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Rabbits and moon designs

"In Asian folklore, a rabbit is believed to become pregnant by staring at a full moon, by licking a male rabbit's fur under a full moon, or by running across a moon-lit water's surface." See...
5/18/2024 10:35:40 AM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered 2 days ago

I am thinking of making a scrapbook for my sisters baby shower but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way of giving your sister a real personal memory of this special time. Check out this Daily Motion video for an idea to get you started,
4/24/2024 5:18:30 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Apr 24, 2024

How to put the spring back in the handle of Arrow T50 Stapler?

I struggled for 30 min with screw drivers and pliers... before coming up with this, then it took only 30 seconds.Here's my hack. 1 Take some thin string or in my case I used maybe 12 inches of old fishing line. I wrapped it around the part of the spring that needs to be pushed back. I tried wrapping it once, but it kept slipping off. So I found wrapping it around 3-4 times did the trick. 2 I then fed the other end of the fishing line to the back of the handle, pushed on the spring with my finger as far as I could to get it into position, and when I reached that point, I pulled on the fishing line to hold it in place. Once I put tension on it, it held so I could line up the holes and slide in the pin. 3 I then pulled on the fishing line to remove it from the housing. You are all set.be82400f-3fbf-49d8-82c8-4e3a47ffd22a.jpgvideocapture_20221023-153338-cc1uraxitwvlfxedzvykypxj-d-2.jpgvideocapture_20221023-153405-cc1uraxitwvlfxedzvykypxj-d-3.jpgvideocapture_20221023-153418-cc1uraxitwvlfxedzvykypxj-d-4.jpg
4/14/2024 5:30:46 AM • Arrow Staple T50... • Answered on Apr 14, 2024

What is the wall putty?

Wall putty is white cement based white power that provides a very apt base for walls that are plastered with concrete and cement. To know more about wall putty, visit: British Paints
4/8/2024 12:06:22 PM • Sakura Crafts &... • Answered on Apr 08, 2024

I want to make a necklace for my sons wedding with pearls but they are so small and delicate I am not sure what thread will work with it?

Pearls often have very small holes. You need to use a natural silk thread or another very fine thread. It really depends if you plan to knot between pearls, if so that will affect your choice of thread, so make sure you get advice from a beading expert before you buy.

4/7/2024 2:22:50 AM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Apr 07, 2024

What colours should I use to paint my house?

What color will you use completely depend upon your own preferences. But I do found sites which also give some demo idea according to houses. You can check that as well.
4/2/2024 10:50:17 AM • My Very Own... • Answered on Apr 02, 2024

Are there soap making kits that are good for kids?

Amazon have a good soap making kit for kids but if your kids are young you should make sure that you supervise the hot parts as it can be quite dangerous.

3/18/2024 9:18:03 AM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Mar 18, 2024

My cricut explore air 2 will not load my mat, what could be the problem?

Cricut Explore Air 2 helps in cutting the beautifully intricate designs using the compatible cutting machines. However, in some situations, you can get the problem where you will not able to use the mat. In this situation, you first make sure you are following the right guide to load the mat, check if the mat is compatible with your Explore Air 2 machine, or your device is not facing any problem. To get rid of this issue, you have to reset all of your devices and set up the machine once again. Also, check if the mat is not damaged, refer to the Cricut crafting guide for using the mat, use the compatible mat, and more. You can also connect to the Cricut customer support team to get more info from professionals to resolve the issue. cricut explore air 2-ibihixnmadozsxrjeznrdibm-d-1.png
3/11/2024 12:35:42 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Mar 11, 2024

Constraints about making a Jaws of Life model with cardboard, split pins, syringes and plastic tubing.

Question edited for clarity, otherwise this question makes no sense. I presume you mean a MODEL of the Jaws of Life. Large capacity syringe powering a small capacity syringe with give a significant pressure advantage. The only issue I can think of is the the friction of the secondary piston may be too sticky on the wall of the smaller syringe but if you fill the system with water, you will get true hydraulic results because air can be compressed but water can't ...
2/22/2024 5:52:45 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Feb 22, 2024

Crafting Clear and Effective Troubleshooting Guides: A Handy Guide for DIY...

