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No, they are different sizes. Contact Cuisinart to replace the broken stem. Having said that, most parts are discontinued

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Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Feb 04, 2021

Yes it does. It is a snug fit on the blade shaft, if you mean the tall shaft that powers the shredder discs? The short one that holds the cutting blade is not removable.

The tall stem is shown here

Cuisinart DLC-8 Detachable Stem
Item # 943070


Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Jan 31, 2021

For cuisinart food processors that won't shut off: with bowl off - not attached - hold OFF button down while plugging in. With a screwdriver or other implement, press the button that gets depressed on motor base when bowl is attached and snapped into place ( small flat rectangular piece that clicks the bowl into place. While still pressing OFF button, press this a few times times, unplug then release the OFF button. I tried several suggested combinations of button pushing and unplugging, and this seems to have fixed it!

Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Jan 18, 2021

The control board (AKA PCB) will need to be replaced.

Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Dec 08, 2020

The DLC-8F bowl will not work for the DLC-8M, as I understand the parts list for the 11 cup food processors. However, this site, , has a work bowl for the DLC-8 food processor. The bowl fits all models of DLC-8 except the DLC-8E and DLC-8F. The link for the work bowl alone is .

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Jun 01, 2020

Put the work bowl, lid, and pusher on one piece at a time - handle of work bowl faces the front of the food processor, hollow feed tube faces the back, and the sliding lock switch on pusher sleeve faces the front. Should turn on.

If it doesn't, test the motor - remove the work bowl and other parts completely. Plug the base in and turn it on, and use a pen to push in the dark grey or black button on top of the base - if it spins, the motor is still good - you may just need a replacement part. If it doesn't make a sound, it needs to be sent in to Cuisinart for repair.

Cuisinart DFP-11... | Answered on May 02, 2019

I have a DLC7pro from around 1982 that I just replaced the sheath on.

To remove the sheath I use a small pipe cutter and took the sheath off in approximately ½ inch sections. Once the circular cut was complete I used a plier to pull off the section. - This method worked GREAT! Be sure you get ALL of the white plastic off and be sure to remove the ½ inch brass "ring" which is part of the old sheath. Also, make sure no plastic "crumbs" are in the base of the shaft where the new sheath will sit. You will see that the metal shaft has a flat side. With a sharpie marker, mark the metal shaft near the base to indicate where the center of the flat side is.

When you look at the replacement sheath, you will notice flat sides on the outside of the sheath. If you look inside the sheath, you will see two "nubs", these nubs form a flat inner side of the sheath . Unfortunately these nubs do NOT line up with the flat outside sections. Use a sharpie marker to mark the center point of the two inner nubs. The inner flat side HAS to match up perfectly with the flat side of the shaft. The marker helps you do that.

Line the inner flat side of the sheath up with the flat side of the metal shaft and push the sheath on your hand as far as it will go. It should go about an inch from the base.

Put the base on a mat on the floor ( you don't want to damage your floor) . Next you will need a hammer, piece of 2x4 wood and BRUTE STRENGHT! - Please note that once you hammer this, even just one strike and the sheath will NOT come off. Put the 2" side of the wood against the top of the sheath. Using more force than you think you should need - strike the wood to hammer the sheath all the way down. It should take 3 - 5 very hard strikes. If the base of the sheath rubs on the bottom of your workbowl - they will fuse together, so be sure the sheath is seated as far down as you can get it. Again, it takes a LOT

Cuisinart... | Answered on Mar 17, 2019

I tried the vinegar thing but it didn't quite work. We blended some smoothies with yogurt and it leaked through the bottom. No big deal, we tightened it up. We didn't clean it immediately. By the time we went to clean it, it was stuck. The vinegar didn't work, tried baking soda with vinegar, didn't work. Finally we ran the bottom underneath hot water for about 5-10 minutes. Finally after one strong turn the bottom came off. We have an oyster, the base can be used as well to take the bottom off but it turns counter-clockwise.

Cuisinart... | Answered on Feb 02, 2019

Hello, Sally -

Make sure you have the work bowl properly placed on the base and the lid properly attached to the work bowl. I often have trouble getting the work bowl inserted in the base of our food processor and also have trouble getting the lid fitted into the bowl properly.

Since I have no idea which model of Cuisinart food processor you have, I am unable to advise you further.

You can contact Cuisinart Product Assistance:
US toll free number:
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Best wishes.

Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Jan 03, 2019


Don't throw out your Cuisinart-Keurig SS-700 if the switch is broke.

Would you pay $1.84 to fix it? Cuisinart does NOT carry the #1 part most likely to fail, the on-off rocker switch. Most of the parts they do carry you'd only need if you were careless and broke the item, but the switch gets daily use and these snap-in switches are not made to last to begin with. The switch is not listed on their web site and if you call they will tell you it's time for you to buy a new machine. If you are a handyman to the extent of having a solder iron and a Phillips screwdriver then the switch can be bought from a commercial electric/electronics supply house. The shipping costs seven times more than the switch, and much more if you want air freight. The switch itself is $1.84. It's a medium task and will take about 30 minutes tops. The most time taken was 7 days waiting for the normal shipment to arrive. It's PN 15N8920 from Newark Element14 @ "". They are a wholesaler and I didn't volunteer that I wasn't a contractor or business. In the online order form when it asked for company I filled in "Retired" and I answered all the other application form questions they had so I could return there again I needed something they carried. Their form didn't ask if I was a re-seller and my answer would have been "no" but if it had gone down that rabbit hole I may not have been able to order. In my order I bought two of the switches; by the time my SS-700 fails and needs another switch I'll probably be glad I bought the backup. For Cuisinart not to carry that switch is planned obsolescence IMHO. Yes, a homeowner who is not handy with some basic tools might be unable, but even a small town repair business might not go through the trouble I did because they'd have to pay and pass along to you the $20 (90% for shipping)for the part, and by the time they add on a reasonable charge for labor your bill would probably be $70-$90. Facing that amount you might think buying a new one is best for you, you'd get all new, the latest, including a warranty. Imagine if an Ace Hardware or Home Depot carried that switch (I looked), I'd have had it working the same day. Keurig could buy a higher quality switch to manufacture with, but there's more revenue for them going the way they are now, and this planned obsolescence every product maker uses puts more permanent waste in our landfills.,

on Dec 20, 2018 | Cuisinart Food Processors

The set screw on the blade assembly is loose. If the motor does not spin then that is a different story.

Cuisinart Food... | Answered on Dec 10, 2018

If someone can make mayonaise and know how they can make plaster the way to start the proces , then they know nothing about to make beem breezes or almond butter the engine of this kind of tools are not made for the heavy work a a little but good suggestion is like a Hobart dough mixer thats not a food processor like that DLC-5 because is made for shakes and normal fruits and vegetables or some kind of meat no problem But not for heavy emulsification operations if start to make butter from cream then you must beware of the slowly power increase comming force you can hear the difference in sound , the same problem if you have a Kitchen cutter do not cut out full fat young cheese on it at most only for a short time , because the armature and field magnet of the motor become much too hot when cream changed into butter then stop the machine quickly and when there are heavy nuts almonds are coming too its much too much force for it the commercial group Home appliances a little suggestion is cut only the nuts in the dlc-5 and doing make butter and more heavyer jobs with this kind of tools Hobart A200 20 QT 20qt Mixer Bowl 200 20 Mixing Pizza Bakery Dough

Cuisinart DLC-5... | Answered on Nov 23, 2018

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