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Solar energy is the output from our sun though not strictly correct it is sufficient for most purposes to say it is the sun's energy that reaches Earth. It includes a wide spectrum of different frequencies/temperatures of light and energy and various types of particle and electromagnetic radiation, a significant proportion of much of the content is deflected by the Earth's magnetic field and various layers of the atmosphere.

The solar energy reaching the Earth's surface is reckoned to average the warming equivalent of 3kW/hr per square metre.

Photovoltaic (PV) is a process that converts the Sun's heat/light into electricity and should not be confused with the Solar/thermal systems designed to use the sun's heat/light radiation to heat water. Mostly this is used for domestic purposes but some large installations exist where large mirrors concentrate light onto a solar panel with enough heat to produce sufficient steam to drive a turbine/generator to produce electricity.

Photosynthesis, incidentally, is the method plants use to convert atmospheric CO2 into growth using energy from the sun.

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No not even close. Fossil fuel industries employ millons

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Check the documents that came with it. Most likely you won't need to register it.

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First thing, disconnect AC and DC power. You can leave the LP attached but go ahead and close the valve for now.

Plug in AC only and let it boot up. If the fridge does not automatically, press the power button to turn it on. The refrigerator should start working. Let it run for a while to make sure it does get cold. Once you confirm it does work you can either unplug the fridge or just open the breaker in the fuse panel.

Before you reconnect the DC wires, you need to check the power coming in. Most camper units will have wiring that will have color on one side and white on the other. The color wire will be your 12VDC, white is neutral return. Once verified, pull out the fuse for the power to the fridge to isolate the DC voltage. Check with the manual for the fridge, the positive input should be marked or identified in some manner. Open the valve to let LP back into the lines and wait a few minutes. Plug the fuse back in. If the fridge does not turn on automatically, press the power button to turn it on.

With the DC power on and no AC detected, the display should display CHECK. Let the fridge run for a bit to make sure it cools. Once you know it is working, the breaker for the AC can be closed to turn on the AC power to the fridge. Press the MODE button until AUTO displays displays.

Let it get cold and resume normal operations.

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This link is for the manufacturer and has all the PDF files to help you.

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I was not able to get the exact link but go to the home page, click support then Elite Classic. The pdf will be available on the User manuals/Data sheets to download. You can also contact them directly for other support as well.

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Info-X Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. is one most trusted and reliable freight software providing company that manages all your business logistics with the help of their proven freight rate management software. Their back office manage all your contract rates with their dedicated resources. Freight rates are shown with breakdown of ocean freight and surcharges. Overseas surcharges can be displayed in foreign currency. See more at

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With so few panels, you could use microinverters in parallel instead of series, such as from Enphase

But if you want to stick with series, then a 1.2 kw string inverter is what to look for. Perhaps something like these

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Always take pictures first before you fix
anything, or take it apart. so you will know how to put things back

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Pressure Control Solenoid Malfunction.
Possible cause:
* Low transmission fluid
* Dirty transmission fluid
* Faulty line pressure solenoid valve
* Line pressure solenoid valve harness is open or shorted
* Line pressure solenoid valve circuit poor electrical connection

That should help get you started to figure out what may be your specific issue.

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You have to connect it to a good ground connection,under the ground and at a copper bare rod under ground(At least 2.40 Meters long

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Check the ball bearings at the axis.when the ball bearings at the axis of the spinning have dust or dirt it turns slow.Clean it or change bearings.

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That information will be proprietary per manufacturers.
This can help guide you. If you need larger than an ME, do a specific search

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Solar Panel Charge ControllerMCM Part 28 11138Velleman SA Part SOL4UCN2

This is a small charger mostly for small batteries and devices. It puts out max of 4 amps. What type of 12 v battery are you trying to charge?

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try putting 3 bottles of heet in the tank you might have water in the fuel that's why no code its a fuel problem not and engine

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That is the connector is to power the amplifier in a 10 speaker system for BMW

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