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How to set timer the Brinks 44-1011 timer.

Often the reset button is small round hole http://waterheatertimer.org/Brinks-timers-and-manuals.html Gene If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/gene_9f0ef4df2f9897e7
9/20/2021 4:51:40 AM • Hardware &... • Answered 2 days ago

How do you reset timer for brinks 44-1011

stick end of paper clip or toothpick into reset home to reset timer to faCTORY defaults This will clear memory settings that occur during manufacture and testing http://waterheatertimer.org/How-to-set-timers.html http://waterheatertimer.org/How-to-troubleshoot-timers.html http://waterheatertimer.org/brinks-timers-and-manuals.html Gene If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/gene_9f0ef4df2f9897e7
9/20/2021 4:48:39 AM • Hardware &... • Answered 2 days ago

Setting the clock on a brinks timer 44-1011

I finally found the instructions for the Brinks timer 44-1011 and they work.
    • 1*Press and hold the OK button for 4 seconds. Hour Display flashes.
    • 2*Press +/MANUAL or - to select the hour. Press OK to confirm.
    • 3*Minute display will now flash. Press +/MANUAL or - to select the minute. Press OK to confirm.
    • 4*Press MENU to exit the time setting mode. Now the timer is in clock mode.
    • PROGRAM SETTING NOTE: This timer can be set up for up to 2 different programs. We will use PROG 1 for this example, however these steps can be repeated for any of the 2 programs. To cycle through the individual programs use the +/MANUAL or - after pressing MENU in step one until the desired PROG "#" is flashing. To clear a program setting hit the RECALL button when you have the program selected.
    • 1*Press MENU button, PROG 1 "ON" will flash, press OK.
    • 2*Hour will flash. Cycle with +/MANUAL or - to desired hour, press OK.
    • 3*Minutes will flash. Cycle through minutes +/MANUAL or - to desired minute, press OK.
    • 4*Program will be flashing again. Press +/MANUAL to get to PROG 1 "OFF" blinking, press OK.
    • 5*Repeat steps 2-4 to complete PROG 1 setting.
    • 6*When done setting programs press the MENU button to return to clock mode.
    • 7*Press +/MANUAL to have LCD showing either "AUTO ON" or "AUTO OFF" for the timer to execute the programmed settings.
    • 1*In clock mode, press RECALL to turn on or off the Daylight Saving Time.
    • 2*Turn on DLST, the below of LCD shows +1H. Time is adjusted by adding one hour.
    • 3*Turn off DLST, +1H will disappear and LCD shows the real time. MANUAL OVERRIDE AND ALWAYS ON/OFF When in clock mode the +/MANUAL sign cycles through
    • 4 settings that serve as manual override. **ON - Indicates that the timer is in the ON mode, and will always be on regardless of the programmed setting. **AUTO ON - At this selection, the timer will come on regardless of the programmed setting, but it will follow the next programmed command. **OFF - Indicates that the timer is always off (i.e. the wall socket is turned off) **AUTO OFF - Indicates that the timer is in the OFF mode until the next programmed step that turns it ON.
    • NOTE: For normal timer function, the selection must be either "AUTO ON" or "AUTO OFF". RESET At any mode, press RESET for 5 seconds. All settings will be cleared, return to clock mode, 12:00 MO, AM, AUTO OFF will be shown on LCD
I hope this is helpful. It was a bear to find.
9/20/2021 4:41:51 AM • Hardware &... • Answered 2 days ago

Would this Woods digital timer model 50029 work in an unheated garage. Can go down to -25 F

Question edited for clarity to add maker (what it is). Moved categories from Refrigerators to Woods Timer. Yes, no problem. The display creates a small amount of heat. https://www.google.com/search?q=digital+model+50029 ..
8/23/2021 9:51:09 PM • Woods Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 23, 2021

How to set geyser timer

How to program elc 1001 load control timer
8/19/2021 3:02:00 PM • Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 19, 2021

My timer comes on at

1) Put black tape over photoelectric eye on timer.
Photo-eye is small round eyeball that bulges out.
See of lights stay on.

2) Turn timer away from source of light so photoelectric eye does not pick up feedback from lights.

