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Blows fuse.s when i hook up the coax

The polarity is reversed. The red power lead must go to +, the black to -. Most trucks are - ground but yours may be the opposite.
6/9/2024 4:51:41 PM • Cobra 29 WX NW... • Answered on Jun 09, 2024

I have a Cobra classic 29zLtd.. When you key the mic needle moves a little to the right. When ur close to someone they can hear you when a few links apart they can't .

A manual link is at the bottom of this entry. Troubleshoot the problems you've described: Meter Not Working: The needle moving slightly to the right when you key the mic could be due to incorrect calibration. Make sure to recalibrate the meter according to the manual instructions. If you calibrated it differently, that might cause the needle to go against the right side of the meter. Recalibrating the meter should resolve this issue. Meter Light Problems: If the meter light isn't working, consider replacing the LED. Sometimes, a burnt signal meter light can occur. Replacing the LED should fix this. SWR Meter Not Working: Incorrect SWR calibration or bumping the calibrated knob might cause the SWR meter to malfunction. To check the SWR meter: Turn on the SWR calibrate knob until it keys up all the way at the end. Switch to SWR mode and key the mic. If the needle barely moves, turn down the Dynamike knob. Finally, switch back to S/RF mode. No Receiving Audio: If you're not receiving audio, check the following: Ensure the squelch knob is adjusted correctly. Start with the knob counterclockwise and turn it slowly clockwise until white noise stops. Verify that the microphone is working properly. You can try a different mic to rule out any mic-related issues. Make sure the radio is on the correct channel for transmitting and receiving. ========================================== Calibrating the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) meter on your Cobra Classic 29zLtd CB radio is essential for optimal antenna performance. Follow these steps to calibrate it properly: Prepare the Setup: Park your vehicle at least 20 feet away from trees and buildings. Close all doors, hood, and trunk. Choose the Channel: Select the channel you want to check. It's recommended to test on channels 1, 20, and 40. SWR Calibration: On the radio, press the SWR/CAL button until the display shows "CAL." While pressing the transmit button on the microphone, turn the SWR CAL knob (the last knob on the right) until the meter needle aligns with the "CAL" mark. Release the transmit button. Switch to SWR Mode: Push the SWR/CAL button again until the display shows "SWR." Read the SWR: Press the transmit button on the microphone. Observe the SWR reading on the top scale of the meter. Ideally, the SWR should be below 3. Lower values are better. Remember that SWR is a measure of antenna performance, and poor SWR can be caused by the antenna, antenna cable, or installation. Adjust the antenna length to achieve similar SWR readings on channels 1 and 40 while keeping it below 3. Most antennas are adjustable; refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific adjustments. cobra-29ltdclassic-cb-radio-user-manual.pdf ( MANUAL
4/18/2024 7:37:10 PM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Apr 18, 2024

Cobra RX385 Two-Way Radio. Why does my walkie-talkie send messages but can't receive any sound.

Question edited for clarity and translated into 'Adult'. Question moved from Cellphone category. ..
1/1/2024 9:42:37 PM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Jan 01, 2024

I have a Cobra 148 GTL side mike jack.

There appears to be help here and that forum is the best place to ask. It is a Post Factory modification according to this.

WTB cobra 148 gtl side mic

WorldwideDX Radio Forum > threads > wtb-cobra-... Feb 27, 2019 - 148 GTL side-mic uses 5 pin mic receptacle. If the radio in question is a side mic and has a 4-pin receptacle, then it was put in post-factory ... Cobra 148 GTL Malaysia.. side mic?? Should I buy? Aug 13, 2018 148gtl blown d44 and mic Jack conversion - WorldwideDX Mar 1, 2018 Old school Cobra 148GTL.... ' WorldwideDX Radio Forum May 13, 2019 Cobra 148gtl Basket case! ' WorldwideDX Radio Forum May 7, 2018 More results from ..
12/3/2023 5:48:29 PM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Dec 03, 2023

148 gtl receive issues

The problem is in the audio output chip usually bolted to the inner chassis. Sometimes the chip developes a hairline crack, replacement recommended.
12/3/2023 4:39:43 PM • Cobra 148 GTL... • Answered on Dec 03, 2023

6 wires d-104 white shield blue black red & yellow what color goes to what number 5 pin cobra mobile 148 gtl

Here are the instructions:
  • PIN #1 ~ WHITE
  • PIN #2 ~ SHIELD
  • PIN #3 ~ BLACK
  • PIN #4 ~ BLUE
I hope this helps!
10/29/2023 6:57:32 AM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Oct 29, 2023

Every time i turn on my cobra 29 wx nw st sound tracker it goes back off

Hi Davis, please post on CB radio forum, this is Radio scanner forum.Cheers,Peter
8/20/2023 3:13:38 AM • Cobra 29 Wx Nw... • Answered on Aug 20, 2023

I have a Cobra Microtalk walkie talkie, one sends & receives, the other just receives it won't transmit just makes loud noise. What is happening?

8/16/2023 11:51:42 AM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Aug 16, 2023

Mods for Cobra 29LX max ?

