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The above manual page shows how to remove the over door. I am not sure whether the video link below applies but have included it because it might be helpful.


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What manufacturer made your oven? Does your oven work when you try the bake function? The ranges that I know use the E1 F1 error code, it indicates a Checksum error with the control board EEPROM. The oven won't work on any setting. You can try resetting the oven by disconnecting the power. (Depending on the oven location, either trip your circuit breaker or unplug the range for at least a minute. Then restore the power.) If the error recurs, the electronic control board or control board plus keypad needs to be replaced. Sometimes the part is called the clock.

Please add a comment with the make and model number of the oven, if you'd like me to check for a source of the control board. This is a relatively easy repair for free-standing ranges. For wall ovens, it's usually harder since the oven has to be pulled out of the opening to access the control board.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells
(note: if you have a Kenmore oven, the model number includes a 3 digit prefix and then the model specific information. The entire number is needed to find any available parts.)

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Info on Parmco 5-function OV-1-6W-5 oven switch selectors ZX-851 and XPO33301060

I've written up my experience changing the Parmco 5-function oven switch selector here in case it helps anyone:


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This error usually means that the cooling fan, WP74008383, is bad or can't rotate due to build up on the fan. The fan is part 20 on the control panel and internal controls diagram here: https://www.searspartsdirect.com/model/39577ix2rq-001266/jenn-air-jjw9630ddb-electric-wall-oven-parts . The direct link to the part from this supplier is https://www.searspartsdirect.com/product/63d8xvl5zg-0022-464/id-74008383 . This fan is accessed from the back of the wall oven. Thus you have to cut the power to the oven and remove it from the wall. This may be a job for a repair technician.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Was the child safety lock accidentally set?

Child safety device

The child safety function can be used to lock the oven
To activate the child lock, press the
ACTIVATE and press "OK" to confirm. To deactivate the
child lock, follow the same procedure but select
DEACTIVATE. The child lock may be activated whether the
oven is on or off. The child safety device may be deactivated
when the oven has finished cooking and in all situations
described above.

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What kind of brand of oven that you are using? There are two types where you can you can use your broiler.
*Low Broil: There are 2 broil elements. In low broil only the inner element is on.
High Broil: There are 2 broil elements. In high broil both the inner and outer are on.

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Unfortunately, the F76 code means that the control panel/keypad could be faulty for some GE-manufactured ovens. Since the keypad and control board are sold as a single unit, it's not the cheapest fix. Try disconnecting the power to the oven (unplug or trip the circuit breaker) for at least a minute. Sometimes a longer period (5 minutes+) without power helps reset the error code. If the error returns, please add a comment with the model number of the oven. I may be able to find a parts list for you.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Will need to check for power behind the stove and take it from there as to what is next, the power circuit from the breaker or the stove itself.

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Hmm, this is harder to find than a snowflake in summer. It is not on the internet. That said, here is the webpage of someone who actually owned one of these 1970's ovens and MIGHT have access to a cookbook. I think these were sold in South Africa.


However, this is a convection oven and so the following might be of help: https://www.amazon.com/Cooking-Convection-Everything-Need-Know/dp/0767915313

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Look for an online appliance parts store. there are several and usually quiet helpful.

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if you are using the correct globe ( not one from a hard ware shop but one from the dealer ) the blowing is a result of arcing in the socket
get in an electrician to fix the fault

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The problem if related to the power outage might be due to a surge that damaged the electronics. In most cases pressing the cancel button is supposed to reset the alarm. If you could post the model number it would help.

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I searched the internet looking for a manual but unknown if the manufacturer web site has on available.


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So I found the service manual for this model.


The list of codes is on page 105. Code E34 is simply listed as contact customer service. Which is not really all that helpful in diagnosing the problem. Have you tried to reset the oven? Disconnect the power cord for 2-3 minutes and trying again? If this doesn't work, given the general code, you should call the customer service number in the manual.
Hope this helps.

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Try pressing and holding the Clear/Off button for 3+ seconds. The LOC indicates the control panel lock is enabled. The LOC should clear from the display. Note: if you hold the key pad for too long, the lock will reengage. From the picture of your range that you included, I believe this is the key pad button just below 7 to the right of the LCD display. There is a label in a small font just below the key pad. (The label probably is a padlock symbol and the word Controls but I can't resolve it from your picture.) Some newer Frigidaire Gallery ranges have a key pad button with a padlock symbol; this would be the correct button to press and hold on those models.

Warning: on some models, the door lock will also engage. Do not try to force the door open. Wait for 15+ seconds for the door lock mechanism to fully disengage before attempting to open the door.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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