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Astrology is of great importance to me. That is why I have been looking for a resource with the most accurate horoscopes for a very long time and not so long ago I found free horoscope https://freehoroscope.info/ here I always find the most accurate information for myself every day and many other interesting information about other signs of the zodiac

Horoscopes | Answered on Mar 11, 2020

libra and taurus

Horoscopes | Answered on Nov 01, 2019

Pisces or cancer

Horoscopes | Answered on Sep 10, 2019

well sad to here that but actually living without any cause of life is worthless but helping and taking care of poor children and making them smile is also a good job when you feel you don't have anything to achieve help other's to achieve there goal is also a big responsibility to do instead of dying without any reason.

Horoscopes | Answered on Jul 03, 2019

In horoscopes the planets move through the Zodiac. However due to the fact that some planets have different orbits, that in the sky they appear to move backwards. Which is what astrologies call retrograde motion. Of course the planet doesn't go backwards at all. However when calculating the birth chart or doing any astrological chart, any planet going backwards is noted. Astrologers attach great significance to a planet going backwards. Though not all do. For example as Mercury controls communication, it going backwards might interfere with that.

Horoscopes | Answered on Jun 03, 2019

Aries - Energetic / Selfish
Taurus - Workaholic / Forgetful
Gemini - Hyper, Driven / Hypocrite
Cancer - Kind / Needy, Trainwreck
Leo - Attention, Leader / Crumbles
Virgo - Smart / Perfectionist
Libra - Balanced / Unbalanced, Chaos
Scorpio - Power or Strength(mental) / Negative, Crude, Abusive
Sagittarius - Opportunistic / Rude, Selfish
Capricorn - Smart / Dull, Boring, Stiff, Emotionless
Aquarius - Creative / Wild, unpredictable
Pisces - Friendly / Drunk

Horoscopes | Answered on May 01, 2019

Aquarius is the most needy sign.

Horoscopes | Answered on Mar 25, 2019

They are both very smart. Aquarius may be more intelligent, but I hate them. Virgos are only smart because they pay attention to everything
Both are equally smart in different ways. Virgos have good common sense and mathematical ability, while Aquarius are very scientific and inventive.
To get more info go through url.. Aquarius vs Virgo In terms of intelligence

Horoscopes | Answered on Mar 25, 2019

Cancer people tend to be ******* the outside and soft on the inside. Of course that is a bit of a generalisation. A full birth chart will flesh out more details. For example you might have a lot more planets in another sign, making you more like that sign then your Cancer Sun Sign. Indeed if you were a woman, I would say that your Sun Sign would be more typical of your father, or even in some cases your husband, even if they were not of that sign. In your case James, it might be more truer of your father. For example your father might appear to you as a Cancer person.

Horoscopes | Answered on Mar 14, 2019

yes i do ,Aquarius

Horoscopes | Answered on Jan 27, 2019


Horoscopes | Answered on Jan 27, 2019

We All have psychic ability; not everyone is aware 'what that means' (there are different 'levels' of psychic experiences & or clairvoyance or clarity) Research Edgar Cayce on youtube & read about his life (I go to the Edgar Cayce Center A.R.E.)
*its does not matter about people's strong negative Dogmatic opinions against psychic phenomena; they are close-minded souls.

Yes I have psychic abilities & the more I become aware & 'listen' > the stronger I become (meditation & prayer & detoxing my entire body & mind & life style 3 yrs ago started to ripen my abilities plus I go to the Edgar Cayce Centers & Lily Dale & I am learning to work with Crystals now< google those places)
* 3 eye chakra (pineal gland detox)*
"Be still in slience & know"

Horoscopes | Answered on Jan 02, 2019

paranormal things are there every where we goes something is always around us but some of the places are having highly negative energy which makes the people bound to be-leave in them if you are facing problem with any such activity make sure you must be knowing hanuman chalisa brother it works 100%.

Horoscopes | Answered on Oct 23, 2018

Pisces looks for heaven and to keep romantic illusions alive

Horoscopes | Answered on Sep 13, 2018

well it really happy moment because the saturn is now changing planetary position which will be good for new 4 zodiac sign.

Horoscopes | Answered on Jul 27, 2018

astrology is a science and the concept on mathematics and calculation so basically it works

Horoscopes | Answered on Jun 28, 2018

Saturn is the ruler of 8Th house
Creates obstacles in having children. Favorable for making money through speculative ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors. Good for learning new things and does well to take courses throughout life. Has real charity of heart toward poor and those without high status.
Sexuall disease and difficulties in love.

Horoscopes | Answered on Mar 27, 2018

As a rule opposites attract & if his moon is in Taurus, as for working together, Jupiter, born the same year or 12 years before & 12 years after your birth, as for Passion, his Mars where your Venus is, & that's the main interest
As for the horrible men, I can not answer that with out knowing your birth details I suggest http://www.astro.com/horoscopes, serious Astrologers, here you can have access to info for free, I must add you may not like some you read & some give reason & understanding, it does not cost a lot for full access.

Horoscopes | Answered on Jan 23, 2018

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