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Problems with Control Wheel on Canon G11

There have been reports by many Canon G11 owners of malfunctions of the Control Wheel on the back.
This problem often is due to a lubricant used on the G11.
Cleaning the contacts underneath the Control Wheel will resume normal operation of the camera.
I use an electrical contract cleaner I purchase from Amazon. See photo

I don't take the camera apart at all.
I merely use the thin straw-like attachment to the spray can and inject a small amount of Contact Cleaner into the space under the Control Wheel, using the space that is around the circumference of the wheel.

Spray, rotate to distribute, spray, rotate to distribute, etc.

Only a very tiny amount of Contact Cleaner will be necessary.

canon g11 rear-1x4t2q5f5swm4szrydk4urg3-4-0.jpg

contact cleaner 2-1x4t2q5f5swm4szrydk4urg3-4-2.jpg

on Aug 16, 2018 | Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera


Shutter Speed Problem with Canon G11?

If you are in M mode or Tv (Time Value mode or in fact Shutter Speed mode) and the Control Wheel does not seem to be changing your Shutter Speed properly:
There was a design change between the G10 and G11 and it is possible for lubricant to be placed onto a contact, rendering the contact dysfunctional.
There is a gap around the circumference of the Control Wheel that allows a very brief single squirt of WD Contact Cleaner.
One squirt, then rotate the wheel in both directions for a few seconds.


on Aug 18, 2018 | Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera

there might be two issues here (1) your phone 's operating software is corrupted with virus or viruses if there are some unusual applications which are running and difficult to uninstall try to root your phone and uninstall them you can use king root to do this , (2) your phone 's hardware connection from the camera to the motherboard is disturbed try to open the phone and clean it, your can also look for dry joins , if you have a hot air station you can blow the motherboard ,take not of the temperature. try to view photos from another memory card

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CR2 files appear to be in the RAW format, so you will need software that can open them. Try Irfanview or Faststone (both free).

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the answer is there from canon
win xp is so far out of date that canon has no drivers for that operating system
upgrade to vista , win 8 or best win 10 and the problem may be solved

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Take the camera to a specialist repairman! It sounds like the impact when you dropped it, (or when you straightened it), has damaged the internal parts and electronics.

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This is a delicate operation but you can try this: tap the camera lens up on a towel over a hard surface (counter top or floor) while you expect the lens to retract as in turning off. It may be enough jarring force to get cams back in the helix that moved the lens. Hit it hard and flat. IF that doesnt work, try tapping the lens down while it tries to retract. I have heard that people get so frustrated with it that they slam the camera lens up on a desk and that fixes it!

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nothing with out taking it apart.

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Does the auto exposure go down to 30 secs? If you are getting 30 secs on B mode then the self timer will not work. Set the camera to full auto and then from the menu select self timer, you should have 2 options 2 sec and 10 sec. Then press the shutter

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Check your warranty to see if it is within the factory repair period. If not, you need to have a Photoshop pro. do the job. If you try, and you fail, all that is left are parts. Don't take that chance.

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At 5 yrs old, it probably isn't worth trying to repair. There are so many newer products on the market with improved functions. Missing important shots makes it worthwhile to find a unit that works.

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Canon A520 have CR1220 battery as memory backup power. Replace it. It's located at left hand side there is grey rubber cap open it, you will find one more small flap at bottom, gently pull out straight you will see a battery holder remove CR1220 battery replace same type with new one. Normally it lasts for 3 years.

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If the batteries are the same age as the camera, they are probably worn out. Try replacing them.

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What did the error prompts?

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Your problem is in the settings. Glad maybe turned off set flash to auto.

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Try not to connect at front usb. Only back USB (due to lack of power in it)

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In camera setting there maybe a selection that says rechargeable or alkaline

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work for about 50% of lens errors, but they're worth a try. The list includes:
  1. Remove the batteries and wait a few minutes
  2. Try pressing and holding the Menu, Function, Function Set, or OK while turning on the camera, or otherwise find a "factory reset" option.
  3. Try turning the camera on without a memory card inserted
  4. Place the camera flat on its back and turn it on while holding down the autofocus button, to try to cause the camera to attempt autofocus while the lens is extending
  5. Blow compressed air in any gaps around the lens - or use a shop vac
  6. Use a thin piece of paper or a needle to dislodge any visible bits of grit
  7. Gently tap the camera in an attempt to realign jammed mechanics or dislodge particles (obvious warning: could cause further damage)
  8. Gently push or pull the lens barrel, as a last resort (again, potential for further damage).

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