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<span>Personal loans have many benefits and uses because they have very few limits on what they can be used for. However there are certain things that it is recommended that you avoid using a personal loan to finance.</span><br><br>1. Paying off another loan: while a personal loan can be used to pay off other loans like student loans the interest rates on a student loan can be lower than those of the personal loan so borrowing the money can cost you more in the long run. The sudden additional money that comes into your budget due to the loan can cause you to spend it in other places and then when it comes time to pay back the personal loan you are right back where you started from.<br><br>2. Vacation: when taking out loans you want to consider using the money on things that will last, while a vacation is nice its a better idea to save up for it rather than spend years paying for it afterwards. If you are able to figure out the finances to take out a loan then chances are you can work around your budget to pay for a vacation without the loan.<br><br>3. Certain home repairs: taking out a personal loan for some home remodeling is recommended, but in some other cases it might make more sense to take out a home equity loan.

on Apr 07, 2021 • Finance


The main difference between Term Life Insurance and Whole life insurance lies in what happens to the money.<br><br> In Term Life Insurance, you pay the monthly or yearly fee. If you die when the policy is active and paid, then your family will be covered and receive the amount which you have insured. If you don't die before the policy expires, you (or your family) receive nothing. <br> The premiums are lower than Whole Life Insurance but they change as you age.<br><br> Whole Life Insurance (AKA Cash-Value Insurance) has both insurance policy and Investment account.<br><br> The premiums are higher than Term Life Insurance but they are fixed (you pay the same premium even when you age). If you die, your family receives the death benefit but you can also cash the money when you are older or retired.<br>

on May 14, 2020 • Finance


1. Make sure you doctor appears on the doctors networks of your new insurance. If he doesnt, ask for the list of doctors they have and see his location and working hours, make sure that it suits your needs.<br>2. Make sure specialists that suits your condition appear on the doctors network.<br>3. Make sure that your pre existing conditions are covered in your new insurance.<br>4. Emergency: What is an Emergency according to your new health care plan, and are Emergency rooms and hospitals are covered?<br>5. Regular checkups: If you are used to have regular checkups or screenings, make sure they appear on your new plan.<br>6. Drugs and prescriptions: make sure that your new plan cover your regular drugs and maybe drugs and prescriptions you will need in the future.<br>7. Other services: ask about coverage for the following: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Mental Health Care, Counseling, Home Health Care, Nursing Home Care, Hospice, Experimental Treatments, Alternative Treatments, Chiropractic Care. <br><br>Good Luck!

on Nov 02, 2019 • Finance


There are some really great benefits to taking out a home equity loan. First because the loan has a fixed interest rate there will be no fluctuation as the economy changes. The money that you borrow in a home equity loan can be used to pay off credit cards and will help you to consolidate all your debt into a single payment that you make monthly. Even though the interest rate on a home equity loan may be higher than that of your mortgage it will still be lower than if you were to use credit cards to pay off your mortgage. And finally the interest on the loan may be tax deductible and depending on the use of the loan you may be eligible for leeway in deducting the interest.<br><br>At the same time there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before you take out the loan. When you take out a home equity loan you are borrowing a whole lump sum unlike home equity line of credit in which you only borrow as much as you need. You will want to be careful what you spend the money on, if you were to spend the money on remodeling your house then you have a greater chance of the value of your house appreciating as opposed to buying a car that as soon as you drive it off the lot beings to depreciate in value. Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that when you take out a home equity loan your house is held as collateral so in the case that you are unable to make payments then you will lose your house.

on Oct 12, 2019 • Finance


Hello, Nelisiwe - It means that the individual in question is eligible for funding (has met the qualifications to be granted funding) without having been first accepted to be admitted to a university for study. Best wishes.

Finance • Answered on Aug 28, 2019

What balance are you looking for? Start by contacting the business, bank, brokerage company or whoever it is that services the account that you want the balance for. You will find contact information on your statements, which also show the balance, if you have a statement.

Bank of America... • Answered on Aug 07, 2019

Contact a brokerage company or the Transfer Agent for the bonds.

Finance • Answered on Aug 07, 2019

If you know how to ask this question on fixya, you should be able to ask it on Try that instead, you'll get an answer faster and it will be correct. Good luck.

Finance • Answered on Aug 07, 2019

Contact your employer, most likely Human Resources or Employee Benefits office.

Finance • Answered on Aug 07, 2019

Contact the service agent for your mortgage. You should find contact information on the statements.

Finance • Answered on Aug 07, 2019

That's a good question, but one no one can answer without knowing a lot more about your situation, your goals and your risk tolerance. Fixya is not the place for that kind of advice. You need to find a Fiduciary financial planner to have a lengthy conversation. In most cases, the answer to your question will be yes, invest early and invest regularly, but, again, you need to talk to a professional and make a plan you can live with now and live off of later. Good luck.

Finance • Answered on Jul 15, 2019

When you get a new credit card, it will come with detailed instructions for activating it. You must verify that it was delivered to the person it was intended for usually by calling the issuer or by logging in to the issuer's web site.

Finance • Answered on Jul 13, 2019, but wouldn't have been simpler and faster for you to just Google Royal Bank of Canada instead of coming to Fixya? Good luck.

Finance • Answered on Jul 12, 2019

Use Google, you will find all of the information that you need. Much more than anyone can give you on Fixya. Good luck with your report. One more word of advice, write the report in your own words, don' t just copy and paste the words you find on the internet. That would be plagiarism.

Finance • Answered on Jul 12, 2019

If you are asking about the bookmarks in your internet browser, click on the menu item for bookmarks, then right click the bookmark and select edit.

TD Bank Simple • Answered on Jul 12, 2019

No, you can not transfer your IRA to anyone else unless you die or liquidate it and pay the taxes and penalties. In any event, it would not produce earned income for your wife. You can, however, borrow money from your IRA and repay it with interest to yourself. That is often better than borrowing from a bank anyway.

Finance • Answered on Jul 12, 2019

Hi Kathy,

If you have paid, it wouldn’t be possible to cancel payment as it’s already been made. You would have to attempt to get a refund.

If you decide to paid in advance, it would be prudent to ensure the details of what service you’re looking for are as explicitly detailed as possible in a contract. If the service received is not aligned to the contract, you could have legal recourse to getting some/all of your money returned (less the legal costs of pursuing a claim).

I would recommend not paying in advance. Pay in instalments and verify quality of service along the way.

Good luck.

Finance • Answered on Jul 03, 2019

Its impossible for anyone in cyberspace to help you. Why dont you call tbe bank at 08600 08600 and ask them?

Finance • Answered on Jun 23, 2019 and search for it . Search result example: Note, I don't speak the language. If necessary, I use to try to read.

Finance • Answered on Jun 01, 2019

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