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How do i play runescape on my psp? I have tried so

As of this date, Java (the maker of the plug-in runescape uses to program the game) hasn't released a version that allows psp users to play runescape on their psps. Though there has been reported to be occurrences where extreme hackers have made it possible to allow runescape to be played on the psp. I'll provide a link if you'd like to look into it.

This has been confirmed to work on numerous forums.
4/19/2024 4:58:50 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered Yesterday

I deleted Solitaire Blitz because it was running slow and doing silly things. When I reinstalled it I was unable to connect with the friends I was playing with. I cannot invite anyone.HELP!

Here are some steps you can try to resolve the issue: Restart your device and modem/router, then try to load your game1. Clear your Cache/Cookies. Check your Device for updates. Check for Browser Updates. Check your device meets the Requirements to play POGO games. If you continue to run into issues, please let the support team for Blitz know what device and browser you're using, as well as share a screenshot or video clip of the error. Regarding the issue with connecting with friends, it seems other players have also experienced this problem. One possible solution is to join a Solitaire Blitz community, such as the one on Facebook, where you can find other players to connect with. Remember, when agreeing to friend requests, always say that you know the person outside Facebook, otherwise they can end up in FB jail and unable to send more requests. There are a few ways to contact the support team for Solitaire Blitz: EA Player Help Services: You can visit the EA Player Help Services page 1 and follow the instructions to contact the support team. Email: If you're using the app version of Solitaire Blitz, you can reach out to the support team via email at [email protected]. Solitaire Help Center: You can also visit the Solitaire Help Center and fill out the contact form
4/19/2024 2:02:33 AM • The Video Game... • Answered Yesterday

Will 83069-U18 controller work on a PS2 please?

The Nyko Core Controller 83069 is a versatile controller that is compatible with both PCs and PlayStation 3 consoles1. However, there is no specific information available about its compatibility with a PlayStation 2 (PS2). It's always a good idea to check the product's user manual or contact the manufacturer for the most accurate information. If you have a PS3 or a PC, you should be able to use this controller. Please note that compatibility can sometimes depend on the specific model of the console and the controller's firmware version
4/19/2024 1:55:05 AM • Video Game... • Answered Yesterday

My friend gave a psp e1004 he doesn't have the original charger for it but I have the USB cable for it but it is dead so I can't turn on that setting anyway I can turn it on?

It will only charge through the DC socket and not the USB. Putting 5volts on the USB socket may damage it.
4/16/2024 8:13:09 PM • The Video Game... • Answered 3 days ago

What does code 71 on a 2013 paccar 587 mean?

Its when the Shift attempts to pull out of gear, but the Gear Position Sensor indicates that the transmission was unable to disengage that gear. and detected a system failure, and unable to detect the cause.
4/14/2024 5:15:47 AM • Video Game... • Answered on Apr 14, 2024


You may need to reset the game or redownload. This shouldn't be to hard as they are basic computer games that come perinatal led on windows. Not to sure how to do it on windows 7 but on windows 8 you can just go into the market and redownload it which should fix the problem
4/13/2024 4:00:11 PM • Video... • Answered on Apr 13, 2024

Solitaire Customer Service Call 1-8O5-225-6690 We are 24 Hour Available Call Now

Well you really didn't loose them.
What happens is Hp puts in the software of a whole bunch of games where after time you have to go to their site and purchase their games.
Well there are other FREE sites to goto to find Solitaire, free cell, Spyder solitaire and such.
I also think that they meybe hidden files in Windows, but to find them you have to remove Hp games and then do a search
4/13/2024 3:59:39 PM • Video Game... • Answered on Apr 13, 2024

Lego Star Wars The Complete

Bro same problem with me it happens at the same place to me everytime it's right after killing the Droideka I've experienced it three times did you ever figure it out?
4/13/2024 5:15:19 AM • LucasArts... • Answered on Apr 13, 2024

I don't know my nintendo network password.

