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then go to the proper website FIXYA did not sell you anything

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Hello, Frederick -

I hope you still have the package, which gives his name and address. If so, you may have to contact him / his business the "old fashioned way" with a letter sent by the postal service asking how to return the items.

You do not state how you placed the order: through a website / which website? by telephone / from a mail order catalog? how?

If you provide the address given on the package, perhaps I or another answerer may be able to find an email address or website for you to use regarding a return. You can choose Comment here and enter the information.

Best wishes.

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We didn't have a set budget really (we live near Toronto so it's pricier and we knew that going in) but venue and photography were more than I thought we would spend.

We are ok with it though. We don't want to have any regrets on our big day so we are finding ways to save in other areas!

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1. Read the company's return policy and procedures. Follow them to the letter in a timely manner.
2. If you cannot comply or are past the time limit, appeal nicely to a clerk, manager, or company executive and gratefully receive their help or explanation.
3. If you get new pants, thank those who helped you. If you cannot make the exchange, then (1) donate the clothing to one less fortunate than yourself and be grateful for your blessings, and (2) accept the lesson so that in the future you will demonstrate wiser or more cautious choices. You win or you learn--you do not lose either way.

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Varies by country and custom.

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Dress Code Policy
To provide staff with a dress code that will convey a positive and professional image to internal and
external clients.
This policy addresses specific expectations, and includes guidelines for dress and appearance for
Hamilton Community Health Network employees. HCHN reserves the right to determine what is
acceptable or not acceptable in terms of professional image. Employees must recognize there is a
difference between fashion for home or casual events and professional work attire. Staff members
must exercise good judgment in selecting appropriate dress for work.
Statement of Standard Practice:
Cleanliness is essential for all employees in every detail. All clothing shall be appropriate in size for the
employee's frame, and shall be cleaned, pressed, and in good condition. The following are
prerequisites to good grooming:
• Good personal hygiene, regular bathing and good oral hygiene.
• Use of a deodorant.
• Clean attire daily.
• Because of fragrance allergies/sensitivities among internal and external customers,
perfume, cologne, after-shave should be of minimal use.
Staff that work in the clinics have the option to wear uniforms that must consist of a lab coat, shirt or
blouse, uniform pants and white or black leather walking shoes.
• Lab coats may be white, solid color, or patterned.
• Shirts or blouses must conform to the overall dress policy of HCHN.
• Croc style shoes, white or black leather walking shoes must be clean and in good repair.
• Nylons or socks must be worn.
Business Attire:
Staff who do not wear scrubs should choose business attire such as dresses, pants, shirts, blouses,
dress shirts, ties, suits, and skirts. The style and color of an employee's clothing are the individual
employee's choice; however, an overall appearance that tends to attract undue attention to the wearer
is unsuitable. Clothing must be in good taste and conducive to work function.
Casual Day:
HCHN has deemed Friday as a Casual Dress day each week. Employees are permitted to wear
appropriate blue jeans on this day. Employees must use professional judgment and good taste.
Prohibited clothing and Uniforms rules still apply.
All employees are required to wear appropriate uniforms or attire during normal business hours.
Any jewelry worn should be minimal and in good taste and consistent with the safety and professional
work environment. No jewelry will be allowed that interferes and/or poses a safety or health risk to
employees or patients.
Inappropriate Clothing:
Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to:
• Shorts, cropped styled pants, capri's, gauchos, culottes, calf length slacks, skorts,
• Mini-skirts, mid-thigh pants, biking shorts or leggings
• Shirts with suggestive wording or pictures, sweat suit
• Denim jeans (except on Casual "Blue Jean" Friday)
• Sweatshirts, T-shirts, tank tops (except for HCHN shirts/sweatshirts)
• Canvas tennis shoes
• Hats or bandannas
• See-through or low cut blouses
• Sundresses without jacket/sweater
• Sleeveless shirts/blouses without jacket/sweater
• Halter tops, bare backs or midriffs
• Thong-type shoes
• Clothing which is not appropriate to body size, i.e., extreme "baggy" or "tight"
Socks or nylons must be worn at all times with shoes.
1. Footwear must be clean, in good repair, and of a style that does not hinder work performance or
personal safety. To promote safe movement, walking shoes or flats are recommended. While
"sport" shoes may be safe and comfortable, they must be professional looking and appropriate.
2. Not appropriate: Canvas tennis shoes, sandals (i.e., flip flops, beach footwear), slippers, cowboy
boots and moccasins.
3. Open toe shoes and sandals are not allowed in the clinics.
Fingernails should be neat, clean, and of moderate length. Staff working in patient care areas nails
must not be greater than a ¼ inch length beyond fingertip. Artificial nails are prohibited for infection
control reasons for all patient care staff, those employees who receive standard precautions annual
training and/or handle items to which patients are exposed. If nail polish is worn, it shall be in good
repair. Nail art and nail colors that are extreme are not appropriate for the health care environment.
1. Hair must be neat in appearance at all times and must not detract from the total professional
appearance of the employee.
2. Hair must be clean, combed, and neat.
3. Mustaches, beards, goatees and sideburns are acceptable only if they are clean and neatly
Employees that violate the dress code policy will be sent home to change their work attire. Employees who
are sent home must "punch out" when leaving the premises and "punch in" when returning to work, and
will not be compensated for any work time missed because of failure to comply with this policy. Employees
in violation of the Dress Code Policy will be disciplined accordingly.

