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You need to download co-decs for your media player and you can fix it.
Go to "> and click on "Download K-Lite Codec Pack." When you are taken to the download page, select "K-Lite Codec Pack 5.5.4 FULL" and download the associated file. 2 Install the Codec pack to your local hard drive. Make sure to select "full installation." You may be prompted to restart your computer when the installation is complete. 3 Run your normal media player; attempt to play the video file suffering from missing sound. If the Codec pack installed correctly and you are using a supported media player, the sound should now function properly.
Thanks. Have a great day.

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If you are trying to watch a movie and don't have a DVD app on your PC. You can download a free one at there is a few companies that claim they are VLC, but they are not. Just use the link. If you are trying to watch You Tube then you may need to download the latest Adobe Flash player.

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Sounds like your on Google Chrome, this has started popping up since the last update and only on secure webpages at random, try running Windows Update and make sure it's up to date, it check the root certificates which should come with the windows updates.

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Hi, HTTP Error 403 is an error message which means that you are not authorized to view the web page which you are attempting to load.
The 403 error is also known as "Forbidden". The 403 Forbidden error is most often seen when you are attempting to browse to a directory which has directory browsing permissions turned off. The actual error message you receive will depend upon your web browser. For example, Internet Explorer says "You are not authorized to view this page."
Follow these steps if you get this error:- 1.Make sure the URL is entered correctly 2.Try the URL with a different file extension (.html, .htm, .shtml, .php) 3.Go to the main page of the site and look for a search function 4.Go to Google and search for a similar page

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Here's the service manual, but it appears no front panel wiring diagram is available. You need to look at each item individually and see how it connects with this one -

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Download div x codec and also update your video drivers.

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Did you install a new hard drive, CD drive or DVD drive?
When a new drive is installed it needs to be configured in the BIOS. If so you need to go into the setup (BIOS) menu and then hold down the and keys and the press the and key to re detect newly installed IDE drives.
IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) refers to the interface circuit that the motherbrd uses to communicate with your hard drive, CD drive or DVD drive.

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it means your harddrive is loose or it had got damaged

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Please see picture below


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DELL 745 series (dell OptiPlex desktop ) that? 14 years old today.
That is BIOS going nuts for 1 or 2 reasons
first if 14 years old facts of life.
the RTC coin cell is bad. replace it first
here is the list of PCs over 7 years old.
yours is 2x that, ok?

replace this now or BIOS goes NUTS, Wonky/wacky.
2: then we test the HDD most this old are bad.
ask how to test the HDD,

3: if HDD tests ok try the magic HP F11 key.
aka: the HP Recovery partition factory reset to day 1, trick (covered in the free manual at

the best hdd test of all is.

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ok 960 SFF is not the same as MT or the big case MOBO.
SFF has its own mobo (motherboards)
it has 11x2 row non ATX spec, power . not yours as it has 12x2 some SFF have 2 diffr. mobo
and a dell custom PSU for just this mobo and its odd duck jack. (called PICO plug)
why not buy a new PSU? that matches this PC?
even the SFF PSU case is not ATX spec.

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Question posted in 2014, almost 5 years back, laptop by this time seems to be abandoned or scrapped? and if still searching only solution is to change the Hard Disk Drive

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It seems you have a problem with your Processor regulator that is why your computer sending an amber message.
This problem always happens to Dell Optiplex mostly and there is no solution for this except replacing your Motherboard.
To verify this problem unplug yellow (2 yellow and 2 black cables) cables near the processor and then try to turn it on when you see the fan processor can run smoothly and the power light getting green that is the sign that your processor regulator having some sort of problem.

Hope this will answer your problem

Dell OptiPlex... | Answered on Nov 13, 2018 | 13,117 views

some times on that desktop the front usb ports will not work with flash drives. you have to plug them in the back. I think there is not enogh power to run them in the front

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Just download sound drivers and then install. This will sort your problem.

Dell OptiPlex... | Answered on Oct 09, 2018 | 240 views

What driver do you need ?

Dell OptiPlex... | Answered on Nov 03, 2018 | 3,249 views

time to replace the key board

Dell OptiPlex... | Answered on Sep 17, 2018 | 142 views

the PSWD1 jumper is there.

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That GX280 is today 14 years old and came new with XP right>
still stuck at XP? if yes, doom is all there is.
XP is (as you learned) a huge virus magnet.(worse every day)
some were built with windows 2000, win2k, hopeless extreme...
windows xp recovery or restore fails because sure the recover software is corrupted and infected too, so erasing HDD is the only path as your discovered. (page 30 in your manual at dell will fail)
but not the dell disk install same page.
BTW , ive never seen an XP PC not infected, ever..... so..... bingo.
ever google.?
older post but and others will find this useful.
There are many pitfalls to OS installs I will bullet them.

  • The HDD is bad, (but if only infected it will be erased first)
  • Your PC has OEM COA license from Dell for MS windows.
  • Using most Microsoft install media will fail using your COA.
  • W7 will fail, W10 used to work this way but not now.
  • You failed to buy your DELL windows media kit long ago so is lost or gone or, never bought.
  • that means you have 2 choices, buy new windows 7 or 10 or run linux, I am sure you will not wont to run free linux. Ubuntu v17
  • SO buy windows 10-32b, (say) from and install it.
  • During the install , pick custom or advance setup and delete all partitions. click CUSTOM now. see links below.
  • then do as it says here.
  • then do the full install, as documented at microsoft dot com.
  • end story but not all pit falls,
  • Pit fall 1 is HDD is bad, fails Crystaldiskinfo , app.
  • or fails Linux demo boot, run disktests and fails.
  • on dead pc, I run this.
  • if the C6 (198.) is not ZERO, the HDD IS NO GOOD AT ALL.
  • All drives (most) end up like this, runs but has no spare sectors left and can no longer self heal itself, and is a bad HDD.
  • Better is to upgrade to SSD, for sure , you will never go back to HDD ever again I promise.!!!

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