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Recognising floppy disk drive type on DS10

the Only VMS post on fixya ever. wow. from the dark ages of DEC. VMS. OS. sounds like bad drive if it can not be mounted.(or disk bad) sounds like you are 42 years behind the upgrade curve too... i used to work on all DEC systems. so know that . 1975 the DS10, is now 18 years old. here is a relic manual, on that is this your only DS10, of not try the drive on system #2? ahh its now called OPENVMS,, amazing thing that is. open vms was ported to ALph chips. 1992 then 2001 port of OpenVMS to the Intel Itanium architecture so it's an 17 year old OS. get HP proliant Server G7 up. and win. for sure.
12/13/2017 12:54:23 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Dec 13, 2017

How many OS supporting alphaserver ds10

HP Open VMS, HP Tru64 Unix, Linux, MS Windows
1/6/2015 2:03:33 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Jan 06, 2015

IP address change needed on a AlphaServer DS10

First, identify the NIC you wish to change; use:

$ MC LANCP <ret>


Next, use the menu driven utility "TCPIP$CONFIG", to set your desired IP address etc:


Option 1 - core environment

Option 2 - Interfaces (then select your NIC or the IP Addr to change)

Option 2 - add/change a Primary address on *** (where *** is your NIC).

4/14/2014 12:11:59 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Apr 14, 2014

6 beeps are coming and no display in ds20e

well first thing would be to diagnose the problem. motherboard beeping indicates some hardware fault. check all connections, also, do you know by any chance what motherboard you got inside? googling for error codes for that particular motherboard might surface what those beeps indicate and help steer you in the right direction. If not, you'll have to take the thing apart and do some of your own testing.
3/6/2014 9:33:54 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Mar 06, 2014

SROM 0 No mem error

Be the first to answer 11/28/2013 3:16:50 AM • Compaq... • Posted on Nov 28, 2013Be the first to answer

Getting an error on console which repeats fairly

"The "carrier check" means that you have a network problem or a network transceiver or a transiever cabling problem. The Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) protocol senses the network carrier as part of the IEEE 802.3 communications signalling, and your configuration is reporting an error.You have a network problem, in other words.Please contact your hardware support organization, as it would appear that you have a network problem, a network transceiver configuration or hardware problem, or a transceiver cabling problem."Copied from here relevant though.
11/12/2013 2:29:25 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Nov 12, 2013


Your question may have been removed because of inappropriate language (intended or mistyped), or spam, or illegal, or irrelevant. No need to get mad. People will try to answer it if they find enough information to identify the problem, or if they are knowledgeable, or if they find the time. etc...
11/10/2013 2:09:38 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Nov 10, 2013

Pinout power supply

Be the first to answer 10/17/2013 3:00:51 AM • Compaq... • Posted on Oct 17, 2013Be the first to answer

I have a probleme with ds20e , no display only

Hi,> Check your Monitor display cable.> Check RAM slot, If noise it has been damage and change it.> Check Hard disk, if any types of noise change because 90% chance damage hard disk then this types of problem show. Change before hard disk all connect cable change and new cable connect.> Finally any device changing before all PC connect device disconnect and some time wait, and again reconnect all device with cable be-carefully.Thanks..
10/14/2013 8:34:00 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Oct 14, 2013

Enter bios setup

Enter the BIOS and select the cd drive as the first boot device.
4/29/2013 7:01:45 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Apr 29, 2013



I am not very familiar with Alpha. Do either of these manuals help? Here is a Console Reference and a Console Firmware guide that talks about it.

8/5/2012 1:21:00 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Aug 05, 2012


check the computer memory Ram and the processor
8/5/2012 12:40:37 PM • Compaq... • Answered on Aug 05, 2012

Install windows xp in an alphaserver ds20

Its not possible ,but you can tryout first installing windows 2000professional with sp4 and then try to upgrade it to XP
4/6/2012 11:42:17 AM • Compaq... • Answered on Apr 06, 2012

We have an AlphaServer ES40

You need to get to the console level and verify that the flags are not set to force this. There is a console variable that controls this. I don't have the exact name at the moment, but can get it. It is not unique to the ES40, but to the Alpha line.

