connection So I temporarily drove a screw right where the wire goes into the lead and problem temperately (probably just leave it) fixed. I'm so happy I hope this helps someone it took me a long time to fix this.

Dodge Ram 1500... • Answered 2 days ago

Probably have to drop the rack and pinion assembly. Not remove it or disconnect the tie rods, just unbolt the two long bolts holding it in position and drop it down. See attached YouTube video.

2004 Dodge... • Answered 2 days ago

The wheel bearing and hub is a single unit on your Caravan. Four 18mm bolts hold the unit to the rear axle assembly. See the included YouTube video.

Dodge Cars &... • Answered 2 days ago

The voltage is regulated by the pcm (power control module ) on the truck. You cannot make any adjustments, removed or tampered with in any way to the pcm. Only a dodge dealer can check it out to see what the problem is with the pcm. Hope this will help you.

2002 Dodge Ram... • Answered 3 days ago

All OBD1 or 2 Connectors, are under the dash,
drivers side, by your right knee

Have you been overseas for 30 years?

1996 Dodge... • Answered on Jun 18, 2021

Improper MAP sensor data can produce a myriad of poor performance issues but manifold leaks may also cause similar symptoms.Try disconnecting the MAP sensor and test drive. The PCM/ECU will use default air fuel ratios and shift points. If the severe shifting goes away then likely problems are from improper MAP sensor data. The question then becomes is the sensor bad or are there intake manifold leaks causing bad readings. Could also be wiring issues or reference signals and/or PCM/ECU issues.

Dodge Cars &... • Answered on Jun 18, 2021

A DRLs is ... ............................................................

Dodge Cars &... • Answered on Jun 18, 2021

tranny overheating might tell us the cooling lines are plugged up ,or LOW on fluid

Dodge Cars &... • Answered on Jun 17, 2021

O2 sensor heater circuit measures too low of resistance or circuit shorted to other power source. Bank2 Sensor2 (right side downstream of catalytic converter)

Dodge Cars &... • Answered on Jun 17, 2021

Check your tires and lug nuts to make sure all are tight. If you just had the bearings done there is always a chance the nuts are loose.

2010 Dodge... • Answered on Jun 16, 2021

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