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4 years ago we can not assist you

Nespresso... • Answered 18 hours ago

time to bin it and buy something better new

Nespresso... • Answered 18 hours ago

Try first unplugging power cable for five minutes, see if this reset machine.

Gaggia Titanium... • Answered Yesterday

I am not familiar with a CVA 5065 - but most of the other Miele coffee systems fault 77 is the ceramic valve initialization or the switch (S51) associated with it.

Miele Coffee... • Answered 2 days ago

I have never had seen this problem ... however assuming the tray contacts are not shorted in any way ... its likely to be a problem with contacts in rear of the tray cavity. I would check the following; 1. Remove drip tray and shine a torch into the tray cavity to inspect the receiving contacts that accept the tray contacts. Perhaps theses contacts are shorted in some way. 2. The next step is to open up machine, but you need to be suitably experienced with electrical appliances to perform this step. Disconnect the power at the outlet (or if this is not accessible than at the fuse box). Remove the machine from the cavity and remove the rear panels (making note of which screws go where). Locate the wires that terminate on the contacts on the rear side of tray cavity. Disconnect the wires from these contacts. Replace panels and then reapply power to unit. If this solves your problem .. then there must be a short on the contacts in rear of tray cavity. If this does not solve the problem then trace this wire back to control board and remove wire at the control board. Again replace panels. If this solves problem then there must be a fault in the wire which can be fixed/replaced.. If this does not solve the problem then it would appear to be a problem with control board and best to call Miele. Please come back if you need more help and also once you solve the problem .. to explain what went wrong. regards

Miele CVA 4066... • Answered 2 days ago

If the machine says TRAY MISSING it's the contacts at the back so clean as other people have stated, you can also use a cardboard nail file to clean the contacts at the back if there really skanky!.

If the machine keeps saying EMPTY GROUNDS even though you have, pull out the tray, look just inside the aparture where the tray goes top right at the front there is a small slot where if you look closely you can see a small white micro switch. This will be probably gunged up with coffee and the switch will be stuck up, get a can of WD40 and squirt a small amount up into the switch then poke the switch with a small screwdriver up and down until it moves smoothly.

Then replace all the bits, sit down, look smug and have a coffee cos you've fixed it!! :0)

Jura Capresso... • Answered 3 days ago

Saeco XSmall : Cannot put brew group back in... Turns out the drive gear in the main machine is mis-aligned. This can happen if you try to remove trays or open the service door while the machine has not "finished" a brewing cycle (coffee may be done, but the machine is not!). Confirm this by looking at the drive shaft. It has 5 splines, and two are much wider than the other 3. Those wider ones should be on the top--if they are in any other position, then it does not match the "neutral" position in the brew group and the brew group cannot be inserted. Unless there is something else wrong, the machine will re-align itself during the power-on self-check, but in order to trigger the self-check, you have to fool it into thinking that all the trays, etc. are installed (essentially, bypass all relevant microswitches). This doc has some details and pictures of what to look for: For the XSmall, leave the brew group out, shut the service door and put the grounds bin in. Also, make sure the water bin and drip tray are in as normal. This is enough for the XSmall to startup. Turn the machine on and as it does its self-check, the gears get re-aligned properly. It will eventually figure out the brew group is missing and start flashing red--turn the machine off at that point. Verify that the two wide splines are at the top. The brew group should now slide in easily.

Coffee Makers &... • Answered on May 08, 2021

check out this link:

Jura Capresso... • Answered on May 06, 2021

The middle switch Under the door you lift is probably stuck this comes from the Coffee going over into the slot I've had two of them and they both done the same thing. It's a poor design you can use a metal pick to move the switch so it recognizes the doors open then you can drop in your cleaning tablet I called the service they said to use a toothpick however that can break inside the machine it did for me this is not a permanent fix but at least get you into the cleaning cycle the paper towel trick doesn't do anything For the switch

Coffee Makers &... • Answered on May 04, 2021

it has to heat the water to brew it properly

Miele Coffee... • Answered on May 04, 2021

Used to get the Service 8 with increasing frequency until it almost froze up. Luckily I figured out an easy solution and my 5 year old refurbished C1500 with over 4000 coffees runs like brand new. Here's how:
Take out the grounds tray and reach in to pull back the flap up above where the grounds fall. There is a piston and cylinder thingy behind the flap kind of like a car piston. Take a wad of wet paper towel and shove it up there to clean it out. Then use a dry towel to dry it. Now the secret solution: Take a can of spray pam and point it at the piston and cylinder with the flap pulled back. Give it a couple good shots. Now you just need to get the machine to work that in between the piston and cylinder walls by running the rinse cycle until it frees up. You may have to run it a few times then unplug and let it cool for a couple hours and run it again. The motor overheats if the piston is really stuck so you need to let it cool down. Apparently this is lubricated at the factory with a FDA approved food grease from Dow Corning that needs to be replenished but hey no one is going to die from a little vegetable oil. Some day if it even hints at happening again (It has been 3 months now) I know what to do. Cheers!

Jura Capresso... • Answered on Apr 30, 2021

we can not for that would require someone to come there this is only a forum not in home services

Coffee Makers &... • Answered on Apr 30, 2021

my coffee machine is not working,,, the water ligh is blinking green n not doing anything.. anyone can help with this?

DeLonghi EC... • Answered on Apr 28, 2021

Set the clock, then set the brew time. Videos and text based articles ..

Coffee Makers &... • Answered on Apr 27, 2021

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