It sounds like photo eye is receiving enough light that it turns off, 'thinking' it's dawn.
And then when lights are off, photo eye 'thinks' it's dark again, so lights come back on.

Let me know if this is the answer, because it's Christmas season, and folks have been asking about blinking outdoor timers. And then you're en-route to become fixya expert and boost your GNP by 3 cents an answer.
8/16/2021 7:44:35 PM • Woods Outdoor... • Answered on Aug 16, 2021

Why does it feed water to the sprinkler?

Why does or why doesn't it? Most of these are because of wires either broken or in the wrong position.s do you have all your ground wires hooked up...?what is your make and model? Sometime if you have your wires crossed then it won't turn on the water to the sprinkler, other times the actual water isn't turned on.
8/13/2021 8:31:03 AM • Orbit Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 13, 2021

Setting timer of Woods 50012 timer

Mans.io has a manual that may be similar
8/13/2021 8:26:52 AM • Woods Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 13, 2021

I have a 111 woods light timer and wondering how to use it. could you please show me or tell me

Mans.io has a manual this one may be similar
8/13/2021 8:25:41 AM • Woods Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 13, 2021

How do I use the Brinks outdoor timer 2 4 6 8 intervals Dusk to Dawn how do I set it to go on and off at a certain time

You can read how photocells work in the link but basically if the wall light switch is turned on or powered on, then when it gets too dark outside the cell or eye senses this and turns the light on. Now if you live in say Alaska where the night can be longer than 8 hours this won't be as useful. Most areas have the darkest night 2300 or 11pm to 6 am ( seasonally adjusted) you decide how long you want the light on. If you regularly get home and want the light on only when you get home set for 2 hours or all night 8 hours. Many of us just put on the LED bulbs and leave it on all the time. The intervals where a great way to save money when you where blasting 100 watts or whatever now with LED it's 12.
8/13/2021 8:24:43 AM • Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 13, 2021

How to print a manual for the 50015 manual for woods timer?

I don't see it available for print but you can see it here.https://mans.io/files/viewer/751219/1#navigate_bar
8/13/2021 8:11:25 AM • Woods Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 13, 2021

My dusk to dawn light on barn will not go off in morning. I cleaned lens cover over eye and cleaned eye.

If you have already made sure the switches or knobs on the light it's self can't be adjusted for sensitivity then replace the eye or sensor. Some light manufacturers have free replacements so check that option if you have the time to wait otherwise Home Depot and so on carry them.
8/13/2021 8:00:24 AM • Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 13, 2021

Need timer trippers for model#4014-20

look up MAKE and model online or electrical supply shop
8/4/2021 8:08:21 PM • Hardware &... • Answered on Aug 04, 2021

I need to know how to operate my GE 50462 timer switch

This timer cannot be programmed. Timer has pre-set program to turn lights or appliances on-off at random times so home looks occupied. GE 7-Day Random Vacation Timer turns lamps or appliances on or off during late evening and early morning hours, confusing potential burglars. Rotate dial clockwise until current day and time lines up with pointer, and plug in.
8/3/2021 7:27:50 AM • GE 50462 7Day... • Answered on Aug 03, 2021

Nine-station sprinkler system. When it's (set) on auto, why doesn't it turn on any station?

Check with orbit on line they have a help line or check it out on u tube
7/20/2021 6:01:50 PM • Orbit Hardware &... • Answered on Jul 20, 2021

Need instructions for digital timer good cook 25315

7/2/2021 8:46:15 PM • Hardware &... • Answered on Jul 02, 2021

What furniture color should I choose for my Home?

This is the question that bothers many people. Especially those you have just bought the house and feel embarrassed about all this.My advice: use augmented reality application for this. Just see how it works: https://thinkmobiles.com/augmented-reality-furniture/
6/29/2021 1:11:14 PM • Scotch 600 Film... • Answered on Jun 29, 2021

How to clean the wire filter on a melnor water timer

Use CLR or White Vinegar over night, or just buy a new filter cup from Home Depot. It _should_ be removable the same as a washing machine.
6/25/2021 11:38:42 PM • Hardware &... • Answered on Jun 25, 2021
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