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Fairly unusual, but then you all have the same genes. As long as you all are careful about over-eating or under exercising, you should all be the same frame.

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Designerloungewear is something that can bring the best comfort as you know. But, as it is not worn outside commonly, most women have a doubt whether they can wear it outside. Of course, you can. But, the idea here is that pair it with the best outfit. You can add a fuzzy crop top to give a modern look to your loungewear. You can also consider wearing a lounge set that is made for a coffee run. Even, you can wear the attractively designed pajama set to your work when you pair it with the right pants or skirt. Resource

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Hello, Gloria -, where you posted your question, sells nothing, including Legea sports pants. is a website intended for asking and answering questions on how to go about repairing things,

Best wishes.

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Knot is the place if you want to create a wedding website

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Where did you buy it from? That would be who you need to contact about returning it.

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fixya would have no idea what you ordered or from where

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Zega Apparel: Defining Custom Clothing Manufacturers

At Zega Apparel we never lose track of our origins, as it defines our very journey and who we were and where we are headed towards in the future. So today we would like to visit our roots and bring forth with it a new zeal that can lead us on the road to greater accomplishments and milestones.
Perhaps what resonated more with the title of our post today, is none other than the phrase first used in 1902, made to order, which literally translates to some commodity that is made specifically as per a person's demand and wishes. However, over the years, as it happens with all things that face the test of time, this phrase and its counterparts became muggy and the distinction for its particular use was lost. At Zega Apparel we never lose track of our origins, as it defines our very journey and who we were and where we are headed towards in the future. So today we would like to visit our roots and bring forth with it a new zeal that can lead us on the road to greater accomplishments and milestones. Let's take a look at how we would like to define ourselves and others who presume themselves to be worthy of being called as one of the best custom clothing manufacturers at present times.
Diversity Personified
For any product to be customized, it depends greatly on the ability of the service provider of how they are able to manage a diverse workflow and its management. Customization isn't an easy to attain attribute and we find many businesses in today's world finding themselves to have become stagnant due to the restrictions they have placed on their own operations. These self-imposed limitations regarding the undertakings of a new project bring them to a halt, like invisible chains that deter them from achieving their true potential. Clothing is a line of business where diversity of products can become the driving factor behind the freedom your setup needs to stay fresh and alive over time.
Innovation Becomes Inevitable
For any business to succeed nowadays, innovation and technology pave the way to not only aiding them to survive and staying relevant, but it also keeps them moving forward while enduring the test of time. Thus, at Zega Apparel we keep on testing our methodologies and stick with the recognized and do away with redundancies. However, what really keeps us moving are the newfound ways of improving our operations and delivering the impeccable for our customers' delight and updating our own track record for delivering the impossible. We have observed that what really crushes out the competition is the will to thrive, and whoever delivers on an unyielding resolve, becomes the gamechanger within the industry. So far, our team has shown a never back down spirit and we readily accept challenges head-on without compromising the quality of our work.
Creative Arts as the Centerfold
There is no doubt that prosperity of a clothing line manufacturing establishment, heavily implies on creativity and the ability to materialize thought processes into the real world. Though it sounds much simpler when we say it, it is indeed easier said than done. Even though imagination has no bounds, it is the reality check every business must go through when they find their resources limited to deliver an order. Hence for this sole reason, Zega Apparel defines its task force by taking an edge over creativity and seeking favorable options whenever a challenging order arises. It is our fuel for excitement, and our dedicated and committed team works tirelessly towards meeting deadlines. Our appeal towards creativity pushes us to go out of the box at times, in fact, several times, to surprise our customers with a WOW effect that other simply cannot deliver.
Though there are many out there who label themselves as a highly customized service provider, we at Zega Apparel know what truly matters and that is to meet customer demands at full so that we can truly deliver a product that is made to order.

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