Manuals in the link tell you how to tune. What kind of 'modifications'? ..
8/15/2023 5:37:15 AM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Aug 15, 2023

Swr meter not moving

follow these steps to adjust the
standing wave ratio(SWR).
1. Turn on the CB.
2. Set S/RF/SWR/CAL to CAL.
3. Key the Mic and rotate SWR CAL so the meter points
to CAL.
4. Unkey Mic.
5. Set S/RF/SWR/CAL to SWR.
6. Key Mic again and note the actual measurement on
the SWR scale. Refer to the following table to interpret
the reading.

1:1 - 1.5 Great
1.5 - 2:1 OK
2:1 - 3:1 Not So Good
Higher than 3.1:1 Terrible
7/2/2023 10:41:24 PM • Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Jul 02, 2023

Hi, my UH036SX-2 Receivers do

turn up the volume, turn the squelch until it is hissing, slowy turn it back until it stops hissing, scanning should resume.
6/12/2023 5:06:46 AM • Cobra FRS 100 (2... • Answered on Jun 12, 2023

What would cause my cb to blow fuses when u turn

d23 a 1n4004 diode second component from pa speaker port inside radio has failed. It is most likely that neg/pos polarity has been switched shorting this diode. It is there to protect your radio from reverse polarity as so it is names the "protection diode." 2 solutions first not recommended.

1. Cut the diode this will stop the directed grounding that is continuing to blow your fuse.
2. Go get a pack of 1n4004 and rosin core silver solder from radio shack and replace it paying attention to the direction it is installed.

just a side note the solder trace often burns in this area so a jumper wire soldered in around this bad area solder side maybe needed.
3/12/2023 7:17:31 PM • Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Mar 12, 2023

How to wire a Sadelta M3 to a Cobra 29 LTD Classic

I believe to wire a Sadelta M3 microphone to a Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB radio: The Sadelta M3 microphone has four wires: white, shield (bare wire), red, and black. The Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB radio's microphone jack also has four pins: Pin 1 (Audio), Pin 2 (Ground), Pin 3 (Transmit), and Pin 4 (Receive). To wire the Sadelta M3 to the Cobra 29 LTD Classic, you need to connect each wire from the microphone to its corresponding pin on the microphone jack. The white wire carries the audio signal from the microphone's element to the radio, the shield wire provides a ground connection, the red wire activates the radio's transmit function when the microphone is keyed, and the black wire is used for receive audio. Here are the specific steps to follow:
  1. Cut off the existing microphone plug on the Sadelta M3 microphone cord.
  2. Strip about 1/4 inch of insulation from each of the four wires in the Sadelta M3 microphone cord.
  3. Connect the wires to the pins on the microphone jack as follows:
  • White wire to Pin 1 (Audio)
  • Shield (bare wire) to Pin 2 (Ground)
  • Red wire to Pin 3 (Transmit)
  • Black wire to Pin 4 (Receive)
  1. Solder each wire to its corresponding pin on the microphone jack. You may want to use a multimeter to verify that each connection is solid and that there are no shorts or open circuits.
  2. Once you have soldered all the wires, test the microphone by speaking into it and checking that the radio's TX meter moves as you speak. Also, check that you can hear audio through the radio's speaker when receiving signals.
  3. If the microphone is working correctly, use heat shrink tubing or electrical tape to cover the soldered connections and provide strain relief for the wires.
Note that some microphones, including the Sadelta M3, may have additional features such as a built-in amplifier or power supply that require additional wiring.
2/26/2023 11:41:56 PM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023

Cobra 29 NW LTD Classic won't transmit and no sound but will receive

The power output transistor has probably failed; usual cause is poor connection, excessive SWR or widely out of specification aerial.
2/8/2023 5:55:10 PM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Feb 08, 2023

Need wiring diagram for plug for 12vdc cobra 29 nw

Hello awchris.
Welcome to FixYa.
My name is John, and I will be assisting you with your issue today.
With your unit face-up, you will have three (3) pins in the back, the
positive (+) is the pin on the end closest to the next pin. the negative (-)
pin is the one that,s further away from the others. You can purchase this
plug at any CB shack or RADIO SHACK for a few bucks.
I hope this was helpful to you. Your Comments and Testimony,s are always
welcomed here and thanks for choosing FixYa today and in the future.
1/11/2023 12:13:33 AM • Cobra 29 WX NW... • Answered on Jan 11, 2023

Where do you find make and model?

La radio Cobra XLR CB es un modelo m?s antiguo, por lo que es posible que no tenga un n?mero de serie. Para averiguar el a?o de producci?n, puede buscar el n?mero de modelo en el sitio web de Cobra o ponerse en contacto con su departamento de servicio al cliente para obtener m?s informaci?n. Adem?s, si planea vender la radio, es posible que desee consultar con una tienda local de electr?nica o radio CB para obtener una estimaci?n de su valor.
1/6/2023 3:08:53 AM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Jan 06, 2023

Peak and tune a cb radio

If you don't have the proper equipment to do the job right then don't do it.
12/1/2022 5:53:14 AM • Cobra Radio... • Answered on Dec 01, 2022
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