Forgot Nintendo Network ID Password

Nintendo Support > detail > a_id What to do · Visit the Forgot Password website. · Enter your Nintendo Network ID and the E-Mail Address associated your account into the appropriate fields. ..
4/12/2024 5:47:44 PM • Nintendo Video... • Answered on Apr 12, 2024

How to delete data on a game on a ps5

first you need to go to settings and then you need to scroll down until you see an option named saved data games/app settngs click on it and then if your game version is ps5 then go there and if it is ps4 go there, then there will be an option named console storage click and press "R1" on your controller to go to an heading named "delete" then select the game in which you want to erase the data and then select the option "delete", the game data will be deleted

How do you separate a drive adapter and disc adapter that are stuck together on KitchenAid KFP1466ER ?

'make model (what it is)' as first 3 words, a clear question and that great picture would have been useful. This is the best way, and a second and third way below. Spray WD40 into those slots. Have someone hold that ring over the edge of a worktop. Hold that lip on the left edge lip of the left piece with a pair of slip joint pliers, then tap the slip joint pliers with a small hammer to tap the two pieces apart. Then wash in soapy water to wash off the WD40. I was somewhat reluctant to post this last night, but here goes. Your thigh muscles are the strongest in your body. Put rubber washing up gloves on for grip. Sitting in a dining chair, knees together, grip both parts, press down on your thighs with your fists just before your knees and push your legs apart. Final way. Get some Paracord. Put a 6 foot length on one end with a constrictor knot, and tie it to an immovable object like a tree. Put another 6 foot and a constrictor knot on the other end, and tie it to the back of your car. Drive slowly forward. Or just ask a man :>D .. stephanie-undefined-undefined-0.jpeg
4/11/2024 7:08:14 PM • The Video Game... • Answered on Apr 11, 2024

I need the instructions for Electronic Victory at Sea by New Entertainment.


Mac Game Store > manuals > Victor... PDF To get to the end game you must build your fleet, attack enemy shipping and support landing craft as they attack ports. You can also enter friendly ports and ... 7 pages

Digital Victory At Sea Rules PDF

Warlord Games Store > products > digital-vict... This rulebook is the ultimate resource for Victory at Sea players. It contains: The complete rules for fighting naval battles, including the use of aircraft, ... ..
4/10/2024 7:59:57 PM • Video Game... • Answered on Apr 10, 2024

How do I put my credit card in minecraft?

This is from the Majang website Purchasing Issues We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulties with your purchase. Because payment errors could be caused by any number of steps in the payment process, they're often difficult to track down. If you can't purchase the game, first try your purchase on another web browser or device. Please see below for a list of possible purchasing issues. Purchases through Mojang may be international purchases for those outside of Europe. If a credit or debit card payment is not going through, you may want to contact your card company to ask about the status of the transaction. Paypal is not currently an option for purchasing a Minecraft gift code online. However, you can still purchase a Minecraft account using Paypal. Due to US law, many or all prepaid debit cards (such as Visa Vanilla) purchased in the US will not work for Minecraft purchases, as the company is located outside of the US. Gift codes cannot be purchased in the US at this time. You may want to look into a prepaid card, which is available in many parts of the world.
4/10/2024 7:52:53 PM • Mojang Minecraft • Answered on Apr 10, 2024

I want to corrupt some n64 roms. How do i get them to actually run?

The start byte should be above roughly 102000 no matter what N64 game you're corrupting, anything below will cause a permanent loop error because you're corrupting crucial data in the ROM.
4/10/2024 8:42:23 AM • Nintendo Video... • Answered on Apr 10, 2024

System date error! please check NDS system date.