3/6/2011 3:04:34 AM • Compaq... • Answered on Mar 06, 2011

When i power on my

Be the first to answer 2/27/2011 7:56:30 AM • Compaq... • Posted on Feb 27, 2011Be the first to answer

DS10L AlphaServer CPU Fan Failure

The answer is to get hold of a high-speed case fan. I used a Scythe s-flex 80mm which has a +/- 5% RPM of 2800. rearrange the pins or use a choc-block such that yellow -> black, red -> yellow, black -> red. Hey presto.
Works for me.
7/4/2010 9:01:55 AM • Compaq... • Answered on Jul 04, 2010


just take the old battery to any shop, like Radio Shack, it is a common 3.6V Flat cell, they are pretty common, often used in car remotes etc, as long as it is the same voltage and size you can use any brand.
2/23/2010 12:56:12 AM • Compaq... • Answered on Feb 23, 2010

No HDD activity No video on display when switch on

probably itz either minor case of software corruption/improper ground/cpu fan..
or major case of faulty or defective main board/ram/daughter or addon card(s)..

..plz do check the following as in order:..
the Hardware part:..
1)a)in power on mode, open/unplug the data/vga cable of the monitor from cabinet..see if raster or 'osd' is appearing on the monitor screen..if so monitor is ok..else replace the monitor and see..[not applicable in case of laptop]..
b) in case of laptop try to get output from external display unit/monitor using vga port..if there's proper display in there..the problem is probably with either the 'lcd' or 'ccfl' or 'inverter circuit'..

2) if u hv a graphics card, replace with a standby or onboard and see..[not applicable in case of laptop]..

3) unplug mains supply..pick open/remove the cmos battery..check (above +3v)..resit..

4)see if the ram(s) is loose/ clean/remove carbon & or oxide formed on the teeth with an eraser n resit it..or replace with a standby n see..

5) a) see if ur hdd is noisy or emitting any 'ticking' noise (like 'tuk tuk' or 'kirr kirr')..
b) or if the system is not supporting either the newly installed device or itz software/driver /firmware
if so, u need either a fresh os installation or ur hdd is likely to b replaced..

6)remove/clean dust neatly..dust is non-uniform in nature n may cause jam/short circuitry/excess resistance n many more..resulting an increase in heat..

7) open the CPU Heat-Sink with fan out of the socket..put some "Heat Sink Compound" (available in local electronics chip level spare market) between the cpu/processor and the CPU Heat Sink *** fan..resit/fit it tightly in position..

8)on main/mother board..see with a debug card for mb error..may bshort..look for defective capacitors(esp above1000mfd)/mosfets..go through the mb's south bridge n the circuit lie around atx connector..the crystal clock generator (if cpu isn't heating up)..

9) [in case of desktop] the smps itself may b defective/faulty..check the outputs of smps viz. 0v (black~ground); +12v (yellow); +5v (red, green~ps-on, violet~pg& grey~sb); -12v (blue); -5v(white); +3.3v(orange)..the 'oscillator and error amplifier ic', or pwm switching regulator circuit..look for defective protector-transformer/resistance (esp 4.7k)/mosfet..
check the battery n adapter [main power], in case of laptops..

the Software part:..
1)hv a licensed and UPDATED antivirus installed (i prefer avg/kaspersky, remember, without updation a full version antivirus is useless)..

2) download, install n run microsoft kb890830..

3) download n run Startup Control Panel..'removeall the unnecessary startup items from here..(if u can't find what to remove, post me/us in ur comment with all the items listed in each n every tabs herein)..

4) remove all unnecessary software from add/remove programs..

5) download, install n run 'Advanced System Care Pro'..

6)disable the following:..
a)'Automatically Restart' right click on my computer->properties->advanced->startup n recovery->(un check on the) Automatically Restart;
b)'Error Reporting' right click on my computer->properties->advanced->error reporting->disable error reporting->(uncheck on the) 'but notify me when critical error occur'..

7) Increase the size of Virtual Memory, Initial: 1440; Maximum: 2880

if u r not a professional, always better to seek advise from ur system admin/vendor....
11/16/2009 6:35:29 AM • Compaq... • Answered on Nov 16, 2009
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