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Larry writes

What PC what DELL PC is this, must I guess?
Google dead today, hint 1 you are not the first nor last.
2000-0334 , it you failed to type the whole error
not even told laptop or desktop or just what model PC, (vast exist)
1000-0334 or this?

a video card GPU error of some kind
reload the Dell card driver from
or is the iGPU failing, in the CPU.
for same reason bad drivers.

if you installed W10 and told you not to do that , bingo, for no w10 drivers at dell for 10 year old PC or older, , NO PC told no OS told so there is no CLEAR answer,. ALL I can do is beg and pump,, endless

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You will need to go to customer care it will be great if your device still has warranty.

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Start by pressing the menu button, select System, select Admin Menu, select Network, Select Wireless Setup, select your network from the list, then enter your network passphrase. Print a Settings Report to confirm the printer has successfully joined your wireless network.

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Press Ctrl-P while booting up
Management Engine will open
use 'admin' as the password
you are required to set up a new p/w, do it.
It will prompt and say if you do it will reset, that's what is required!
then exit,
once it restarts, the error message disappears!! now you can install OS as usual

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this is problem with overheating of motherboard. Please refer to the link.

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1 is bios corruption or motherboard failure.
3 is motherboard or chipset error
2 is memory not detected

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You will get advice on how to format the hard drive and start again but there is no solution to lost passwords for security reasons.

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besides the non standard dells, BTX junk yours is only old ATX.
yours is very old. with PATA power supply. ,Optiplex.
and the very old 20pin power plug, not 24.
2003 year, 17 years old.
yellow is +12v. and red is +5vd
black is common ground.
the 20 pin
is like this. for sure.
this is in the wiki, under PSU standard spec. for sure.
on beanh jump pin 13 to 14 and it turns on.
no videos needed, all this is in the wiki.


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why not ask at (sure the endless laughter and taunts) ;-)
is this a laptop, and is useless now. totally.
but the battery is bad, remove the big battery it is shorted now.
then the coin cell battery went dead 2 decades go.
and now the HDD is bad.
why in the world waste or worse money on this junk
far far better fish in the sea, far newer, and cheap. used.
this lappy has CCFL back lamps that went bad long ago.
no fix for that under $100.

this PC has no value at all, why mess with this pig.

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Are we the ones who's gonna tell you where spring has went ?

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You have to go into the BIOS and reset everything, including the Boot Sequence and which drive to access the operating system.

Battery in the right way around?

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See the videos. CR2032 Lithium battery. They are all the same. Very easy job, but unlikely to be what your no boot situation is about.

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Pull the plug from the wall. That will turn it off!

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Windows 10 right>? no OS told. but is windows sure.
\my guess is a dead DRIVE, if the drive does not PnP show up
that means A: it has no power, or B: the PnP chip inside is dead..
C : cables bad..
PnP means plug and play, and is a chip in all things that tell the PC WHO AM I, Identification even USB devices, same and all cards and RAM and yes HDD, and DVD drives
does the tray button work, eject? if not it has no power.(or is brain dead)
if you reverse the cables on the 2 drives, does the problem follow the
the DRIVE or cable ports.?
if follows the cables, . replace the cables, SATA..
the 3847 is only 6 years old , are any drives older?
that is it, besides testing any Drive on 2nd PC to gain proof, easy./

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Hello Bill.
12 year old PC laptop.
tell what is locked most PC have 2 to 7 or more locks, I can not see your screen to even begin to guess what you see.
it is an old laptop. tell how far you get turned on,?
what OS do you run,, windows? and is it w10?
it came with VISTA, so still old old VISTA.
you power it an and get Dell splash screen
then it stalls, or show asking for BIOS Admin Password.
or does not ask then goes to wndows login screee
where does the PC LOCK> I can not guess, screens. ok>?

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