I have a tempory method of fixing it!
  • Take out the NDS cards and start up DS without them
  • Tap the symbol in the middle of the screen at the bottom that looks like a DS.
  • Tap the blue box with a calender and clock in.
  • Change the date a month or two back.
  • Restart DS with NDS cards in.
  • Done!
Although this temporary the people at NDS are working for a solution i think. But until then you might just have to keep putting the date back.
4/9/2024 8:33:44 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Apr 09, 2024

Resource I/O resource not found. dialog on barbie fashion show

Try reinstalling the game.
4/4/2024 5:38:22 PM • Vivendi... • Answered on Apr 04, 2024

When I installed the batteries and I connected to the helicopter like 3-4 hours but still not the helicopter started

Is it charged yet? If not send it back as faulty. Did you pair the frequencies and read the manual? ..
4/3/2024 8:13:11 PM • The Video Game... • Answered on Apr 03, 2024

Ps3 wont play movies

My PS3 met the same issue. But I have tried to convert the Blu-ray to HD video and transferred to PS3 for playback. Maybe you can do this like me. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is an easy-to-use Blu-ray to PS3 converting tool to help you rip and convert Blu-ray file to PS3 videos in only a few simple clicks. The below step-by-step guide would tell you the details on how to rip and convert Blu-ray to PS3 videos with Leawo Blu-ray to PS3 Converter. Guide on how to convert Blu-ray to PS3 videos: Step 1: Download and install Leawo Blu-ray to PS3 Converter, and then launch it. Step 2: Get source Blu-ray movies ready. Insert Blu-ray disc to the Blu-ray drive, or get source Blu-ray folders ready for loading and converting. Step 3: Load Blu-ray sources Click "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button on the program interface. This Blu-ray to PS3 converter would then guide you to browse source Blu-ray movies for loading. Note: After loading source Blu-ray movies, you could select subtitles and audio tracks, play source Blu-ray movies, edit Blu-ray movies, snap screenshots, etc. Step 4: Do output settings Next to the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button, click the dropdown box and select "Change". You will then arrive at the Profile setting panel to select output format from "Format" group or "Device" group. Select "MP4? from "Format" or directly choose "PS3? from "Device > Sony". Optional settings: After you've set the output format, click the same dorp-down box and click "Edit" option and then you could adjust video and audio parameters of selected profile, including: video codec, audio codec, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, channel, etc. Step 5: Start converting Blu-ray to PS3 Back to the main program interface, click the green "Convert" button. You could then set an output directory on the right popup sidebar. After setting output dirctory, click the below convert button to let this Blu-ray to PS3 Ripper instantly start converting Blu-ray to PS3 videos. Note: Internet connection is required during the whole conversion. After you convert Blu-ray to PS3 friendlier videos, you can transfer the videos to PS3 and then start to play Blu-ray on PS3 in a indirect way. For details, you can read the extension part. After the conversion is completed, now we should transer Blu-ray movie now in PS3 fridlier video format to PS3 for playing Blu-ray on PS3. Follow the steps below to do so. Here is a simple step-by-step guide for transferring to or watching video files on your PS3 using a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Step 1: Plug a USB flash drive or an external hard drive into your computer and copy over the converted video files that you want to watch on your PS3. Step 2: After the copying process is done, pull out the USB flash drive or the external hard drive from your computer and then plug it into one of the USB ports on the PS3. Step 3: Navigate to "Video" on the PS3 XMB menu and find your device, hit triangle to view all contents and select the file you want and either copy it to the PS3 hard drive or just play it directly from the connected device. By following the guidance above, you can achieve your goal of more safely and conveniently playing Blu-ray on PS3 or watching Blu-ray on PS3 for protecting either PS3 Blu-ray drive or your precious Blu-ray discs from being scratched. For more details, check: Direct and Indirect Ways to Play Blu-Ray on PS3 play-blu-ray-on-ps3-sc0argftqvwjsqq3lwa1qgma-5-0_1.jpg
4/3/2024 7:21:58 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Apr 03, 2024

Tour Trek 360 owners manual please.

User Manual > golf > pdfcontent > TG... Tour S - 3 Wheel. User Manual. Page 2. TGW - The Golf Warehouse. 8851 E. 34th St ... This user manual. 7. Tools for adjustment. In case any of the above items are ... 13 pages

one click 360 - > doc > one-cl... For your safety, please read and understand the included instructions to ensure proper use and function of your tour trek one Click 360 cart. • Make sure cart ... ..
4/1/2024 12:02:15 PM • Trek Video Game... • Answered on Apr 01, 2024
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