Are you tired of scratching your head over malfunctioning gadgets or appliances? Fear not! With a well-crafted troubleshooting guide, you can conquer technical challenges like a pro. Here are some expert tips to help you write troubleshooting guides that shine:
  1. Know Your Audience: Understand who will be using your troubleshooting guide. Are they beginners, enthusiasts, or experts? Tailor your language and level of detail accordingly to ensure accessibility and effectiveness.
  2. Start with the Basics: Begin your guide with an overview of the problem and its potential causes. Break down complex issues into simple, easy-to-understand steps. Remember, clarity is key!
  3. Step-by-Step Solutions: Provide clear, concise instructions for each troubleshooting step. Use numbered lists or bullet points to outline the sequence of actions users should take. Include relevant images or diagrams to enhance understanding.
  4. Use Descriptive Language: Describe symptoms, error messages, and actions in detail. Avoid jargon or technical terms that might confuse readers. If necessary, define unfamiliar terms or provide a glossary for reference.
  5. Highlight Common Pitfalls: Anticipate common mistakes or misconceptions users might encounter. Address these pitfalls proactively to prevent frustration and ensure a smoother troubleshooting experience.
  6. Include Troubleshooting Tips: Offer troubleshooting tips or tricks to expedite problem-solving. Share insights or shortcuts that can help users navigate tricky situations with ease.
  7. Test and Revise: Put your troubleshooting guide to the test! Walk through the steps yourself to identify any ambiguities or gaps in instructions. Solicit feedback from users to refine and improve your guide over time.
  8. Update Regularly: Technology evolves rapidly, so it's essential to keep your troubleshooting guide up-to-date. Stay informed about new developments, software updates, or common issues reported by users. Update your guide accordingly to ensure its relevance and accuracy.
Remember, writing an effective troubleshooting guide is as much an art as it is a science. By following these tips and putting yourself in the shoes of your audience, you can create guides that empower users to tackle technical challenges with confidence. Happy troubleshooting!
on Feb 17, 2024 • Crafts & Hobbies

I need 4 springs for under blades for a pro tech cs6007 contrator series planer

you can find replacement blades (also known as knives) made from a special V2 alloy (high-speed steel) on the MyWoodcutters website. Each set includes 3 HSS blades specifically designed for the CS 6007 model. The cost for a set of 3 blades is $61.50 to replace the springs for the under blades, I recommend checking with a local hardware store or contacting ProTech directly to inquire about availability.. For other parts or accessories, consider exploring online marketplaces like eBay.
2/12/2024 3:32:30 AM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Feb 12, 2024

Where can I find a MRC 2800 train controller manual?

Question moved from Office Equipment category. Not much of a manual, but in the link

Tech 2 2800

Model Rectifier > vspfiles > dc-ac PDF The TECH ITM DUALPOWER 2800 is a dual ver sion of the TECH IIT Series and includes such features as MRC's Pro portional Tracking Control, Automatic Pulse ... 1 page

info about mrc power pack/control

Model Train Forum > threads > info-ab... Oct 16, 2013 - Search, and then search that site for the mrc 2800. You will be able to download a manual for your transformer.

MRC Tech-II 2800 Dual Power Pack > ... > N Scale Dec 12, 2008 - Anyone else own one of these or know anything about them? I have a few questions: 1) I see that each control has its own 2 wire connection ...

User manual for MRC tech 2 dual power 2800

Fixya > support > t20767680-user_m... Oct 16, 2013 - user manual for MRC tech 2 dual power 2800 - Office Equipment & Supplies question. ... Dynamic control module error code HS 2800.

MRC Dualpower 2800 Failure - Model Railroader Magazine

Trains Magazine > mrr Feb 10, 2018 - Undo what track connections you made. The "MRC Power packs have many safety devices to avoid shorts and overloads." so the instructions say. 13 posts · I would like some wisdom on the indications from my eMeter that this powerpack has fi
2/4/2024 11:52:05 AM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Feb 04, 2024

Norfolk & Western LEGACY Scale 4-8-4 J-Class #612 Train. I have a Lionel 612 that turns on but the wheels won't turn.

Check the motor and clean all the drive of grease

locomotive not moving ' O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum

O Gauge Forum > topic > locomotive-n... Dec 14, 2021 - Take a look and make sure a traction tire didn't come off and is jammed in the mechanism. Check for anything else that might be physically ... Wheels locking up on 0-8-0 steam engine - O Gauge Forum Mar 25, 2021 wheels lock up ' O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum May 13, 2021 Old Lionel Scout not working consistently - wheel and roller ... Oct 3, 2019 O gauge engine will not pull cars. It's wheel spins in place Nov 19, 2019 More results from Missing: 612 ‎' Show results with: 612

Lionel Wheel Issues - Classic Toy Trains Magazine > ctt If it goes on crooked, you may not be able to restart the wheel straight if the axle splines have cut into the wheel crooked. A new wheel may be needed again. ..
1/28/2024 11:13:05 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Jan 28, 2024

Coupler will not stay closed on tender this was new out of the box

Contact Lionel Customer Service for a repair/replacement or take the tender to a Lionel Service station.
1/15/2024 10:47:17 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I have a Rocky Mountain train set when I switch the track to the circle why does it derail?

Usually because it is going too fast or the rails aren't properly latched.. ..
1/15/2024 6:45:48 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I can't find my assembly instructions manual for my The Kite Factory AirShow Kite Big Red Ram Air 5.0 Kite

Might try here:
1/7/2024 7:16:35 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Jan 07, 2024

Where can i find swedish candle toy parts
12/27/2023 8:08:52 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Dec 27, 2023

How do you lower the whistle volume on the train

Unlikely you can on the mystery make train. If it is adjustable there would be a small pot-potentiometer on the circuit board.
11/19/2023 6:26:59 PM • Crafts & Hobbies • Answered on Nov 19, 2023
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